Beyonce’s “Formation” Isn’t About Beyonce…It’s About Being Unapologetically Black


*Pumps my black power fist in the air* Ladies and gentlemen, Beyoncé has arrived and she’s letting ya’ll know that she’s a proud black woman. If you are unaware, Beyoncé dropped a single on Saturday afternoon for her new song “Formation“. The song basically shuts down all those crazy ass rumors about the Illuminati that ya’ll so love to spew. She addresses that her daughter will continue to rock her baby fro and you can stay mad for the rest of your lives.  The beat goes hard as f*ck and of course I love it. Bey talks about getting where she has gotten by working her black ass off and she will continue to slay. 

The main attention that has everyone talking is the actual “Formation” video. The video is the blackest f*cking video I have ever seen and I am here for all of it. ALL OF IT. The video shows every powerful black images of New Orleans and her creole roots. The video pays homage and shows gripping symbolism of the Black Lives Matter movement, Hurricane Katrina, The Nation of Islam, 19th century black New Orleans society and Moor influences. Mama took it there and didn’t give a damn who the hell felt pressed. You thought, she was done but oh the shit got better. On Sunday the creole queen performed at the Superbowl halftime show and sang her new single. Bey paying homage to Michael Jackson in her all black and gold attire and her dancers dressed as Black Panthers which is also paying tribute to the Black Panther parties 50th year in existence. Bey proclaimed that she was a negro woman in front of the nations and millions of angry  racists white people.

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Lady GaGa feat Beyonce~ Telephone (Official Video)

Ya’ll might think I hate on a lot of shit and all that there, but I just look at things from a realistic perspective. This is the new Lady Gaga video and in all honesty this shit makes no sense to me. I am not one to hinder someone’s artistic vision, but this shit is the longest 9:27 min of my life. The song didn’t really match the video and well nothing made sense to me. I might need someone to explain this whole Lady Gaga thing, but I don’t see or understand how she operates. Well, you guys judge for yourself. Let me know do I need to sit my black ass down in a corner, or I am right and this shit is the dumbest shit since the damn snuggie. Oh wait I f*cks with the snuggie. Just let me know what you think. Enjoy!!! or not!!!!

Big Up to OnSmash for the video.

The Grammys:The Good, Bad & The Missing Negros

So last night was the 52nd Grammy Awards and I must say the shit was both entertaining and messy at the same time. I guess being an entertaining mess was what the white folks were going for with this show *Kanye Shrug*. I love watching these shows because you see some of these celebrities do the most awkward shit. It was interesting to see all the outfits at the Pre-Show, but the main show was where all the drama took place. First off, most of the negro category winners where announced before the show actually started. I guess they felt they needed less black on the stage while the world was watching. If you watched the show last night you may have noticed our two favorite rejects were not in attendance. I guess because it was the 1 year anniversary of Chris’s infamous Lambo beat down, they felt like he could just chill at the crib. Kanye wasn’t in attendance either, because Taylor was nominated for 8 awards and him getting up on stage all those times would have just be distracted the audience. Since I just ran down the missing negros I will now run down the good and the bad of the award show.

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Beyonce Will Disappoint You!


Last year Beyonce coined the phrase “Put a ring on it”.  I know damn near every woman and their not so pretty bff were pushing their hands in a dude’s face letting him know he needs to make it official. Yea Bey done got ya’ll screaming marriage when half of ya’ll  don’t even know how to keep a boyfriend. I’m not trying to be hard on anyone, I’m just trying to present some logic that Bey obviously failed to tell. There are several things a REAL man looks for when he’s searching for that RIGHT woman. Here are some clues to let you know that your finger might be bear for some time.

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