After the Orgasm: A Man’s Moment of Clarity

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Every man’s romantic journey can take many twists and turns along with intervals of hills and valleys. There are many moments in a relationship where a man decides what kind of relationship he wants to carry on with a woman. In an earlier post “I’ll Hit But I Won’t Make You Wifey” I mention a small part of the way some men will compartmentalize women. Though a man may pre-judge a woman upon meeting her of what type of relationship he wants with her. There is a moment that he has the most clarity of what kind of relationship he wants to carry on with the woman. As comical as this may sound it is true but the biggest moment of clarity for a man is right after he has an orgasm.

Right now many men (and some women) are probably laughing at this statement while some women maybe perplexed. The theory of a man’s moment of clarity right after the orgasm can’t really be quantified or explained. There is something about right after a man has an orgasm that the world becomes somewhat clearer to him.

This moment of clarity can last anywhere between 3-5 minutes. During this “moment” a man can damn near figure out the cure for cancer, reorganize the nation’s budget, and make improvements on Einstein’s theory of relativity. I have known men who have come up with a great idea for their thesis, solved the accounting problem at their job, and even figured out a way to remodel their home. But, besides all those things one of the things a man can think about during this “moment of clarity” is the dynamic of romantic relationships.

I heard a man one time when I was on the train talking to his friend say, “I  hate to see a chick see me cumming. That’s why I like to hit it from the back so they can’t see me in my vulnerable state after cumming”.

Though what it he said was very trite what he said did have much merit to it. When a man climaxes is the time when he is the most vulnerable which is why he can maybe have this moment of clarity.

Right after the orgasm especially during the early stages of the relationship a man will begin to start to decipher their true feelings for a woman. During this chemical interaction and its “climax” he can see the relationship for what he really wants out of it. There have been many a situation where a woman has moved up (and subsequently moved down) in a man’s eyes because during his moment of clarity there was something that didn’t sit right with him. This is one of the times he can survey the relationship for the good and bad. I can’t explain particularly what happens but during this 3-5 interval he can evaluate the relationship.

He may say these things to himself during his “Moment of Clarity”:

“Am I really diggin her?”

“Do I Love Her?”

“She really isn’t wifey material.”

“This chick really gets on my damn nerves.”

“I think I can see a future for us.”

“I hate this b**ch BUT…I LOVE HER.”

This moment of clarity is like an uncontrolled beacon of conscious thought. Like I have said earlier this moment of clarity for a man isn’t just limited to relationships and love. Every time this window of thought is open he doesn’t always have these deep thoughts about the relationship it’s a crap shoot of sorts. He may go from deciphering quantum physics to figure out one time to trying to figure out how they can make it possible for Carmelo Anthony to be traded to the Knicks. During the time this mental portal is open he may even start thinking about how much more he may want to be with another woman. I know it may sound ill but it comes with the territory of “The Moment of Clarity”.

This “Moment of Clarity” isn’t 100% clear thoughts. It’s not like he can’t be wrong within his thoughts. It’s just that he may think these thoughts are his true feelings. He may need to sort out his thoughts more but the spark of the thought may come from that moment of clarity.

One may ask, “Why does sex have so much bearing in this “Moment of Clarity?”.

I agree that it shouldn’t, but sadly for some men it really does. I have written before (Girl, You Aint Fly It’s Your Nonice) how women and sex can control many men. Don’t get me wrong it is not the only time a man has deeper thoughts but it is comical how that moment is a bastion of deeper thought. I am not advocating that the sex is the most important thing in the relationship BUT that orgasm is a BIG deal for a man. He needs to have that peace and quiet while he winds down from the thronxing and let the subconscious thoughts come to his conscious mind. This is why some he needs that space… he may not want to talk he may want to get in his thoughts and enjoy the 3-5 after moments of his orgasm.

During the “Moment of Clarity” a woman really can’t do much to influence his thoughts (except being a willing participant to help him reach his “moment”). The best thing I can suggest for a woman is just to leave him at peace during this period and maybe even make him a ham sandwich. I know always have even better clarity when my belly is full, too. You better do what you can why your man is in his vulnerable state. He might be able to sort out your tax problems and tell you he loves you all at the same time.

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  2. You know what is so ironic with this post, one of my male friends told ms something similar and now that I am reading this…I’m like wow!

  3. I’d ought to analyze with you in this article. That’s not merely one factor I usually perform! When i get pleasure from looking at a new post which will help to make persons think. Furthermore, thank you with regard to allowing myself in order to comment!

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