Sex Positions…For Dummies *Da Tight Squeeze*

Here I am to drop another tidbit of sex knowledge to the masses. There is nothing like having sex with someone that knows what goes where. They can pump that pussy till the cows cum home. Many people never venture out and try new things when it comes to sex positions. I knew a guy that only f*cked missionary. While that was cool in 1998 you better know how to fold my ass in two in 2010. I figured it was lack of knowledge, so here I am to give you guys the 411 on a position I know you will love…THE TIGHT SQUEEZE.

The tight squeeze in my opinion is very common. *Well it should be by now* The tight squeeze is basically f*cking from the back, but allowing him to give you ALL of him. Well, if he’s not packing the meat then you will get bits and pieces of him. This position is great because there isn’t a lot of work involved, just small thrust of penis attacking your vagina walls. If you’ve never tried this I want you to grab your partner and read along then try it.

To begin this position, the woman needs to lay face down on the bed, the floor hell wherever you can lay down…get your ass down. Actually lay down like you’re about to get a massage; arms to the side, legs slightly separated…you know the routine. Now the guy needs to come on top of you. I mean completely on top where his chest is touching your back. Fellas don’t put all that weight on her. Make sure your elbows are in place so you don’t crush her while giving her the plywood. Also, position your legs over hers so her legs don’t flail about as if independent from her body. This way you’re in control. Ladies as he enters close your legs and cross your ankles. This way even though he’s in control you can still work your legs muscles to tighten that pussy and feel his dick inch up inside of you. While doing this you’re creating friction between his boy parts and your girl parts.

Now don’t just lay there like you’re dead, move and flow with his strokes. If you work on your Kegels use that to your advantage. Fellas, while giving her the tiny strokes, don’t ignore the other parts of her body that seek attention. Rub on her nips or run your tongue over her earlobe. You are guaranteed to get her bucking and f*cking you even harder. Most men don’t realize it’s not just the vagina that gets a woman stimulated. If you pay attention to multiple parts of her body you are more likely to get a reaction out of her. Now ladies, I must warn you if your not into long nights of f*cking this position is not for you. Reason being is because since you are both restricted to a lot of movement it will take him longer to climax. The sensation is a beast but after a while you will look at him like “Dude when the f*ck you gonna cum”? Five minute men this is an ideal position for you, so make sure you add it to the roster of sex positions your weak dick can do.

So, I hope you’ve learned something new today. If this position was already something that you allowed into your boudoir then I hope I’ve added more appreciation to the art. Sex can be fun if you try new things. If all you do is the same dry shit, having sex with the one you love will feel less pleasurable and more like a chore. Now I want you to go ahead and try this out. Go on, I’ll wait. *15 minutes later* Ok, I’m tired of waiting. I gotta go… Tight squeeze to di world!!

F*ck long and prosper,


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