CanDi Chronicles~ His Head Between My Thighs


Pure Fiction

He pinned me up against the wall. His hand around my neck and his lips coming closer to mine. He kissed me with a force that I’ve never felt before. His tongue enters and he moans. As one hand applies pressure to my neck the other hand is around my waist. I can feel my legs getting weak at this exchange. I try to fight him off, but he resists. I don’t want him to stop. He kisses me harder and I swear everything in my being melted. He knew I loved it rough and I know he loved to be rough. He removed his hands from my neck and pinned my hands against the wall. Damn I wanted to fuck him, but didn’t think it was appropriate. It was the 2nd time we’ve actually been around one another. I pushed him away. As we both tried to catch our breaths we just stood there staring at each other with this dangerous lust in our eyes. We wanted each other right then, but we didn’t want to take it there too soon.

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Sneak Preview:The Dick Slayer *Vintage*

dick slayer

Pure Fiction

At 30 I’ve seen a lot of shit in my lifetime. I saw Whitney Houston on crack rocks, Chris Brown whoop a bitch’s ass, and now finding a man that thinks he can have me dick shook. The world must be coming to an end.

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CanDi Chronicles~ Gonna Make Him Love Me


Pure Fiction 

I loved him. Not just love him a little bit, but he was my heart. He was the person designed for me, but he didn’t know it. He didn’t know I breath him. I craved him. I was a fool for him. I allowed him in when I knew this wasn’t going to end well. Now I am in love and I can’t turn back. I was unable to turn back although I knew the consequences. Love was toxic. My love was toxic. It never leads to anything good, and I was always the one hurt in the end. But…I loved him. I smelled his scent as I slept. I felt his hands all over my body as I closed my eyes. He had me, but just didn’t know how much. I was all in even if he wasn’t. Maybe he didn’t know or even realized how much I loved him. I needed to show him to save our relationship.

I used my key to unlock his apartment door. It smelled just like him every time I walked into his apartment. The living room smelling of musk and cologne. I inhaled the air and closed my eyes. I just loved being here. I walked into the kitchen and saw that he rushed out of here this morning leaving his uneaten breakfast on the table. I swear this man is always on the go. I picked up the dirty dishes and placed them in the dishwasher. A man loves a clean home, and it’s my job to make sure it’s clean. I walked into his bedroom and saw the video equipment. My baby’s trying to get me caught up and film us. Hmmmmmmm. Maybe I can surprise him when he gets home from work.

I pulled out some goodies out of my purse. I’m sorry but I never leave home without a toy or two. A woman with an overactive sex drives sometimes needs a little battery operated assistance throughout the day. I got undressed and hit record on the video camera. I walked over got on the bed and faced the wall. I placed my face on his pillow and stuck my ass in the air in the direction of the camera. I can smell him on the pillow. I was in a trance. I needed him to see this ass was his. I never tried anal, but I knew my baby would make it happen one day. I got up and turned around while holding the pillow in front of my face. I wanted him to pay attention to my body. I lay on my back and placed the pillow on my face so he could focus on my pussy. I opened my legs wide and placed my vibrator on my clit. As it buzzed and touched my clit I started feeling that sensation. The only way I can get through my masturbation sessions is to imagine he’s touching me. So that’s what I did. I imagined my vibrator was him. Running the head of his dick on my clit. Massaging me as I started to get wet. I needed to build this sensation. I started moving my hips so I can feel more of him. I let the vibrator enter me, my pussy was already sensitive.  Imagining it’s his dick and not this plastic contraption I moved it in and out, moaning if he was with me.

I needed to cum. I needed this release and I was gonna get it if he was here or not.  I pushed the vibrator as deep as it could go, feeling more pain that pleasure. I thrived off sexual pain. I needed to feel completely worked out. As the beads in my vibrator moved and tickled my walls I imagined him going as deep as possible. Now I’m biting the pillow. My hands started moving faster and faster because I can feel it. I can feel the sensation I’ve been looking for. I took both hands and placed it on the base of the vibrator but I couldn’t get it deeper. I needed it to go deeper. I then took my hand and played with my clit. Squeezing it until I felt that good pain. It was coming. It was almost there. Oh Gawd how I wish his tongue was on my pussy right now.  That thought alone sent me into orbit. My moans got louder, but because of the pillow over my face I sounded muffled.  I started screaming…I removed the vibrator and fluid left my body. I squirted all over his bed. The more I screamed, the more I squirted. I tried to stop it, but it kept coming out. I started playing with my pussy as my fluid spring out my body. Once it starts it takes a while to stop. Finally it was over and I was drained. With the pillow still on my face I turned on my stomach and got up, still facing the wall and went out of view of the camera. I hit the “stop” button of the camera and looked at the bed. It was drenched with all of me. I hope my baby sees how much I really love him, hell he now has evidence to prove it. I walked over to his desk and wrote a little note on his notepad “I hope it was as good for you as it was for me…Enjoy the video. Love you, signed L.” Put on my clothes, got my vibrator and locked the door behind me.

