New Feature~ ASK V.I

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Ok folks…I’m thinking about trying this. I get so many emails, Facebook and BBM questions by readers seeking advice, so I’ve decided to make this a new segment. ASK V.I !!!!! If you have any questions or you just need advice feel free to contact me. You can use an alias when submitting or you can use your real identity…it’s up to you. I will post 2 questions every Friday and answer them for everyone to see. This is the time to get all the freaky or troublesome questions out the way. FREE ADVICE…what’s better than that?

To get in contact with me is very easy. All you have to do is click the Contact page link, fill out the simple form and that’s it. I’ll pick out the best 2 questions of the week and post it. Even if your questions aren’t chosen I will still answer your emails personally. So let’s get this cracking. Remember to tell a friend…Candy Diaries is about healing, helping, and heating up the joint.

Love V.I