Ask V.I.~D*ck Riding For Dummies *NSFW*

This is actually an old post, but I used it for “Ask V.I.” because I received an email asking for tips. So instead of repeating myself, I’ve decided to just post the readers question and post my original blog underneath. Enjoy!

Dear V.I.,

So i read the blog about riding d*ck. I really want to learn how to ride. i am afraid of trying because i don’t want him to tell me in no good at it . What kind of information would you give to a beginner like me . i just want to be good at it but im scared to try . What can i do to become and expert ?


I’ve realized that most women are intimidated to actually ride a stallion. I’m not sure if it’s just lack of experience or the fact they’re afraid he won’t think they’re any good. Either way, many women shy away from that position because they lack confidence in their abilities. It’s ok to feel intimidated, but you can’t let that shit scare you away. The first rule in penis riding is….ride, ride, and ride until you get it right. Men love a woman that can take the lead. If you can sit down pun it and work his d*ck till he sweats semen, girl you did your job.

The one thing you have to realize when you’re about to straddle him is that you’re in control. That means whatever you do have to leave a lasting impression on him. I’m not sure if you ever had the chance to actually ride a horse, but it’s basically the same thing. Don’t just plop down on the peen, you have to make him feel every crease of your cooch while he enters you. Position your hands on his chest. That way not only do you have leverage; you can feel up on his man nipples too. Now for the best effect you should lean forward on your hands. Depending on the his size, this move helps you to guide more freely on it. This also gives you more control of the amount of penetration you want.

Now that you have the basic position down, it’s time to ride. You can go about this several ways. You can continue in the forward motion and topple that shit, or you can switch your movements. Many folks bounce up and down on it. I really don’t like that for too long because not only are you slapping  so hard, sometimes your legs get in the way and that  can get uncomfortable. If you want to get your legs in a more comfortable position, plant your feet instead of kneeling. This way he can assist you if need be, but bitch this is your moment to shine. Screw the hell out of him. Whatever speed suits you, go for that it. Hell do that backwards sometimes; just do something that leaves his ass begging for more.

This is just a few tips on how to ride his man killa. Hopefully you put these tips to good use.Oh and I can never stress this enough ladies, practice those Kegals. Gripping  along with riding it is the ultimate experience. Every time you move hold that rod with your muscles. You’re basically f*ucking and pumping that peen with your coochie all at the same time. Well report back if you decided to try it and let me know how it turned out. Team f*ck em right is in effect ya’ll……

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  1. Normally when i ride my man its’s usually reverse cowgirl which he absolutley loves but the regular straddled position i seem to have trouble with… is there a certian way i should position my body or move my hips should my knees face up or should they be flat someone heeeelllp

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