Can Being A Big Flirt Help or Harm Your Love Life?

Ok, so I can admit…I’m a flirt. I think I get it from my momma. I definitely flirt, especially when I’m drankin. I consider myself a very harmless flirt tho, well other folks don’t see it that way. Flirting is something that just comes naturally for most. It’s nothing wrong with it, but I realized that sometimes being such a big flirt can help and harm your love life.  When it comes to flirting, do you think that people will look at you more in a negative light than a positive one?

So like I stated earlier I’m a big flirt. I don’t flirt with every Tom, Dick and Harpo but I do flirt when I met or I see certain people I know. Don’t get me wrong this is the single me we’re talking about. In relationships I’m cool. Don’t do all that shit, but it seems I do it more when I’m unattached. Nothing harmless; just talk shit, dance with a guy or maybe pretend to take his number.  Nothing crazy, but I find that the more I flirt *harmlessly* the more I’m known as a tease. I’m not sure how one became the other, but I was recently called a tease by someone, I NEVER EVEN FLIRT WITH BEFORE. So now I’m wondering is my harmless flirting being read as something else. That’s why you just can’t flirt with everybody. Now if I met a guy I like in my social circle, do I have to worry that someone may mistake my flirting for something else and “warn” him?  Then I may lose out on the guy I like because someone took something the wrong fucking way. See that’s why flirting is so damn dangerous.

I have definitely learned that flirting is like drinking liquor…You gotta do it in moderation. At the end of the day as long as you’re secure with who you are, then fuck everyone else and what they think. If someone you’re interested in takes you flirting as a sign of something else then that’s on them. Obviously they aren’t secure enough to even deal with you. If you aren’t taking your flirting to a major level where it is deemed disrespectful, then fuck it. If you’re single, you answer to no one. If you’re in a relationship and you do that shit, you might get your ass whooped so um yea don’t do it.

Holla at me: Do you think being a flirt turns the good guys away?

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