Is It Just A Number?

Instructions: Where ever you are I want you to shout..”I’ve slept with ___ number of men/women and I don’t care who knows it”. Go on; be proud of that two digit number. LOL. I’m just jiving ya’ll, but I have found that this is the most lied about convo at the start of a relationship.When you hear the question”How many people have you had sex with”? a boldface lie just comes out of nowhere. We lie for different reasons. Women lie because they don’t want to be thought of as a hoe. Men lie because they want to put up a front that they’re not the playa type so they can reel the chick in. Either way the real digits aren’t coming out. Should we just embrace our numbers and shout it from the roof tops, or should we continue to embellish the truth so we look holy in their eyes?

I know the number game is very important when you’re in a new sexual relationship. The safety of yourself and your boo is at stake, but if you have a high number the shit is defiantly a mood crasher. No one wants to be judged, but if you’re sexually responsible and have safe sex I don’t see what the problem is. Everyone is so quick to judge, but sexual maturity is the key. People change their tallies because even though we have a few d*cks we wish we never sucked, or a few coochies that didn’t look as healthy as they should we’re afraid to let anyone in on it because folks judge too much.

Another thing is, deep down men want to find that woman that they can say has never been out there. Meaning, she is pure as the driven snow and has only had one sex partner in her life. I’ve never met a chick my age that has f*cked only one dude in her life. I might hang around the wrong bitches, but that shit isn’t believable to me. Women want to find the man they can spend their lives with, and if she has to rearrange her figures just a tad bit to satisfy his ego she will. Sometimes you have to test the peen to be emotionally connected to the peen. Men can’t take that that their woman was once a bigger hoe than they are. The male ego is fragile as hell.

So embrace your numbers. Let people know “Hey, I was a hoe and I don’t care”. All they can say about you is that your a seasoned hoe. LOL. Again I kid. I guess in this day and age keep your shit under wraps is a better way to go. I don’t want to find out my man done sexed 130 chicks. Oh I knew a guy that had a helleva number, and I just looked at him like “You salty ball bastard”. All that sex; a d*ck just can’t stay clean through all that uneven coochie. SMH.

  • kennedyisfun

    we all know the rules, when a woman tells u her sex # times it by 2, when a guy tells u his sex # divide it by 2 lol