It’s My Birthday!!!!!

Well another birthday is here. Feels like just last year I celebrated my birthday lol. I’m truly blessed to see another one and pray that I am able to see many more. God has blessed me immensely and I thank him for all that he has given me and taken away from me. I’m older and hopefully a little wiser. As always thank you all for rocking with me even though I been doing this shit on a every now and then schedule. Preciate ya folk!!

I’m Now 31, And Um That Fool Still Ain’t Here

Two years ago  I wrote a blog called “I‘m almost 30; Where The Hell Is He“. Now that I will be 31 on Monday I am convinced I done ran the knee-grow off. Lmao…I kid I kid. Lawd I hope I’m kidding. Right now I am at the point in my life where I am definitely ready to settle down. I don’t know what it is when people hit their 30’s because so many of my friends have been saying the same thing. All I know is, I am completely and totally ready to receive my forever kind of love. I am sitting and waiting patiently on God to finish working on this thang. My future hubby probably isn’t ready, so all I can do is wait until everything is complete to receive this love.

After my last relationship certain people from my past have tried to step to me, but honey chile I ain’t hearing it. I know what I want and refuse to settle for less than that. I remember my ex telling me “Make sure the next man treats you better than I did”. The fact that these past people weren’t shit, I refuse to give these sons of a motherless goat the time of day. I am good right now. I’ve been celibate too, so um dude needs to kind of make his way over here cause um yea…celibacy ain’t cute after the first 90 days. So once again I will say I AM READY GOD!!! Putting it out to existence is bound to bring blessings my way.

By the by, do ya’ll notice every time my birthday comes around I reflect and shit? I guess that’s what old people do. lol