Do Black Men Really Hate Black Women?

There have been a lot of talk recently about these “Youtube Prophets “claiming that the reason black women are alone is because they ran the black man away. Black women are “egotistical women who raise no good children”. Basically all black women are bitches and we wonder why we lose our men to women of other races. This is the dumbest pile of shit I have ever heard in my life. There are black men walking around hating black women because we want them to be the best they can be. They stereotype all sistas to be “neck snapping, gum chewing weave wearing hoes” that only want to dominate a man and bring him down. I got news for you angry black men NOT ALL BLACK WOMEN WANT TO DRAIN YOUR ASSES.

I’ve been accused on several occasions for being a man basher. Some people read my blogs and take it as if I am hating on all men out her because of my past. I have never ever ever judged all men based off of the men I have encountered. I know there are a lot of good men out here and a lot of n*ggas that are bullshit artists.  The fact that these “Youtube Prophets” are taking feminism and using it as the reason black women are destroying Black America is just crazy. The last time I checked we weren’t the only one’s that came over on that boat. If you think there is a demise in Black America you need to look at both parties.

As black women we are constantly stereotype on television and in reality as angry women that can never keep a man. Who jumps from loser to loser trying to find the man with the fattest pockets. We rather get our hair done than attend PTA meetings at our kids schools. We think with our coochie rather than our brains. We fight other bitches over n*ggas that don’t even want us. Black women can never work together because their will always be jealously. We rock the name brand shit while our kids don’t have don’t have enough food to eat. These are just some of the stereotypes associated with black women. The sad reality is that there are women out there that do a lot of these things, but not all women think or act this way. We get a bum wrap because the black man is tired of blaming “The Man” for keeping him down. First the white man had his foot on his neck, now black women have her acrylic nails on his back. Who are you going to blame next???

Then they talk about black men dating outside their race, and how the second he can get away from the black man he takes it and runs. The white woman is looking for a “man” where as we as black women look for “little boys”.  At the end of the day I don’t care who dates who. I’m all about if you’re interested in someone for who they are and you fall in love that’s all that matters. Love doesn’t give a damn how much melanin you have in your blood. With that being said let me break some shit down in the same breath. There are a lot of powerful men going after white women because they feel to be accepted they have to have a white woman on their arm. Once they hit a certain social or political status they need to upgrade to something more “presentable”. If he was working a 9-5 at a damn factory most white women wouldn’t even give him the time of day. I’m not saying all white women are gold diggers, but there are a few in every race. Whoever you chose to be with is your business, but going to another race because you’ve basically stereotype all black women to be gold digging ghetto bitches is just racism within racism.

According to the prophets, if a woman is “independent” she’s a woman that thinks she doesn’t need a man. I’ve voiced my opinion in a previous blog  “Single…Black…Confused“where I discussed where some women are confusing being single as being independent.  They’re looking at everyday actions as an accomplishment rather than just being a single woman. For instance “I pay my own bills”…the last time I checked that’s what single people are suppose to do. Once you’re in a relationship where you’re bringing something to the table and he’s bring something to the table you’re both are dependent on each other. Being independent doesn’t mean shit when you’re single. The fact is there are women who are single and can’t get a man because “they’ve been single too long”. I had a discussion with someone a few weeks ago and he said the older a woman gets and isn’t in a relationship is dead weight. She’s been single for too long so obviously she feels she doesn’t need a man. This is the mentality that some men have instilled in themselves. If we’re in a relationship we’re dragging them down, but if we aren’t in a relationship we’re showing them their not needed. Black men voice so many issues with black women, but at the end of the day who’s there when the party stops and the money runs out????

It’s all about people owning up to their responsibilities. There are a lot of kids out here without fathers because their are a lot of men out here that refuse to be fathers. They hop on anything and when they get that call “I’m pregnant” they wanna act like they’re dumb, deaf and blind. They become out of sight, out of mind because they neglected to use their brains…they just focused on getting brain. These men need to own up to their responsibilities as men and take care of their children. I never knew my father because he chose to be somewhere else. I was at a funeral for a stranger. Someone who didn’t care if I was hungry or cold as a child and at the end of the day I was the black woman/his only child who watched him get put in the ground. Your absence is noticed!!!