I know when he gets home from work he’s gonna be so surprised. Some people may think I’m a bit unstable when it comes to my love, but who cares. I’m not a stalker. I’m a woman in love with a man that doesn’t know who I am. I’m not crazy. He loves me, but he just doesn’t know it…YET. If I can just make him love me back we can get married and have lots of babies. I’m not crazy. He will fall in love with me one day, I just know it. I just need to get rid of a few baggages…like his wife.  The second she’s out of the picture we can be happy. I’m not crazy. I’m just in love even though he doesn’t even know who I am. 

CanDi Chronicles~The Night My Friend Became My Lover


Pure Fiction

He pressed my back against the wall and his warm breath tickled my nose. I wanted to kiss him, but for some reason didn’t want to do it first. Just like that he kissed me and my body went limp. His hand now on my right thigh, my leg went up so he can get better access. As our kisses got deeper and deeper his fingers were now on the crotch of my panties. My pussy instantly gushed with my own juices. The way he touched me was just doing something to me. With my hands around his neck and his fingers playing with my pussy I wanted this man more and more every second. As the rain beat on the window, my pussy was pulsating to it’s rhythm. At that moment I stopped. I stopped him, I stopped myself because this wasn’t us.  We weren’t like this, we’ve been friends for over 6 years…Just Friends. I had no idea what came over us, but honestly the shit felt right.

As I went back to sit on the couch I didn’t want to make eye contact. It felt like I violated some sort of code “friends should never attempt to fuck” type code. He sat next to me on the couch with his eyes fixated on me. As the tv flicked and flashed while on mute, the room was silent. Have you ever heard the phrase “silence is deafening” well I was now deaf. The void in the room was killing me, so I looked at him and saw something that I never really saw before…his eyes burned a hole in my body. He wanted to fuck, hell I wanted to fuck but would fucking be the end of our friendship? As I stared at him and vice versa I think we were both thinking the same thing. “What would happen if we took it there?” I stopped thinking at that moment and grabbed his shirt and pulled him close to me and kissed him. At this point  sex was on my brain and we need to make this happen before we continued to wonder “what if.”

As I pulled him closer his body hovered over mine.  I leaned my head on the arm of the couch I felt my pussy throbbing, like someone was beating it with a hammer. He removed my top and kissed my breasts.His tongue trailed on the right breast and then to the left. I removed my bra and he took them both in each hand and nibbled on the nipples. Being friends for 6 years one thing I know is that he’s into titties. In a serious way. I was ready to remove everything, but first I needed to undress him. I removed his white shirt, at that moment I climbed on top of him and kissed him again. My full breasts pressed against his smooth chest. I needed that dick, I know craved it to the point I felt like heat was generating in my panties. I kissed his neck and he ran his hands down my back to the crack of my ass. He removed my shorts and my panties and now I was completely naked. His fingers entered my pussy and as he went deeper, the wetter I became. I started grinding my hips as his fingers moved inside of me. I needed the dick…now. I got up off the couch and removed his shorts. I was so intrigued to see his dick, I was like a kid in a candy store. His perfectly formed dick was standing at attention just for me. I then got on my knees and placed it in my mouth. I do need to taste it before I ride it…duh. I worked my head up and down on his head, using my tongue as a pleasure toy. He placed his hands on the back of my head and guided me all the way down. I deep throat that dick like I invented that shit. His moans told me that he was loving the things my mouth did to him.

I started to feel cum running down my leg, then I realized that was all me. I took my lips off the dick and stood up. He saw my pussy oozing the creamy goodness and he also got up. He told me to take a seat and with that he got down on his knees in front of me. He lifted my left leg and went head first into my bee hive to get all the honey out. He slurped, licked and nibbled everything that involved my pussy. I was in heaven. His tongue traced my clit and entered inside of me. Using his tongue to fuck me, I started moaning even louder. If his eating skills were this good, imagine how bomb the sex must be. He tongue fucked me for what seemed to be an eternity and then he stopped. He grabbed the condom from the pocket of his shorts and he put it on without taking his eyes off of me. Once it was on, he kissed me and placed the head at my opening. He tried to put it in slow because truth be told, I’m tight as hell so it takes a little time when you enter. He finally got all the way in and we both let out a moan. It was the best feeling ever. For 6 long years I only imagined this, never thought I would experience this pleasure with him. His first few strokes were slow as to make sure he’s not hurting me. As we got on the same beat, he started going a little faster. As our hips moved in sync with each other I felt his not so small dick inch it’s way further and further inside of me. My legs are wrapped around his head and all I can hear is my juices oozing out as he pumped and his groin slapping my pussy.

I wanted to get on top. Riding was my favorite position. Being in control just made my performance award winning. I told him to stop and I instructed him to lay on the floor. I climbed on top of him and I slowly sat down on the head of his dick. His eyes closed and a “Mhmmmmm” escaped his lips. I whined on top of his dick slow at first. Letting him feel the warmth of my vagina…even though he was wearing a rubber. I leaned forward on his chest and moved my hips up and down. First slowly, then I upped the pace to make him squirm. I tighten my walls around his dick to show him who’s boss. He let out another moan, this time louder than the first. As the rain continued to beat against the window, I tried to outdo it’s rhythm. I kissed him again as I continued to fuck the shit out of him. I then sat like I was on a horse and rode like I was at the Kentucky Derby. Back and forth…up and down. This dick feels like it was made for me and only me. I got up and changed positions. This time I squatted on the dick with my body barely touching his…that drove him crazy. I knew he was about to cum, I could feel it in his head.

