Pay Attention To The Red Flags In Dating

couple arguing

Listen here, when it comes to dating ya’ll better pay attention to the signs. If you see or hear something that doesn’t seem right, get the hell out of the way. When it comes to dating we tend to let shit slide. We are so nervous that we “miss our blessings” that we overlook shit that need to be looked at. I’ve become a firm believer of “the signs.” If you gather enough red flags it’s the universe telling you this shit ain’t for you. There are some of us that bypass these obvious flags for other reasons. Maybe it’s loneliness, love or just plain ol physical attraction; if you bypass these red flags can you get mad when the shit doesn’t work out in the end?

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All Hoes Have An Expiration Date *Vintage*

A lot of people fail to realize that a hoe no matter how hoe-ish he/she might be, doesn’t go very far for too long. All hoes expire at some point. Yea they’re hot for a minute, but once the guy/girl realizes that there is something out there better you will be a distant memory. There are a lot of chicks out here that think f*cking every guy for recognition, money or a damn purse is needed. They choose to live their life that way, but fail to realize there is a time that their services won’t be needed. They will be tossed to the side and left out in the cold with a busted and bruised coochie and a bag that is so last year.

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Would You Stay If He Got Someone Else Pregnant?

pregnant woman


What would you do if the man you loved, got someone else pregnant? Would you stay or go? Recently a lot of celebrity scandals have come out involving conceiving love children with random chicks. They all say the same thing “My woman and I were on a break and I hit a bitch raw. Now I’m a pappy, don’t judge me”. Then you have these women  who have obviously been cheated on, but wanna save face so they stay in the relationship. Not even taking into account that these men that claim to love them f*cked some chick raw dog and now she’s about to conceive his offspring. Can love be that deep where you can overlook infidelity, blatant carelessness and drama? 

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Ask V.I.~ I’m Single, But It’s Complicated

arguing couple Hey V.I,

Me and guy has been broken up for several months now, I’ll say about 7months. We were high school sweethearts, we even did the long distance thing when I went off to college. When I say we’ve been through so much together, like seriously. But unfortunately, we had hella issues that just ruined our relationships. Mainly insecurities, infidelity, and psycho exs. Anyway, when we first broke up he’ll randomly contact me with the “I love you, You’re the one I need” all that bulls$&@! during that time I pretty much had a F@$! You mentality towards him. So I wasn’t trying to hear that, and honestly was trying to move on and find someone better. Over the months, I’ve gained closure. I’ve also learned to forgive him for all the drama and vice versa.

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Friends Before Lovers? Should You Be Friends First?

couple arm wrestling

We all know a couple that have been long time friends and then decided to take their friendship to another level. They’re both single and get along great, so why not see if they can actually date? Many say it’s an easy transition from friends to lovers. A relationship works better if you’ve developed a friendship before becoming intimate. I do agree, but damn what if the relationship doesn’t work out the way you’d hoped. Can you easily go back to being “just friends”?

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You Don’t Have To Be Inspector Gadget To Know He’s Cheating


So last night I’m getting my reality show fix and I see this new show on Bravo called “Blood, Sweat and Heels”. Now I don’t normally watch new black shows because they usually don’t last for a second season. Any way, they brought up an interesting topic and I thought I would lend my two cents to the subject. A few of the women on the show thought that it was “ok” or “normal” to snoop if you suspect your man is cheating. They feel if you’re in a relationship you should have that right to make sure he’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing and keeping the dick in the pants. Listen, if you gotta snoop darling why the hell are you in the relationship?

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Ya’ll Made Me Hate Social Media…Yes Ya’ll

woman on computer


I HATE THE DAMN INTERNET. Like with every fiber in me ya’ll are slowly driving me away from the World Wide Web. It’s like people see social media as a platform to annoy the entire f*ck out of others. No matter what social media site you’re on, you see some of the dumbest shit and encounter some of the most attention starved individuals. For instance; Facebook has a multitude of dumb shit that ends up on your newsfeed on a daily basis. No matter what time of day you’re bound to find someone who does shit to annoy you. I’ll run down the list of the things that make me hate social media in no particular order.

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What Are Your Relationship Resolutions for 2014?

couple in bed


Another year has come and gone and it’s about time you finally realized you’re doing the same thing over and over when it comes to relationships. You viewed every man you meet as ain’t shit and you spent the majority of 2013 drinking wine complaining to your girlfriends how men out here just can’t do right. Yep you’re the issue girl. The sooner you realize that the better. You continuously allow the same man to get into your head each and every time. Sure they may look different, but you go after the same assholes that don’t know their ass from their elbows. They’re into the thrill of the chase and when they catch you they throw you back like in the ocean like Nemo. It’s all on you. You pick em then surprised that they’re full of it. It’s time you do something different. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. If you constantly go for “what you know” you’re gonna get exactly that. The same ain’t shit situation that leaves you downing glasses of Moscato while you sit at home on Friday nights watching episodes of “Say Yes To The Dress”. It’s a new year, it’s time for a new outlook. What are you willing to change in 2014? What are your relationship resolutions?

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Beyonce Just Sh*t On All Yall. Drops Album Out of Nowhere



The Champ Is Here. The Champ Is Here. Beyonce done shit on all these little R&B hoes that ever thought they would ever do this shit in a legit way. So I was just getting over the devastation that is considered Scandal. Sitting here picking up the pieces of my life and I went back to twitter. So I’m scrolling down my timeline and I see Queen Mother’s name up and down my timeline. So my heart skipped a slight beat when I saw an itunes link. I clicked on the link and my chinkey eyes saw the holy grail. On itunes I see “BEYONCÉ” album cover just a simple black and white. I got instantly geeked. Then I see 32 tracks on this damn playlist. I then realized that Mother has blessed us with a new album containing not only 14 new tracks, but the videos to said tracks. Beyonce has ganked hoes once again. 

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Can You Continue Your Relationship If Your Parent Objects?



We all have that one parent that just feels the need to stick their heads all up in our business. They always have an opinion about the person you’re dating and feel the need to express said feelings at every possible moment. Ok, so mommas will be mommas I guess. Well what about when you’ve met someone who you want to settle down with and your opinionated momma is dead set against your relationship? No matter how deep in love you are your parental unit just can’t see it for you. At what point do you set your momma straight or do you just end your relationship because she ain’t “feeling” him?

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