Would You Go On A Blind Date If Someone Hooked You Up?

blind date

Who wants to spend their days/nights alone? There are a lot of folks out here tired of living the single life and finally ready to be boo’d up. The issue is…where do you meet quality people? You haven’t been on a date since Bill Clinton put his semen on a fat intern’s frock. You don’t know where or how to start until one of your friends says these dreaded words “Girl I have someone perfect for you.” You cringe at the thought of meeting a perfect stranger and having an awkward ass date. You don’t think you’re desperate, but at this point you just want to go out with some damn body.  You decide to take a chance and say yes to go out with a man sight unseen.

Blind Dates are one of the most uncomfortable events when dating. You have that friend that thinks she/he knows what you would like and set you up with someone all da way wrong. I’ve never been on a blind date, but I would be interested in going on one just to see how it turns out. I remember my cousin went on a blind date with someone. One of her friends decided to hook her up with one of her cousins. She talked her cousin up so much to my cousin that she wanted to meet him and vice versa. So her friend set up the date and my cousin got so excited…too excited. They decided to meet at a lounge. Something a little intimate where they can listen to music and talk and shit. My cousin gets to the lounge and looking for the guy she pictured in her head. She noticed that this man kept staring at her but she pretended like she didn’t notice. The guy came over to her and asked if she was “Keisha.” By first glance my cousin said she was turned all the way off. First of all, he wasn’t cute. Now my cousin has a thing for not so cute guys, but he was even uglier the guys she normally dated. He was dressed like a reject from a black exploitation film. He had on a wide collar satin shirt and some tight ass polyester looking pants. Oh and I forgot to say, he was a little older than she thought. This man was about 50 years old and smelled like Brute. My cousin was only 22 at the time.

I assume her friend was trying to be funny, but my cousin was livid. She said he was trying to be all up on her, but she couldn’t take it anymore and left. When she got to her car she called her friend and cussed her out. Her friend said she would have not immediately judged on first sight she thinks she would have really hit it off with the guy. Isn’t this always the case? A friend assumes they know what you really want, or they just assume they would just set you up because you seem desperate. Sometimes you have to take blind dates for what they are; an opportunity to get out of the house. Half the time when you get set up by a friend it’s usually with someone you wouldn’t give any type of attention to if you saw them on the streets. Maybe being more open can actually serve better results, but like my cousin if you know to God it ain’t going down and you’re uncomfortable you might need to get the hell out of dodge.

Blind dates are a 50/50 thing. You never know, maybe you will enjoy yourself  or you just want to head to the restroom and climb out the window. I think everyone should experience one at least once. Maybe you will find the love of your life, if not you got a story to laugh at with your girls for years to come.

Holla at me: Have you ever been on a blind date? How did it turn out?

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