My Boyfriend’s Other Relationship

Man watching football

What do you do when your boyfriend has another love in his life? This relationship brings out all of his emotions. He can get excited and 15 mins later gets angry and disappointment when things don’t happen his way. He’s in love with sports. *Sigh* that’s the situation I am currently in right now. My boyfriend loves sports.  When I say love I mean LOVEEEEEE. If he could devote his life to one thing in this world, it just might be that. Don’t get me wrong, I think sports are ok but I just don’t see the intense fascination with it. Big burly strapping men just falling on each other trying to get control of a ball. It sounds kinda childish to me. Since it’s football season and he loves football, many women might be going through the same thing I am. Being in a relationship with a man who’s also in a relationship with his favorite sport. Why do men treat sports like a second relationship?

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Is It Ok To Contact The Side Chick? Girl, Why Tho?


Side chicks have been a topic of discussion countless times on the blog. The life of a side chick is pretty cut and dry. You have one job; to be his release outside his normal relationship. Some chicks stay in their lanes and others…well they do stupid mess just to piss off the main chick. Well I don’t know who pissed off NFL player Victor Cruz’s fiance Elaina, but baby girl sent out a mass tweets to all of the birds he’s been “smashing”. While some women side with her on contacting the other women to have a coochie connection conference, I thought that it was funny but also a waste of time. So I wanted to know how many women think it’s ok to contact the side chick? If that’s the norm, then I’m abnormal as all hell.

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Diary of A Mad Guest Blogger: Don’t Save Her, She Don’t Wanna Be Saved


Welcome To Diary of A Mad Guest Blogger: This is the section of our blog where bloggers and everyday readers of the site blog on topics they want to discuss. This weeks blog “Don’t Save Her, She Don’t Wanna Be Saved” was written by Sincere

Why do we feel the need to save everybody. I recall a Project Pat song that speaks of this very thing. Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved. Let them do what they are going to do. Everybody may not want your help.

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How Bad Sex With The Wrong Person Can Ruin A Relationship

couple in bed

No matter how wonderful your relationship is, bad sex can ruin everything you’re building. You can be compatible in every other aspect, but when it comes to the bedroom you’re struggling like a Meek Mill diss track. In my personal opinion no one is really bad at sex, it’s just that you may not be sexually compatible with your partner. So no matter how awesome everything else is, that one downside can change the aspect of your relationship. Here are my signs that you’re not sexually compatible with your partner:

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Ya’ll See This Sh*t: Cosmopolitan Calls Those Kardashian People “America’s First Family”

The Kartrashians

Sooooo it seems like Cosmopolitan decided to be messy as hell this early Monday in October. They just released the cover of their November issue and have graced the Kartrashian/Jenner “ladies” on the cover. No one really gives a damn about that because magazines allow these “women” to cover their magazines all the time. The issue that many people, including myself are having is that Cosmopolitan decided to try it and call these people “America’s First Family”. Last time I checked that title was adorned by The Obama’s but as usual Cosmopolitan continues to show their disdain for black people. Let us not forget the lipstick trends article debacle in April of this year when they placed “R.I.P” on all of the black lipstick trends, yet placed “Hello Gorgeous” on the white counterparts. Cosmopolitan’s trash ass magazine has been doing bullshit like this for years. 

The title “America’s First Family” is a direct shot to black people everywhere. If this is “America’s First Family” then America is in more trouble than they realize. These attention heauxs have become famous for nothing other than sucking a semi-mean dick and taking selfies. Oh let’s not forget the young thot that started sleeping with an old ass black mediocre rapper at the age of “too damn young”. All of the butt injections, lip fillers, weaves and black penis they consume and this is who Cosmo chose to put on their cover?


Cosmo can handle a smooth F*ck you from me. America’s First Family is the beautiful caramel complected family below. With their gorgeous melanin skin, winning smiles and poised grace. I will continue to salute my First Family…

I never read a copy of that trash ass magazine and I never will.

Label-less Relationship: Why Isn’t He Calling You His Girlfriend?

couple cuddling

Are you into relationship labels? Do you feel like once you’ve been chose, you want the whole world to know it? For many women that is a common assertion. If you’re involved with someone and it’s just you and them, making it official is the next logical step right? What if he doesn’t believe in labeling what you two have going on? You’ve been in this stage for months and you’re still just considered friends. What can be the reason he’s not into labeling the relationship? 

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