Can You Kick It…With His EX?

Can you have a friendship with his ex? I know most of you looking at this like “This heffa must be out of her mind.” I know it’s not that common, but it’s not unheard of either. There are some people who have a friendly relationship with their significant’s other’s ex. They may not hang out and shit, but they’re cordial with each other. No bad vibes, well at least on the surface. I can say that I’ve never had a friendship or even a decent conversation with an ex of anyone I’ve ever dated. Them bitches didn’t like me. Maybe because I looked better than their ugly asses. Whatever the reasoning I never had the opportunity, not like I wanted it anyway. I do know some women that hang out, go shopping even chat on the phone. Chile that is just a little too much closeness for me. Would you be able to befriend your man’s ex even though he’s not into her anymore?

Like I said I’ve never had a friendship with an ex of someone I dated. Now maybe I became cool with someone and we later found out that we dated the same person, but never while I was in a relationship. I remember back in the day this chick and I dated the same guy…at the same time. Obviously we knew nothing about each other, until we were both deeply in “love” with the cheating ass dude. I had nothing but issues with this chick when we found out about each other. This hoe would call my house and hang up, she would stare at me whenever she saw me in public. She even told him lies about me in hopes that he would stop f*cking with me. This grimy ol ugly bitch was really aching for a whoop ass for real. Like this bitch hated my guts and I hated hers, all because of a dude that wasn’t shit in the first place.

So after the years passed and I dumped him, she followed suit and kicked him to the curb also. Now being the person I am I never had a problem with her because of him. I knew he was to blame for what was happening. He thought he would be slick and try to play us both. Apparently, she hated me because he loved me also. She couldn’t understand what it was about me, that made him continue to come back. So as the years past and we’ve gotten older I decided to reach out to her. All the years we’ve been beefing over this dude, now we’ve all moved on its time for this “beef” to be squashed. I didn’t expect us to be girlfriends and talk on the phone and shit, but I at least wanted to not have this cloud of anger every time we say each other. So I reached out to her online about 6-7 years ago. I said “we’ve had issues with each other for years over “him” and now maybe it’s time we act like adults and squash this thing. You’re not with him, and I’m not with him so why do we still have this anger? He played us both, plan and simple.” I thought that was very mature of me to say. Do you know this ugly ass bitch really tried to come at me? She basically said I always hated on her, and she was his main woman and I was just some bitch he was f*cking. Listen her…I lit in to that hoe so damn good. I swear I don’t get out of character, but if you try me I will COME FOR YOU. I was trying to be mature and bring this shit to a close, but this bitch still wanted to hold up the beef. After that I was done with the whole thing. I don’t have beef with her, but she obviously still has been with me. It’s been about 14 years and this hoe still don’t like me.

So no that whole friendship thing with a woman who dated the same guy you did can’t work for me. It’s something about two women that done screwed the same man, there ain’t nothing friendly about that situation. A bitch will always hate because what was theirs is now yours and she will want it back. If I ever got back with that guy right now do you think ol girl wouldn’t try to get him back? Then you have these chicks out here trying to befriend the new girlfriend to keep her close and go right behind her back. Where do you think that saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” came from? They keep you close and the reason you’re caught slipping you f*ck around and lose your man to some trick. Shit if you can easily lose him then maybe he wasn’t yours in the first place. You was just borrowing his ass. So if you’re cool with his ex just keep a watchful eye on that chick. The next thing you know you find her in your house sucking his dick. That’s when you’re free to whoop a bitch’s ass. I won’t judge!

Holla at me: Have you ever had a friendship with your man’s ex?

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