The thing I got from these videos is just a bunch of bullshit men that are mad at the world and the easiest thing they know how to do is blame the black woman. ” Black women didn’t want their kids and only had them to keep a no good man”. There are so many black women out here that believe in love and being happy with someone, but they can’t find it because certain black men find them as damaged goods. No wonder there are so many black women that have never been married and will never get married. It’s all about your choice in a partner. If you chose someone who isn’t about shit …man/woman black or white you only get what you chose to get involved. So instead of blaming us as a whole on the destruction of  our community, we need to focus on how to bring it back to life.  There is two sides to every coin, stop looking at the shiny part and look at the whole f*cking thing.

Holla at me: Do you think black women are constantly getting the short end of the stick?

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57 thoughts on “Do Black Men Really Hate Black Women?

  1. remember when black people used to be well behaved and had some semblance of self respect? what happened to them? black people used to be disciplined, spoke proper english, had manners and werent the laughing stock of america, possibly the world. now every other black person does drugs and has sex all over the place, leaving an array of abondoned children in the wake. those children in turn end up not being raised properly, and grow up to be angry, drug abused, sex craved, irresponsible, losers. then instead of solving their own personal problems, they blame every one of their predicaments on entire groups of people. whether or not you belive its their fault, youre still a loser. fix yourself. i see africans, real africans who come to america, or first generation born african americans… their behavior is so much better. they respect themselves, care about education, present themselves intelligently. you can only help yourself, and if you act like a loser, you attract other losers. end of story.

  2. This article shows what’s wrong with black women. Everything she calls a stereotype or a lie is the reality many men have to deal with. I’m Jamaican and when I came to America my father told me stay away from these black women. Being a young adult I didn’t listen and took offense even. The older we get the more we realize our parents were right.

    Black American women don’t know their place, they have no clue what their role is and take offense to anyone telling them the truth. White women know their place. Asian women know their place. African women know their place. Hispanic, Latinos know their place. Black American women want to play the role of men. Black women as u generally call them feel they know what a real man is and should be and it comes from fantasy worlds they created out of nothing.

    It is true that most black women are frivolous, undiciplined, immoral and self. Centered. Most of you have never heard of the concept of interdependence. I have never heard a black American woman even use the word.

    • TruthTold, I am Caribbean as well…born and bred. Just because you think one way of a black woman doesn’t mean it’s so. If you only dealt with black women that weren’t worth shit, then maybe it’s the women you choose. Maybe you should be more mindful of the company you keep before you group all in one category.

      For instance I can say that your from JA so you must be crazy as shit. That doesn’t mean it’s true. That is a real stereotype about JA men. I’ve have dated a Jamaican man that was crazy in his own right and another that was the sweetest man I ever met. I don’t lump everyone in a stereotype because of my one bad experience.

  3. I think that grouping black women into one huge group and saying that they’re all a certain way is, at least, a stereotype. I see people of all different backgrounds every day wearing fake hair, acrylic nails, baggy pants, hooker outfits, talking slang learned from rap songs, not speaking proper English, and whatever other negative characteristics were mentioned in this article and subsequent comments. I think if I were a man, I wouldn’t want to be with anyone who constantly nagged me, tried to change me, dressed like a prostitute, didn’t speak proper English, etc. White women are attracted to black men for numerous, numerous reasons; not simply because they’re different, or because there’s a status quo. A black man doesn’t hate a black woman because she’s black. Blacks are just as capable of prejudice as whites, just fyi. All women except black women “know they’re place?” Where exactly is that, in the kitchen? Every single person is a different human being. I’ve experienced perhaps 3-4 black women in my life with crappy personalities, and the rest were all nice. If a man lets a woman verbally and emotionally abuse him, then he’s just as guilty as the abuser, and visa versa for women abused by men. I don’t care what you look like; if you can’t get a point across without verbally and emotionally abusing someone and screaming, then shut up! If you want your man to be a better person, then you don’t deserve him! Love him the way he is or not at all. This whole discussion is ridiculous.

  4. I hear your points . There is anger in your tone . You have probably been hurt by a few bad brothers. I am married to a sister and we have a great relationship. I have to admit that I know a fellas who are abusive and some who have left and do not even attempt to take care of their kids.
    I am concerned that some good men are passed over because they may be viewed as boring or soft. I was a straight up nerd. I never felt the need to be tough because I had a father in my home and he took care of me. Someone roughed me up at school and my dad was down there asking questions and making sure that I felt safe. I never ran the streets but I see a lot of attractive women with thug types. When I was in grad school I didn’t get much attention . I get it now that it is unwelcomed .
    I get your point but it is a two way street some guys do not get a second look from the sisters. Not of of the black men out there are losers.
    Lighten up a little.

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