Attention:Not All Men Fear Marriage

Not all brothas are marriage material. There are some you literally have to punch in the ball sack to get them to take you out the house. They fear the words “us” and “together”. If you even attempt to say “When I get married”…their asses are so quick to let you know it ain’t that kind of party. These are the “Only for a time” men. You can kick it with them.. you know have your fun, but when you decide you want something more you look the other way. Then you have the brothas that don’t shy away from commitment. They’ve done  all they wanted to do and more and finally realized that finding that woman that makes them feel confident in love is better than any feeling in the world. They have no problem making that step with the right person. They know when it’s time ladies, sometimes they want to make sure that you’re ready.

I’ve heard a lot of men laugh at the thought of marriage. Maybe because he thinks if he takes that leap he will be missing out on the millions of women that won’t even look his way in real-life. Some men think that every woman with a nipple wants to sleep with them and the second they say “I do”, these horny women will all decide to f*ck all his single friends leaving him out in the cold. Then you have the others that just fear of responsibility. Taking care of a family, finances and futures just can scare the hell out of them. You also have the men that fear they would end up marrying the wrong woman. Although this is a valid thought, most men don’t want to realize this later and think of all the time they wasted when they could have just stayed single. These men allow their fears to define their futures. Marriage can be a scary thing, but if you know in your heart that you’ve found the right one that should be the calming factor.

Now you have the men that have been there and done that and finally realized that they wanna be loved just like everyone else. Yea they played the field in their day, but finding a good woman…the right woman has become more of a mission than a sabotage. He knows the value of a good woman and wants nothing more than to nurture and grow within their relationship. This man doesn’t just pick a chick and get down on one knee. He takes note and studies *just like women* what his partner’s strengths and weaknesses are. If your weaknesses outweigh your strengths that ring ain’t coming your way…at least not right now. The second he knows that you’re the one you will know.

Many times when women say *Yes to the ring*don’t lie you’re really accepting his ring more than him half the time, you forget what the focus of the marriage is at.  A lot of women get so focused on the actual wedding day than the marriage. When a man decides to spend his life with you and only you he means that shit. Focusing on the dress, cake and making sure you’re the envy of all your friends ain’t worth it. Then you get into the marriage and can’t even keep shit together. There are serious men out there also looking for that “forever” kind of love. It really boils my potatoes when a man decides that this is what he wants and the woman ain’t bout shit. I’ve seen it too many times. She puts on this facade of the person she thinks he wants her to be. She pretends until she has him right where she wants him and the minute the ring comes on the finger she changes into the big bitch up the street. Playing with someones emotions and heart makes you look like that bitch you are. They say “love is a game for fools”, I think too many treat love like a game and they turn out looking like the fool.

“It’s easy for a player to play, it’s much easier for a real man to stop…” (c) V.I.

Holla at me: What is your theory on why some men are afraid of marriage?

3 thoughts on “Attention:Not All Men Fear Marriage

  1. Great blog V.I. It’s hard to find a man let alone a good man that is ready to take that step. I’ve found my “forever” kind of love and I know that he’s just as ready as I am. A lot of women need to learn that not all men are dogs.

  2. True, not all men are dogs but how many dogs do you have to lay with before you find one that is really a man and can play the role too. I’ve been in my current relationship almost 5 years and I feel like we should be married by now. or at least have an official date. we’re engaged and all but sometimes I feel like that was just to shut me up. Its been 2 years and we still don’t have a confirmed date. i’m at the point where I’m embarrassed to let anyone know that we’re engaged because how many times do i have to hear people at work ask me “so when’s the date??” I know there are many good men out there. Even some that are afraid of marriage are good men too. I don’t know what it is. but men if you think she is the one just take the leap. Everything else will work its way out. She really isn’t going to wait around forever. My dude got 12 months. Then…’s on to the next one.

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