Beyonce Just Sh*t On All Yall. Drops Album Out of Nowhere



The Champ Is Here. The Champ Is Here. Beyonce done shit on all these little R&B hoes that ever thought they would ever do this shit in a legit way. So I was just getting over the devastation that is considered Scandal. Sitting here picking up the pieces of my life and I went back to twitter. So I’m scrolling down my timeline and I see Queen Mother’s name up and down my timeline. So my heart skipped a slight beat when I saw an itunes link. I clicked on the link and my chinkey eyes saw the holy grail. On itunes I see “BEYONCÉ” album cover just a simple black and white. I got instantly geeked. Then I see 32 tracks on this damn playlist. I then realized that Mother has blessed us with a new album containing not only 14 new tracks, but the videos to said tracks. Beyonce has ganked hoes once again. 

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NEW VIDEO!!!!!Queen Mother Beyonce “Grown Woman” Tour Performance


BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH QUEEN MOTHER IS IN THE BUILDING! So some young child who was in the front row at Beyonce’s show and captured glory. On Wednesday Beyonce’s tour stopped in Palais Omnisports de Paris-Bercy in Paris, France and she gave every woman and all the gays their lives today. Beyonce performed her song “Grown Woman” and danced for all the kids around the world. Chile, Mother Bey does not know how to put on a sub-par performance. I was LIVINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG as I watched this video. I cannot wait until the official video is released. I love this song and now that I see her perform it I am back to being pissed that I couldn’t get tickets to her Atlanta show.

*Plays tiniest violin I could find* I love ya’ll with my whole heart, so if anyone out in cyber space wants to bless me with a ticket or something I would LOVE you for the rest of my life…or until the concert is over. *sigh* I just want to see Queen Mother of All Things Beautiful in all her glory. Plus I need to see that titty leotard suit in person. Thanks a bunches. Check out my Bey Bey singing and performing the fuck out of this song.

By the by I love Beyonce so yea…STAY MAD!

Fuck Keyshia Cornflakes



OMG Blue Ivy Carter’s pics have been shared online. Not by any type of crazed nanny that sneaked a pic, but by the proud parents Beyonce and Jay-Z. Yes Bey and Jay decided to share the pics with their fans in the most simplest way…Tumblr. They chose the social networking site because they wanted to give their fans a special treat instead of selling it to the tabloids n shit.  Blue Ivy is beautiful, and you can see that her parents just love her to pieces. I feel like she’s my niece, I’m so happy I can cry.

See more pics of my beautiful niece below….Click pics to see full-size images





New Music: Jay-Z ft Blue Ivy Carter~ Glory

Jay-z and Blue Carter

Blue Ivy already cut an album. The creole princess of all things beautiful and the hood dude turned mogul was finally introduced to their daughter Blue Ivy Carter on Saturday and the proud papa already got a song dedicated to his little girl. The song Glory basically tells the story of her parents struggles to get to this point. You even find out some shit you didn’t know. I’m so happy for them and I can’t wait to see Blue Ivy. I know she’s gonna be beautiful…she’s a child of God. Screw all you hating ass haters.

BRAND NEW: BEYONCE ~ Love On Top *Official Video*

Guess who’s back with another video??? Yes it’s my creole princess of all things beautiful. This time it’s the single “Love on Top.” She wrecked it at the MTV Awards now Bey did the damn thang again. The video is simple with Bey in her trademark black leotard with a army hat. Are those things called hats?? I don’t know…anyway Bey has ditched her female dancers and went with an all male ensemble. I like the video it’s clean and simple. I love the different scenes tho…Mother Bey getting these vids out for her public.

Oh by the by: I’m really starting to think Beyonce is NOT with child. I love her, but um yea I don’t see it.

Beyonce~ Countdown *Official Video*

Video footage by MTV

The Creole Queen of All Things Beautiful is back again. Yes queen mother has brought out the new video for “Countdown”. This is one of my favorite songs on the album. I played the shit so much it started making me sick tho. The video is  light-hearted and adorable as f*ck. The color, her dark hair and her trying to hide her little baby bump was so precious. Bey did’t do a lot of dancing of course do to her present condition of housing the heir to the Carter fortune in her perfect creole womb. I just love her….My Bey glowing.

Style CanDi~Celebrity Looks on a Frugal-ista’s Budget!

Check out today’s Style CanDi feature guest blogger Rochelle Yanique of IAMROCHELLE.COM

It’s no secret that when women look for hair styles, celebrities often help to impact their decisions. While we are all trendsetters in our own right, there’s just something enchanting about the glamour flaunted by the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Kelly Rowland- to name a few. Although we may not be able to afford their stylists just yet, there are tons of do-it-yourself techniques that’d help to spruce up your look without breaking your pockets! To help, I’ve broken down some popular star looks for you to attempt.

Do It Your Self

While it’s no longer a secret that Beyonce’ rocks lace wigs ($300-800), you can achieve her look without buying such an expensive piece. For this look I’d recommend 8-12 ounces of straight human hair extensions. Try sewing in your extensions leaving out the parameter and frontal sections of your hair. The Curls can be created by the use of a 1-2 inch curling iron (or flat iron). To keep up these curls, I usually add flexi rods while I sleep :).

Do It Your Self

Kelly Rowland rocked these curls about two years ago, but they have continued to be a go-to look for me. Curls are fun and sassy and most importantly, they are low maintenance (depending on the grade of hair extensions you use). Although Kelly uses a lace wig, I suggest using or deep wave extensions to replicate these curls. A sew in is also suggested for installing these extensions. Depending on how big you’d like to go with the hair, I’d say to use 8-12 ounces for volume.

Do It Your Self

Rihanna’s pixie cut may require a little expertise. But this is still a fun and edgy look that can be maintained by yourself. I personally rock a short cut from time to time. While I go to my stylist for the initial cut, I have become pretty savvy at maintaining the look between visits. Washing and setting short hair is really important. Invest in a portable hair dryer & sculpt your wet hair with a foam setting lotion to keep your look in tact. The pixie cut is carried off by the longer pieces of hair in the front. Try making your own clip in extensions to create a bang and add length to the front of your hair.

For more tips & tricks please check out my blog at

Also, check out the fabulous giveaway on the website. A winner will get a chance to win 20″ Virgin Indian Remy Clip-In Extensions and all contestants will be featured in her “Hair Diva Spotlight” section. Click here for more on the contest.


Beyonce Introduces Baby Brooklyn Carter



Queen Mother aka Creole Princess of All things Beautiful performed “Love on Top” off of her “4” album and at the end showed off her baby bump. Of course papa Jay in the audience looking like “Yea that’s my bitch.” I just love these two and I am so damn happy that their starting a family. Now if I can get pregnant I will name my baby “Beyonce Queen Creole Brooklyn Taylor” Don’t that shit sound too damn cute?



THE CREOLE PRINCESS OF ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL IS EXPECTING. Yes Beyonce and her hubby Jay-Z are expecting their first child. Beyonce showed up at the MTV Video Music Awards with a flowing red mumu dress looking all I breath the wind in my soul, but then Queen Mother held onto her belly and that shit got real. Apparently Queen Carter announced on the black carpet that she is in fact pregnant with the Carter seed. OMG I am so happy, it feels like I just found out I got knocked up by a billionaire. More details to come….GO QUEEN BEYSUS!


Beyonce~ 1+1 *Official Video*


The princess of  creole music is back. Ya’ll know I love me some Beesus more than I love men with nice dick bulges. One of my favorite songs “1+1” is finally out and the video is hot. I mean Bey just all glistening singing about her king.

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