Should Cheating Be Expected In Long Distance Relationships?

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Being in a long distance relationship is so damn difficult. Not only is the distance a factor, shit can go left really quickly. To be in a successful long distance relationship not only does will power play a part, but trust is the most important thing. You never know what other life your partner may or may not be living while away. It’s easy to fall in to the trap of cheating. Once that loneliness sets in, and the constant phone calls aren’t enough shit can take a turn for the worse. What happens when you’re trying to do right by your partner, but your emotions and coochie constantly telling you something else? After spending those late lonely nights alone and fiendin for that touch that you would love your man to provide, is it acceptable to get it somewhere else? I mean it’s just until you and your man can see each other again. You are human and sometimes things happen right? Should slip ups be expected in a long distance relationship?

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The Pros and Cons of Living Together Before Marriage

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When I met my boyfriend two years ago, I didn’t think that our relationship would travel so fast. Now I’m telling ya’ll my business, but hell ya’ll won’t judge us right? *side eye* Well 4 months into our relationship, we decided to move in together. Early into the relationship we knew exactly what we wanted. We knew that we wanted to eventually get married. We were both at the age where we were ready and we were totally and hopelessly in love. I must admit the thought of living with a man scared the shit out of me. Up until that point I never lived with one of those creatures before. Hell I lived alone for so long, the thought of having someone else in my space seemed weird as hell. After a long discussion and lots of planning, we finally did it. 

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Are You A Present Friend?

friends hugging

Are you a present friend? A friend that cares about the people close to you? Are you there for your friends for the good times and bad? Are you the person that encourages your friends when they need it, but also can tell them the harsh truth when it’s required? Unfortunately, not all friendships are that way. Some friendships are hella one-sided. Where the friendship feels more like a task and less organic. You only hear from them when they need to complain about the same things they complained about last year.  Never acknowledging what you may be going through. Those friends are not friends. They’re the people in your life that hold on to you for their own benefit. Why allow a friend who isn’t present in your friendship continue to use the friendship to keep you present?

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Vintage: Friends Before Lovers? Should You Be Friends First?

couple arm wrestling

We all know a couple that have been long time friends and then decided to take their friendship to another level. They’re both single and get along great, so why not see if they can actually date? Many say it’s an easy transition from friends to lovers. A relationship works better if you’ve developed a friendship before becoming intimate. I do agree, but damn what if the relationship doesn’t work out the way you’d hoped. Can you easily go back to being “just friends”?

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My Boyfriend’s Other Relationship

Man watching football

What do you do when your boyfriend has another love in his life? This relationship brings out all of his emotions. He can get excited and 15 mins later gets angry and disappointment when things don’t happen his way. He’s in love with sports. *Sigh* that’s the situation I am currently in right now. My boyfriend loves sports.  When I say love I mean LOVEEEEEE. If he could devote his life to one thing in this world, it just might be that. Don’t get me wrong, I think sports are ok but I just don’t see the intense fascination with it. Big burly strapping men just falling on each other trying to get control of a ball. It sounds kinda childish to me. Since it’s football season and he loves football, many women might be going through the same thing I am. Being in a relationship with a man who’s also in a relationship with his favorite sport. Why do men treat sports like a second relationship?

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Is It Ok To Contact The Side Chick? Girl, Why Tho?


Side chicks have been a topic of discussion countless times on the blog. The life of a side chick is pretty cut and dry. You have one job; to be his release outside his normal relationship. Some chicks stay in their lanes and others…well they do stupid mess just to piss off the main chick. Well I don’t know who pissed off NFL player Victor Cruz’s fiance Elaina, but baby girl sent out a mass tweets to all of the birds he’s been “smashing”. While some women side with her on contacting the other women to have a coochie connection conference, I thought that it was funny but also a waste of time. So I wanted to know how many women think it’s ok to contact the side chick? If that’s the norm, then I’m abnormal as all hell.

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