How Bad Sex With The Wrong Person Can Ruin A Relationship

couple in bed

No matter how wonderful your relationship is, bad sex can ruin everything you’re building. You can be compatible in every other aspect, but when it comes to the bedroom you’re struggling like a Meek Mill diss track. In my personal opinion no one is really bad at sex, it’s just that you may not be sexually compatible with your partner. So no matter how awesome everything else is, that one downside can change the aspect of your relationship. Here are my signs that you’re not sexually compatible with your partner:

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Has Sex Become A Chore?


One thing about relationships that most people experience is that comfortable period. You’ve been in the relationship for a while and things become a little routine. When trying to balancing a relationship, work and kids some things may falter. The most common issue in most relationships is lack of sex. When it comes to putting the coochie on him you may not always be in the mood. It’s common to feel that way especially if you’re constantly on the go. It’s to the point where you give him just enough where he’s satisfied and you don’t have to hear him complain. Sex has become your chore.  It isn’t something that you want to do, but something you feel you have to do to please him. 

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Is Your Sex Number Just A Number?


Instructions: Where ever you are, I want you to shout..”I’ve slept with ___ number of men/women and I don’t care who knows it”. Go on; be proud of that sex number . LOL. I’m just kidding, but I have found that this is the most lied about conversation at the start of a relationship.When you hear the question”How many people have you had sex with”? a boldface lie just comes out of nowhere. We lie for different reasons. Women lie because they don’t want to be thought of as a hoe. Men lie because they want to put up a front that they just get it thrown on them on a regular basis. As if that’s suppose to impress a woman. Either way the real digits aren’t coming out. Should we just embrace our numbers and shout it from the roof tops, or should we continue to embellish the truth so we look holy in their eyes?

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Do’s and Don’ts of Great Sex

Exhaustion sex is the absolute best sex to experience. You’re in bed looking at each other like “Damn baby what the hell you just did to me”. That’s the type of sex that leaves you breathless and when you try to stand your legs are like jelly. Knowing that the position that you were just in made you feel that long stroke in your abdomen, but you ignore the pain so you can feel the pleasure. So after all the huffing and puffing, the whining and grinding, how did you and your lover get to this point? Fellas, I have 10 do’s and don’t to pleasing a woman.

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What Is Your Definition of Good…I Mean GREAT Sex?


What’s your definition of good GREAT sex? Everyone’s answers might be different, but the goal is the same. Great sex is the type of sex that makes you want to put everything in that motherfucker’s name. Lol iKid. The dick so damn good that you would get up at 2 am in the dead of winter and run outside to turn on his car so it can heat up for his ass. Great sex is the type of sex that make you say “fuck them bitches” when your girlfriends call you to go out to the club. Great sex is the type of sex that has your legs wobbling, sweat dripping off your titty and new hair do gone to hell but you still suck his dick as a fucking “thank you” just for being fucking you. When a man knows how to do it just right it can make every sex session feel like damn Thanksgiving.

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How To Give Her A Powerful Orgasm…With Your Tongue

So fellas, I got another homework assignment for ya’ll. This is only for the men that eat that cooch. Hell, there are some of you out there lying like a bear skin rug talking about you don’t get betwix those legs and slurp up all the  cooch juice.  I wanna introduce you to the Venus Butterfly Technique. You’re probably wondering what in the hell is this technique and how do I know about it. *Ashley Banks voice* “Mind yo bidness that’s all, just mind yo bidness” lmao….I slay myself sometimes. The technique was actually a fictional one that was worked into an old L.A Law episode, but somehow the  white folks done made it real. Venus Butterfly Technique consists of stimulation of the clit with the tongue. You might be saying “Yo V.I., I do that shit on a regular basis”. Yea I know *side eye* but you never done it like this son. Sit down, relax and let me school you on clit 101.

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