If It’s Too Easy…He Don’t Want It Boo


Some women just don’t get it. They focus on the man before they focus on themselves. For example; When a woman meets a man her #1 goal is to make him fall head over heels in love. Ya’ll can pretend like I’m talking bullshit, but you know it’s true. Some women tend to want men to look at them differently than all the other chicks. So they conform to fit what they think he wants in a woman. If he’s into sports you pretend to be the biggest sports fan. If he expresses that he’s a sexual person you feel the need to blow his mind sexually. The issue is some women give it away before he has the opportunity to DESERVE the snatch. Ladies, you’re going about this all wrong. You and your coochie are very valuable. If you make the lay too easy he will not only f*ck it but he will disregard you like trash. He won’t make an easy to screw up bitch his woman.

It’s easy for us to turn to what we “know” to make a man interested. What do men want anyway? A freak with good head game?  Yea, that may want someone who’s not shy in the bedroom, but giving him the business after the first meeting does not qualify for girlfriend status. Believe it or not sex is not the only thing on a man’s mind. I mean give their asses some credit. Men love a woman that doesn’t make it too easy. I’m not saying you gotta “play” hard to get because this shit really ain’t a game. You need to understand who you are and what you bring to the table and treat it like gold. You won’t give away your precious gold to just anybody right? So why you wanna give Julian, Fred and Meta World Peace your shit like it’s government cheese?

The next man you get with needs to deserve you, not just what’s between your legs. If your coochie opens up to every dude that got a wallet and a fresh pair of Jordan’s, your shit ain’t worth a damn thing. Then you always wonder why you hold the title of “the freak.” Only getting phone calls between 11pm and whatever time the clubs close in your city. Sadly, some women will ignore the words that I’m typing. They will continue on the same path and wonder why things never change. For those of you who choose to listen I guarantee you will see a difference when you start to respect yourself and your body. He has no choice but to respect you. Now if he acts like a complete ass because you ain’t about that fast life f*ck that lame. His dick head didn’t deserve to feel your walls anyway.

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