Do You Believe In The Female “Friend” Bitch?


When I say “female friend bitch” I’m talking about the female best-friend. You may have ran into a guy that talks nothing about his bestfriend only to find out it’s chick. I don’t believe in said bitch. Well not all female best-friends aren’t to be trusted, but there is something about that kind of relationship that doesn’t sit well with me anymore. I always said men and women can be friends, but it never starts out that way. The female friend bitch has more of the upper hand than you do. She can make or destroy your relationship, chances are you will never survive if she’s in the picture…and that’s how she wants it.

Like I said the female friend has the upper hand in this type of relationship.

1.She’s the one that knows him better than anyone. She’s been around so long that she knows his strenghts and weaknesses.

2.She’s his confidant. Sometimes men want to talk to someone that can understand his emotions. The female friend bitch listens, analyzes and gives advice.

3. They have a lot in common. Usually she’s the one that he talks sports with, drinks beer with and goof off with. She’s basically him with a vagina. He can be himself with her and vice versa. Seems like the perfect match.

I once dated a guy who had one of these female besties. They were friends since high school and been there for each other through every up and down they faced. I asked him if they ever dated or has he ever saw her in that light. He described her as his “sister” and he’s never even thought about her in that way. I’m often leery about these types of chicks, so when I was about to meet her I had my radar on. She seemed nice when we were introduced, but my bullshit radar was going off in my head. During the night she brought up at least 2 chicks he previously dated and even went as far as to tell me how close they were that they’ve slept in the same bed on several occasions. o_O

LOOK HERE…I looked at that bitch like she was crazy. My face started getting red, and I’m dark skin so you know that shit is damn near impossible for us coco complected people to do. You wanna know how motherfucking pissed I was at that moment? She obviously was trying to tell me “bitch you just got here, I been putting in work.” Later on that night he tried to smooth things over and tell me that she meant nothing by it and she was just trying to explain how deep their friendship runs that they can sleep in the same bed and there are no feelings there. Fuck that, I knew what that hoe was doing. One thing with this type of relationship, the female friend will always look like the victim. No matter what happens, he will believe her words before he does yours. That’s how she wants it and that’s how she’s gonna get it.

Over the next couple months I stayed away from that chick because if I was in the same room with her I swear I would yank that cheap ass weave out of her head. One night dude and I got in an argument and this motherfucking bastard had the nerve to say “She told me to watch out for you.” Wait…excuse me? I don’t think he meant to say it out loud, but the shit came out. I cussed his ass and cussed her ass and kicked his ass out my house. Well before I did I proceeded to tell him the reason none of his relationships work out is because his friend bitch chased all the chicks away. He just couldn’t see that she wanted him for herself. No matter what woman he dated that hoe got jealous, but he never noticed it. About a year ago I saw one of our mutual friends commented on a photo. Low and behold it’s him and her and their new baby boy. That bitch didn’t stop until she got his man seed implanted in her embryo. That bitch had an ulterier motive all along and his dumb ass was too damn stupid to peep game.

Therefore, I don’t trust nor believe in the friend bitch. There is always a little something there, you just have to open your eyes and see it. Once a woman finds the perfect guy and she’s placed in the friend role, she’ll play her position until she gets the right moment to make that move. Be careful of these women, because she will try to knock you out of the race before the shit even begins. Also, you ever notice that the  female friend bitch never has or keeps a man? The reason is because she wants YOUR MAN! She will remain as available as she can until he wakes up one day and realizes that she’s the right one for him. I hate them hoes.

Holla at me: Have you ever dated a man that had a female best friend? Did you have issues with their relationship?

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5 thoughts on “Do You Believe In The Female “Friend” Bitch?

  1. LOL! Disclaimer here: I’m the female bestie to a couple of different guys. I can feel you on this because it definitely does happen, but (again, like you said), it’s if the girl only wants him for herself. In that case, the best friend wasn’t really a friend, but just a persistent groupie who lucked out in the end.

    I have never wanted to be perceived in this light so much so that I kept my mouth shut and out of one of my guy best friend’s relationship, even though I had strong misgivings about his lady. But he was in LUHV tho… Yup, kept it shut throughout the wedding, the birth of their child and subsequent bitter divorce.

    Long story short, it does happen, but not all female best friends are out to get you (maybe like 80% of them).

  2. Lmao ok not all you people are evil. I would say about 97% are out for something else. I understand as a friend you don\’t want to see your friend get hurt by a trick, but as a friend you should be able to voice your concerns and leave it at that. I do think you should have said something earlier in their relationship, but if he refused to listen thats on him. He can\’t say years later after the bitter divorce \”why didn\’t anyone tell me\”

  3. I just recently dated a player who had too many of these bitches in his life and didn’t want to give them up.


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  5. I experienced the “female best friend” many years ago in my 20s. I was young and too trusting back then. I was seeing this guy and things were great with us until I met “Jackie”. My situation played out very much like yours did. She seemed nice, but I did catch some negative vibes from her after a few more times in her presence. I looked like the bad guy to him when I expressed my opinion of her. Long story short, they also ended up together for a bit I heard. I honestly do not trust a man with a female best friend. I know it’s unfair of me to some extent to feel that way. I just don’t feel it’s worth all the aggravation,stress, and time of trying to find out if their friendship is truly just that. I’m totally with you on this one and my advice to other ladies who meet a man with a female bestie to keep on movin’..

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