She Got That Whip Appeal

The power of the coochie is amazing. You can crumble the very existence of a man and his dick with your walls. I know alot of men turn in to Pops and say, “Oh I don’t get pussy whipped, I whip that pussy”. All men in one time of their lives will become pussy whipped. It’s a fact. It’s really a wonderful thing for a woman to have that power, but is that all she needs to actually whip a man into shape?

It’s a sad realization, but not all women have whip appeal. Some strive and strive to gain the power, but some folks were just not given the gift. Pussy whipping is real and whoever denies it is the devil. Alot of people just look at it as having good coochie, but there is more to it. A woman that has that whip appeal can not only fuck him the way it was intended, but she has other characteristics that keeps him coming back and wanting more. I’ve been with men that love my corners and begged for some of my good good, but also the fact that I’m the type of woman that doesn’t flaunt her shit and keeps it 100 they’re drawn to me. For years I tried to understand what it was about me that kept them coming back, but sometimes certain things are not to be questioned.

Now, I’ve heard some men that actually said that there is no such thing as good pussy. There are alot of chicks that got that good pussy, but then they’re alot of women out there that got that GREAT put a ring on it pussy. A woman that has that pussy fiyah just makes your dick melt. Once you enter her all your problems seem to drift away. I love when a man enters and you hear that sigh of relief moan. That moan that sounds like “OMG, I’ve waited for this my whole life and finally this day is here.” I love that type of man. Those are usually the men that get pussy like it’s flowing water. These are the men that keep chicks dick shook, but the minute they get that real great put a ring on it pussy, their ideals shift, their priorities linger, and their peen in rock hard position. Just thinking of this woman leaves their mouth salivating, and their eyes glazed.

So ladies, embrace what you’ve been blessed with because only a few are chosen. Men, there is nothing wrong with meeting your sexual equal. She can go as long as you can and when it’s all over you’ll be laying in the fetal position sucking your thumb. That’s the power of GREAT PUSSY!!!

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