Pay Attention To The Red Flags In Dating

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Listen here, when it comes to dating ya’ll better pay attention to the signs. If you see or hear something that doesn’t seem right, get the hell out of the way. When it comes to dating we tend to let shit slide. We are so nervous that we “miss our blessings” that we overlook shit that need to be looked at. I’ve become a firm believer of “the signs.” If you gather enough red flags it’s the universe telling you this shit ain’t for you. There are some of us that bypass these obvious flags for other reasons. Maybe it’s loneliness, love or just plain ol physical attraction; if you bypass these red flags can you get mad when the shit doesn’t work out in the end?

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Friends Before Lovers? Should You Be Friends First?

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We all know a couple that have been long time friends and then decided to take their friendship to another level. They’re both single and get along great, so why not see if they can actually date? Many say it’s an easy transition from friends to lovers. A relationship works better if you’ve developed a friendship before becoming intimate. I do agree, but damn what if the relationship doesn’t work out the way you’d hoped. Can you easily go back to being “just friends”?

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What Are Your Relationship Resolutions for 2014?

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Another year has come and gone and it’s about time you finally realized you’re doing the same thing over and over when it comes to relationships. You viewed every man you meet as ain’t shit and you spent the majority of 2013 drinking wine complaining to your girlfriends how men out here just can’t do right. Yep you’re the issue girl. The sooner you realize that the better. You continuously allow the same man to get into your head each and every time. Sure they may look different, but you go after the same assholes that don’t know their ass from their elbows. They’re into the thrill of the chase and when they catch you they throw you back like in the ocean like Nemo. It’s all on you. You pick em then surprised that they’re full of it. It’s time you do something different. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. If you constantly go for “what you know” you’re gonna get exactly that. The same ain’t shit situation that leaves you downing glasses of Moscato while you sit at home on Friday nights watching episodes of “Say Yes To The Dress”. It’s a new year, it’s time for a new outlook. What are you willing to change in 2014? What are your relationship resolutions?

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Is There Such A Thing As Too Many Options?


In this day and age can a girl have too many options? Let’s face it, dating in 2013 is few and far between. Maybe in a year’s time you meet about 2-3 ok guys. You go out, try to get to know them and it always ends up the same; he’s on some other bullshit and you don’t have the time for that mess. So you continue living your carefree life until bam…you meet someone. Then you meet someone else. You leave your options open so much to the point you have about 4 men trying to get your attention and your head is spinning with all the options you now have and frankly it’s driving you bonkers. Why is it that too many options cloud your emotions? Is there such a thing as too many options in dating?

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The Worst Date Ever In The History of Dating



Dating has got to be the hardest fuck shit ever in the history of fuck shit. I mean there’s nothing wrong with dating, but the whole first date situation can be tricky. The entire getting to know each other over the phone is cute, but it isn’t until you meet in person that you really see the crust of a motherfucker. I’ve been on a few dates in my years of dating, but never had a horrible first date…until tonight. Dating can be a hit or miss and tonight that shit missed me completely. Catch the tea. 

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Is It Ok To Date A Friend’s Ex Even If They’re Ok With It?



This question has come up time and time again. Is it ok to date a friend’s ex even if your friend didn’t have an issue with it? Some people have said that there should be a “code” among friends that should prevent the other from even going down that road. Then on the other side you have others saying if “the relationship didn’t work out, there is a chemistry between the two and there is no love lost with your friend and her ex… so why  not?”  Something like this can break up a pleasant friendship, but I think every situation is different. Here are a few instances where I think dating an ex of a friend might not be such a bad thing.

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5 Ways Not To Get Catfished


So I am sure many of you have caught on to the simple remarkable fuck shit that is “Catfish”. If you have no clue what this wonderful delight is; Catfish is a show on MTV that connects lonely people with their online boos. People have started relationships with people they met online, without so much as a face to face conversation. They get all in their feelings then call on Nev and Max *the shows hosts/investigators* to investigate if the person is who they say they are and try to get them to agree to a meeting. These people have developed feelings of love and find out through someone else that the shit they thought was true was all one big lie. So since the internet really gives people the balls to play with other people’s minds, I have 5 ways not to get Catfished. Don’t say I never blessed ya’ll with my knowledge.

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When Is It The Right Time To Move In Together?


Is it me or folks have started shacking up left and right? It’s like folks get so in their feelings about their partner and they have to play house for fear that the hours they are apart might change the other person’s feelings. I know love is a splendid thing, there is no “I” in team and cake is made out of baby tears and love but some couples make that huge step too soon and realize the shit was a mistake when the relationship starts swirling down the drain. I am all for taking that next big step but when is it too soon to move in together? 

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Should You Buy A Gift For Someone You Just Started Dating?

The holiday season is here and everyone’s trying to be on their best behavior so they won’t be left out of the gift giving. You have your parents, siblings and even your friend’s gifts together, but your missing someone or are you? You just started dating a guy and although you like him a lot you’re wondering if it’s too soon to buy him a gift. It’s not like you two are in a relationship but you do go out often and you think more can come of it, but right now it’s up in the air. Should you exchange gifts for the spirit of the season, or should you text/call and say “Merry Christmas” and wait to see if the relationship makes it until next Christmas?

New romances can warm anyone’s heart *throws up*. I mean it’s cool when you’re dating someone new and you’re taking the time to really get to know each other. Ain’t that just the cutest shit ever? The thing that folks get concerned about is special holidays. Is it too premature to buy him/her a gift  for Christmas? In my opinion if you’ve only been on a few dates we and haven’t gotten to the point where you don’t know if you’re going to move to the next step a gift is not a good idea. You’re just getting to know them and what if you buy a gift and a week later ya’ll stop seeing each other? A card is acceptable, but just saying Merry Christmas will work out just fine. Unless we are exclusively dating each other I ain’t buying you shit. Let me take that back. I don’t have a problem taking you out to eat or something, but actually going to a store and buying you a gift ain’t happening. This gift issue always comes around other times of the year like birthdays and Valentine’s day. I don’t expect anything so don’t you expect anything.

The most uncomfortable feeling is actually when one person buys a gift and the other person doesn’t. If you think that has a chance of happening then maybe you should discuss that shit before the holiday approaches. I just don’t like misunderstandings and I don’t do embarrassment. So if you must bring it up lightly one day. Now if he insists on buying you something, then bitch you better accept it. Men don’t usually go around buying bitches gifts and shit no mo. So for you…just dating…no gift giving unless previously discussed. Just enjoy the holiday together if that’s the plan. No pressure. 

Would You Trip If He Pulled Out A Coupon…On Your First Date?

Dating can be expensive as hell nowadays. If you’re actively dating you probably go on two or three dates in a week. *If you do I salute you…some folks don’t get that shit in 3 months* The thing is, if you’re actively dating multiple people then he might be as well. I believe wholeheartedly that the man should pay on the first date, even if I ask you out first. It’s just common courtesy. On another date the woman can pick it up, just to show she’s willing contribute to this dating thang. If you were asked out on a date and at the end of a wonderful time of laughing and eye fucking he whips out a coupon…what would your reaction be?

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