CanDi Chronicles: No Licky, No Sticky

Fictional Story

I think all men should be required by law to eat pussy. I think it’s an injustice that they want women to suck on their dicks, but yet going down below is a no no. Who the fuck made these kind of men? At the age of 25 I was too through with brothas that didn’t service me in my magic area. My new rule “No lickey, no stickey”. If you weren’t planning on doing it, then this pussy was¬†officially¬†off limits to you kind sir. So you know every time I told a dude this shit he thought I was joking right. First of all I never let just any ol nigga run up in me and secondly my kit kat has a mind of her own. If she’s not properly tended to, she will not allow you to get anywhere near her. Just dries the fuck up. So we went on strike…no lick, no stick. Hell I even had a shirt made.

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CanDi Chronicles~So We Creep *Explicit*

This is pure fiction

In a room filled with familiar faces I saw you from across the room. You look at me with those honey colored eyes and pussy shivered with warmth. It’s something about those eyes that make me want to taste you. Just your touch alone, and my body wants to do things it has no business doing. A familiar song comes on and that starts it off. “Seconds of Pleasure”, by Van Hunt, the seductive lyrics and acoustic guitar in the background makes my pussy pulsate. I want that dick and I want it now.