Basketball Wives Reunion Sneak Peek…Tami and Evelyn Round 2

S/O to Necole Bitchie

The world saw the blow up between Tami and Evelyn on Sunday’s season finale,  when Evelyn revealed to Tami that she had a relationship with Tami’s ex-husband Kenny Anderson when Tami was still married to him. Of course Tami was mad as hell *it didn’t help that she was drunk either* Evelyn said no one knew about Tami and blah blah blah. Tami’s point was how can we chill together for this long and you not tell me. Evelyn’s ass had the nerve to say “You are a non factor bitch”. That was when the shit got real. All hell broke loose and Tami was snatching Evelyn’s Puerto Rican ass up by the hair root.

Now it’s the morning after and here we have the reunion show sneak peek. The show was hosted by former Baller John Salley and he wasted no time getting to the meat of the beef. In the clip there is no cat fighting, but there is still mad shade being thrown. Evelyn saying Tami f*cked other ballers, while Tami admitted that Kenny was the first and only player she has been with.
Evelyn has definitely shown how much of a HOE she is with this damn show. I never liked her ass from jump street, but I think all of America and some parts of the Caribbean has branded her as a Old Ass  Groupie Bitch. As long as you got a sports contract Evelyn will love you long time. Check out the sneak peek and tell me what you think.

If you missed the season finalie you know your girl got you…

Wacka Flocka Ate Too Much Lemon Pepper Wings & Fries

So Mr. Flocka recently posed for this picture for Peta for their “Ink Not Mink” campaign. I encourage anything that saves anyone or anything from destruction, but didn’t they have a better way to photograph this chile. I mean don’t get me wrong, get nekkid all you want but damn this pic makes me kinda sick. Look like dude just ate a gang of hamburgers before taking the pic. It’s not visually appealing at all. Lawd they’re even showing his toes. I am not a fan of Wacka or his music, but this has definitely made me realize that some black people need to stay in the hood and out of the mainstream lenses of America. I really hope this photo saves a dog or something because this is killing me as a human being.

I'm Dying…And Common Is The Killer

*Blows nose* If the rumors are true I am so sadden to say that the man of my dreams and his muscle booty girlfriend are now engaged. Yesterday twitter was all a buzz that Common popped the question to his girlfriend of 3 years “Serena “my booty bigger than yours” Williams. I am not happy with this news because I’ve been in love with Common since he wore all them damn knitted outfits. *Wipes eyes*I hope she makes him as happy as I could if given the opportunity. If the rumors are true…Common my heart will heal. You warmed me at night. You gave my heart life at one point when I thought it died. I will always love you even when Serena’s ass droops and her weave looks f*cked up. I will always be here. I love you congrats.

This has been my closure…if this rumor is true. I hope you two are happy for the first 3 years of your marriage and contemplate divorce on your 4 year anniversary. I would be joking if I wasn’t dead ass serious.


"The Game" Series Premier Review

So last night was the highly anticipated series premier of one of my favorite shows “The Game”. I waited 2 longs years for this because the “CW” bitch ass decided that my show wasn’t worthy to be on the air anymore. Hey I’m not bitter…really I’m not because when I heard they were gonna be back on air I jumped for joy. I lost that joy when I heard BET picked them up. As you may already know I can’t stand BET, because everything they touch turns to bullsh*t but I digress. The series premier was um “interesting” to say the least, so I’ve decided to run down the show discussing each of the main characters. *Side Note* If you didn’t watch the show yet  because you had to DVR it or didn’t pay your cable bill, and you don’t want to know what happened DO NOT READ THIS BLOG!

So the show doesn’t pick up where they left off two years ago. The moved ahead so there are new characters, a new set and basically new attitudes.

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Bishop Eddie Long Accused of Molesting Two…*Gulp* Men?

So word on the street…well on the news is that one of the  most prominent bishops here in Atlanta is accused of sexual misconduct. According to Fox 5 News Atlanta, Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church is being  sued by two separate young men. According to the lawsuit  the young men claim that the bishop had his way with them.  The young men also claim that Long used church funds to to entice various young men with things like cars, clothes, jewelry, and electronics. Also  that Long used the bible to justify his relationship with these young men.

Here is the news clip from Fox 5 News Atlanta:

I don’t know if the Bishop did this or not, but there is definitely more to this story. I won’t speak about “A man of GOD” but I think folks will sho become interested in how the money is spent by the church. If this does stand some truth I know the Eddie stans will still ride for him. I’m not a hater or anything, but all these mega church Bishops get a slight side eye from me. Something always struck about Eddie Long. I don’t know if it was the rug on his head or his muscle shirts, but now I think I figured out what it is. If he didn’t do it I hope he gets vindicated. If he did do it I hope justice is served.

Holla at me: Do ya’ll think the Bishop did it?

Play With Ur Wii & Urself At The Same Damn Time!!!

If ya’ll think I’m jiving, you must not know me. So yesterday I was minding business when my homegirl CoCo B. Ware of my sister site Blush and Bashful sends me a BBM instructing me to check my email…apparently what she sent me would have me doubling over with laughter. So I checked my email and low and behold I saw this mess. The Wii done gone sexy ya’ll. You’re looking at the first Wii remote that doubles as a sexy toy. You’re probably thinking I made this shit up, but I can’t make this up if I tried.

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