Can Too Much Sex Ruin a Relationship?

Most people think the lack of sex ruins relationships. Even though that is true, have you ever thought of the possibility that too much sex can ruin a relationship also? Have you ever dated someone that was all about sex? It’s like their sexual appetite is turned up to a 200 while yours is stuck at 50. By normal standards your sex drive is average, but theirs seem to be on a different plane. They live and breathe sex. They rather have sex than go to work. They rather have sex than eat. Hell they rather have sex eight times than have it twice a day. It’s like they’re addicted to it. Can you really have a successful relationship when it seems like the sex outweighs everything else?

To my knowledge I’ve never been in a relationship where the guy constantly “needed” sex. I’m sure at first sexing like crazy keeps the fire going, but what happens when it seems like that’s all there is to your relationship? A strong relationship cannot last on sex alone.  There has to be something else of substance that can keep your relationship alive. Imagine you’re with someone who constantly needs sex, and you’re at the point where you’re tired. You slowly begin to lose interest in having sex and eventually your partner. You just lay there while they do their thing. You easily become bored because the relationship that was once exciting and interesting has become like a chore. You try to fill their needs so they don’t have to roam outside of the relationship to get it, but at the same time you’re not being fulfilled.

Now let’s look at it another way around, where both parties have insatiable sexual appetites. Now this relationship might last a bit longer, but at what cost? No matter how everything is outside the bedroom they might only be able to find common ground in the bedroom. That is the way they “solve” all their issues. If the shit hits the fan, they have sex. Sex has become their remedy for everything that is wrong and right in their relationship. Rather than dealing with their issues, they f*ck it out. Now that may work for some couples, but in reality you’re running away from…well reality. Your relationship is now surviving on sex alone. How can that be successful? Again, I’m not saying all couples that have crazy sex are like this, just the ones that focus on the sex more than the actual intimacy of the relationship.

No matter how you look at it, no matter if you’re lacking or are having too much sex can have an adverse affect of your relationships. Sex is *closes eyes and imagines a similar time* a beautiful thing, but a stable and valued relationship is better. Some people sex their brains out in the beginning and when the shit starts getting real and the sex isn’t the main focus anymore they realize that they’re no longer in love. Some people do confuse bomb sex with being in love with the person. If you can minus sex from the equation just for a second, would you still see yourself with that person and loving them like you did before?

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  1. My ex was just like this. Wanted to have sex all the time. Didn’t care if we were both late for work, or used it as a means to end a argument. I loved it at first, but it became real bothersome real fast. It got to the point where she would throw these weird tantrums if she didn’t get it. I tend to work double shifts sometimes, and I’m just tired after working 16 hour days…….she just didn’t care. Anyway that was one of our downfalls, and we evetually parted ways.
    You are so correct when you write that “sex is a beautiful thing”. For some reasons people can make it feel so ugly and cheap.

  2. I've been in 2 relationships like that. One guy was at last upfront about his "needs"; stating it was like his "air". Hand jobs, blow jobs, kissing, groping… The whole nine. He needed it. Guy 2 was a lot less transparent, or so he thought. He wanted the same Guy 1 wanted, but wouldn't necessarily admit it. He would say "If I can get it, I'm not going to turn it down. Who would turn sex down?" Hence the reason we broke up — cheating ass. Both however had a similar reason they said it made them feel sexy, wanted and desired. I can't fault them for the last statement, but I consider myself to be pretty damn sexual and sometime too much is just that. Too much!

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