HIS Panty Drawer

man looking at panties

Fellas, let me ask you a serious question. Can one of you fine gentlemen explain to me why collecting a chick’s underwear makes sense? I remember back in high school this guy I was seeing asked me for a pair of my undies. I don’t know if he was into smelling it, beating his shit or just wanted to show it off to his dumb ass friends. Either way I never understood the logic behind it. I’m not sure if grown men still do this shit, but I need answers. Is this another way to tally up the bitches you done smashed or do you like to try on the pretty lace panties? Does your pantie drawer show how much of a man you are?

I was talking to someone the other day and for some reason we started discussing panties. No idea where the topic came from, but we were on it. So he proceeded to let me know that he collected panties back in the day. This dude said he has a trash bag of panties from chicks he f*cked over the years. Now I ain’t one to judge, but I judged his nasty ass. Why da hell would you have rancid pussy juices in a bag holding onto? These chicks knowingly gave up their panties thinking their special when they were just being added to a trash bag of other bitches. Fellas, why is this necessary? Why hold onto the coochies of your past?

Like I said I’m not sure if this is shit men still do, I see college dudes doing this but still. If a chick went around collecting boxer shorts and shit she would be labeled some kind of sick hoe. Ladies, ya’ll gotta peep game. If he’s requesting the panties after a night of f*cking he has more stashed away somewhere. It’s just another notch on his belt. Your panties are intermingled with a few others until you just become another faceless panty to him. Now if you like shit like that, then I love it. Just want to understand the logic, but I think I’ve figured it out.

Holla at me: Has a guy ever asked you for your panties? If so, did you give it to him?

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2 thoughts on “HIS Panty Drawer

  1. You should have told him you aren’t wearing any panties. Anyway, I don’t get the panty fantasy either. I suppose it is conquering idea. It’s a prize for us men. Or just kinky shit I guess. But women enjoy it too sometimes– for example leaving one’s panties in the glove compartment box or leaving them in the guy’s house.

  2. I’ve been asked for my panties before, but I’ve only let one man actually keep a pair, my boyfriend , and he’ll wear it around his neck, smelling my juices until he washes them with my other panties.

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