He stopped me, not wanting to cum before I did. I got up and he got up as well. I was now back on the floor on all fours. He came behind me and squatted to get a good angle of my pussy. With my back bent to the floor, he entered me and I swear I was about to bust a vein. He held onto my hips and motioned my body on his dick. My face was now on the rug as I moaned, screamed and wept all at the same time. I felt my juices running down my legs again, and I knew this man had a dick that created magical things to happen. He fucked me harder, I screamed louder. He stopped and stood to get a second wind, while my ass was laying there in a drunken daze. I couldn’t move. My ass was still cocked in the air and the moans still came out even though nothing was going in. Just like that he was back in and came with the thunder. He fucked me until I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to cum. I needed to cum. I felt it growing in the pit of my vagina. My leg started to slightly shake. At that moment I decided to fight back. Although I was ready to cum, I didn’t want to…just yet. I pushed my pussy down on his dick, and worked my hips until his dick disappeared. He was really about to cum, I could tell by the way he gripped my hips to pull me even closer…even though there was no way I could get any closer. His moans grew louder and so did mine. My leg started that shaking thing again and at that moment I knew it was gonna happen. Before I could even get the famous “I’m cumming” words out of my mouth it started. I started screaming because it felt like a ton of bricks just hit me all at once. He removed his dick was the speed of Usain Bolt and removed the condom. As I am cumming on his expensive ass rug, he’s cumming on my ass. The shit was so good I started playing with my pussy to somehow continue the pleasure. He collapsed next to me while I’m still in the same position with his cum and my cum running all over the place.

He got up and got a warm cloth and cleaned me up. I stayed on that floor what felt like a good 20 mins and just listened to the silence as he laid next to me. It seems that the rain stopped. I guess the rain was a way of us to release what was brewing inside both of us for 6 years. He got up and asked me to follow him. We walked to the back of the house to his bedroom and climbed in his king size bed. I slept in his arms for the first time. We didn’t talk about it we just laid there. Not knowing exactly what will happen in the morning, but knowing tonight we shared something more special than a 6 year friendship, we shared passion.

CanDi Chronicles~The D*ck Is Mine Part 2

Missed Part 1? Check it out here

I was so FUCKING READY! I waited for this moment for almost a year. The first time I saw her I was in love. It was something about her that caught my attention. I don’t know what it was, but it definitely made me want to get to know her. She immeidatly classed me in the “friend” zone, so that was where I stayed. Never made my feelings known because I wasn’t exactly every college girls’ dream. I wasn’t built like a football player and I didn’t have the nice car. Yet out of everyone around campus, she saw that I was a good person. It did hurt me seeing her waste her time with these no good niggas on campus, but as her friend I supported her. So when she asked me to come over tonight after a fight with her “boyfriend”, it was just something I normally did so nothing was out of the ordinary.

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CanDi Chronicles~ The D*ck Is Mine

Pure Fiction

Have you ever had a dick just slide right into your pussy and it just hugged your walls? The second it goes in and all you can do is hold on for dear life because the head of his dick is poking you in the stomach? No? So I guess I’ve been the only one to feel that kind of pleasure. Every time I think of him my pussy pulsates and I think it makes a slight purring noise, but don’t quote me on that. Her man’s dick just fits perfectly, and when he’s in me I feel like I own him. This dick is all mine well at least for tonight. Unfortunately, the dick that feels so perfect belongs to another. So I guess you can say my lover happens to be another bitch’s husband. Don’t get me wrong I respect their marriage to a certain extent, I just respect his dick a lot more.

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CanDi Chronicles: No Licky, No Sticky

Fictional Story

I think all men should be required by law to eat pussy. I think it’s an injustice that they want women to suck on their dicks, but yet going down below is a no no. Who the fuck made these kind of men? At the age of 25 I was too through with brothas that didn’t service me in my magic area. My new rule “No lickey, no stickey”. If you weren’t planning on doing it, then this pussy was officially off limits to you kind sir. So you know every time I told a dude this shit he thought I was joking right. First of all I never let just any ol nigga run up in me and secondly my kit kat has a mind of her own. If she’s not properly tended to, she will not allow you to get anywhere near her. Just dries the fuck up. So we went on strike…no lick, no stick. Hell I even had a shirt made.

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CanDi Chronicles~So We Creep *Explicit*

This is pure fiction

In a room filled with familiar faces I saw you from across the room. You look at me with those honey colored eyes and pussy shivered with warmth. It’s something about those eyes that make me want to taste you. Just your touch alone, and my body wants to do things it has no business doing. A familiar song comes on and that starts it off. “Seconds of Pleasure”, by Van Hunt, the seductive lyrics and acoustic guitar in the background makes my pussy pulsate. I want that dick and I want it now.