Label-less Relationship: Why Isn’t He Calling You His Girlfriend?

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Are you into relationship labels? Do you feel like once you’ve been chose, you want the whole world to know it? For many women that is a common assertion. If you’re involved with someone and it’s just you and them, making it official is the next logical step right? What if he doesn’t believe in labeling what you two have going on? You’ve been in this stage for months and you’re still just considered friends. What can be the reason he’s not into labeling the relationship? 

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Is Being Faithful As Easy As It Seems?

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Being faithful isn’t easy. Hell if it was then there would be a lot more happy relationships and a lot less cheating. When someone decides to cheat they have totally disconnected from their committed relationship. Let’s just get this straight. Cheating is not only a physical act. If you stepped outside of your relationship and developed an emotional connection to someone other than your partner that is cheating also. So many people feel like if the dick didn’t present itself then you’re not guilty of stepping outside your relationship. Girl goodbye. The second you became emotionally attached you’ve just cheated on your man/woman. Why does it seem that it’s easier to find someone who has cheated than to find someone who has never cheated in a relationship?

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Are You The Back Pocket Girl?


We’ve all been there. We’ve all been the back pocket girl one time in our lives. Please don’t confuse this with being a side chick. This is an entirely different circumstance. I know you’ve dated or been in a relationship with someone who did thangs to you. He came into your life, made you feel all good then disappeared like he owed you back child support. You’re left so confused and hurt over the disrespect. After months of replaying everything that you obviously missed while you were together you finally move on. The second your thoughts stopped lingering on the man who left you standing there looking a fool, he reappears like nothing ever happened. You are left even more confused and frustrated because you’ve finally got to the point where you were good.  Now this. Men do this shit all the time. You may have wondered why is this happening and  what made him come back. Oh girl the answer is simple. You’re the back pocket girl. The sooner you realize that, the better.

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Is A Woman Marriage Material Based On How Many Sexual Partners She’s Had?


So I’m minding my business last night catching up on my reality tv, when one of my reader’s sends me a link to an article from Madam Noire’s website.  When I looked at the title I immediately rolled my eyes in disgust because I knew this was gonna be some bullshit. Along with the article there was a video of that damn Instagram “life coach” Tony Gaskins. I don’t know what qualifies this simple ass man to be someone’s life coach, but ya’ll share his little quotes like it’s the gospel from God himself. Anyway, the main crust of the article/video was about the social media psychologist stating that he would only marry a woman with less than 5 sexual partners. So basically if you’re 35 and have had 15 sexual partners in your lifetime you’re not marriage material? GTFOH

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His Little Secret: When Your “Man” Calls You His “Friend” In Public


There are so many women walking around  claiming these men that aren’t even trying to claim them. Telling folks you’re in a relationship when the man you’re with denies your situation to anyone that asks. There are a lot of women in one-sided relationships. They stick around hoping  and wishing it will turn into something real, but it never does. We all have that one friend that is always the homegirl, but never THE GIRL. She gets involved with these men and claims them from jump street, but the feeling is never mutual. Sure he blows her back out when he gets the urge and sends her a good morning text every few days, but always will  just acknowledges her as “just a friend”. She doesn’t usually make a fuss because she doesn’t want to scare him away. Deep down she’s in agony because he’s the man in her life, yet she’s just that friend that he kicks it with from time to time.

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Do Men Really Trust Women?


We (women) go on and on about how you can’t trust a man. You’re always suspicious of the things he would do or say because you have this unsettling feeling that he’s doing some shit he shouldn’t be doing. You cry, complain and cuss because you feel he has no regard for your feelings. You bring up your issues with the lack of trust you have in the relationship. He hears what you have to say, but isn’t really listening. He knows whatever you’re saying is just some emotional thing you’re probably going through. At this point he has a lack of trust also. He doesn’t trust your feelings.

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