Just In: Idris Elba Denies Marriage and Dating Discrimination Rumors

Ok, so today the love of my life Idris Elba tweeted me. No it wasn’t to tell me how much he loved me and was sending a private jet to Atlanta to whisk me away on a week long romantic rendezvous. *sigh* Shit now I’m depressed. Anyway it was actually in response to a tweet that my homegirl tweeted. So I did my daily “I love you Idris” tweet today and here comes Crissi with the hard in depth intriguing question.

If you didn’t know last week all the women on twitter including me was going all ape shit, because a pic of Idris surfaced on the net with his arms around a woman. Now all the black women got mad because sista girl was white. Then it started that Idris got married to a caucasian woman, not sure if it was the same one he was photographed with. This started the issue on black twitter “Why do black men in Hollywood go to the other white meat once, they’ve made it?” I really didn’t give a damn if he was with a woman white or black, I’m just made that a woman period is loving up on my man. Well brings us to today. Crissi asked a question and my baby Idris responded only to me. Now I was hoping the tweet was under better circumstances, but he tweeted my hopelessly in love ass nonetheless. Below you will see the tweets:


So Idris has denied BEING MARRIED *WHEW* and ONLY DATING CAUCASIAN WOMEN. Now like I said I don’t care who he dates just as long as it’s me and me only. Yea I might be delusional but at least I GOT A TWEET FROM IDRIS ELBA. Lmao. You can tell I’m a fan and not an entertainment blogger. Lmao

P.S. I think people should be free to date whomever they connect with, no matter the race. I do feel that people who target one specific race of people as unacceptable to date because of their own insecurities is considered prejudiced. Some might say it’s a preference, but it just means it’s your preference to be prejudice. Just my opinion.

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6 thoughts on “Just In: Idris Elba Denies Marriage and Dating Discrimination Rumors

  1. The way I look @ it is this,Just b_cuz your born, Black, white, orange,what ever,should not mean that u have 2 choose w/in your own race 4 a mate!! That’s’ why there is diversity n the world,if u TRULY are n LOVE w/ a person, REGARDLESS of that persons COLR,I see NOTHING WRONG w/choosing that person 4 dating & if all goes well, marriage!!That is 1 of many problems that is happening w/us as ppl on this planet 2day, when there is conflict or some devastating incident that happens on this planet,we pull 2gether,but when it comes down2 a white on black, or vice versa, violence erupts from us as ppl!! We need 2 REALLY WAKE UP & come 2gether as 1!!!

    • Tim,

      I do agree with you, you shouldn\’t have to justify why you love someone no matter the race. I think the issue many people have me included is when in the black community there are men that exclude black women as viable partners because of their own prejudices . That I do not agree with. You purposely exclude one race and accept another because you feel another race is easier to deal with and control than your own. That happens to be a lot of black mens mentality who purposely exclude black women because we\’re all labeled as \”ghetto\”. I have no problem with people dating outside their race, but doing it because you have a prejudice for your own race just isnt right in my opinion

  2. Nawl, not me. Emmet Till was killed for allegdly whistling at a white woman. You turn on the TV today that’s all you see is a black man putting his tongue down their nasty dog kissing mouths. I’ll stay within my race.

  3. I’m much older than Idris Elba however the case, I think he is one of the most sexiest man Ive ever seen!! Like most women feel I’m sure; he’s an fantastic actor, whom I really enjoy watching, I would love to see him in person; merely to give him a Big Hug, and tell him to keep doing what he does, which is showing the world Denzel Washington isn’t the only African American male who has it going on LMAO.
    God Bless,
    Your #1 Fan For Life…..Loretta Shelton “Nina”
    Much Love & Respect Always

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