Surprise…I’m Back: Update On Where I’ve Been


Well well well…Look who’s back. I just wanted to reintroduce myself and give you an update as to where I’ve been. For those who don’t know me, I’m “VI” the owner and editor of this here blog. For those of you who have been rocking with me for years, ya’ll know I have been gone for quiet some time. It is totally impossible to update on the goings on, but I’m just here to say I’m back with the jump off. I do want to thank ya’ll for your continuous support throughout the years. Honestly when I started this blog I never expected anyone to even read the thoughts I had in my head. I was just writing it for me, but many of you identified with what I was going through. I’ve heard that I’ve helped women in situations with their relationships, but honestly you guys helped me. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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It's Candy Diaries 2 Year Blogiversary!!!

It’s that time of year again. Candy Diaries is celebrating it’s 2 year blogiversary. In two years the blog has grown into something that I couldn’t have imagined and it’s all because of you, my loyal readers. I just want to thank everyone for riding with me this long. There were times where I debated ending the blog, but because of you guys I keep it going. I also want to say thank you to all the guest bloggers that have contributed to Candy Diaries. We also would like to thank the sponsors for allowing us the opportunity to share  your products with the readers.

I’m only looking in the horizon for bigger and better things, and I hope you guys will be there to share it with me. Again, thank you!


Loving The One You're Not With!!

woman crying

Everyone at one point has been here. You want someone, but know you can never have them. Either they’re with someone else, just totally unavailable  or really just don’t want your ass. Some people try to erase them out of your minds, and hope that the feelings disappear. Then there are others who live by the rules “By any means necessary”. They will try any back-handed gutter shit to get the person they want. They seduce and pray that the sex will keep em coming back. People have a way of wanting the unattainable. We just want what we can’t have I guess. The more it’s away from us the more we feel we have to have it. It’s more like a sick game.

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ASK V.I.~Desperately Horny

desperately horny

Hey V.I.

I have somewhat of an issue, well two. About two months ago I began having sex with my boyfriend of 6 months. He’s my first and as far as I know the sex is good. I wouldn’t really know since I’ve never been with anyone else lol. My problem is that the sex is kind of boring for me. He enjoys it, but I can’t really see how because we do the same thing every time. It’s almost like a routine and he never wants to switch it up. I tell him we should try new things and I don’t want him to think he’s bad in bed so I try to make him think that he’s getting bored, but it doesn’t work. I say things like “Let’s try something new, this is probably beginning to get too predictable for you, maybe you should teach me how to do something you like.” all he says is “No, u don’t need to learn anything else, our sex is fine.” He’s just not taking the hint. My other issue is that when we first began having sex I told him I was interested in being choked, that I just wanted to try it once and see how it felt. He didn’t say no, he just wasn’t very enthused. He agreed to try it but he still hasn’t done it. I don’t want to make him uncomfortable but I need to know if you have any advice on how I can get him to be a little more daring in the bedroom. He doesn’t even make any NOISE! Sometimes I really think he isn’t enjoying it but he says otherwise… I don’t know what to do. I’m very much in love with him I’m just getting bored.


Desperately Horny

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It's That Time…

Ladies and Gentle-dudes it’s about that time. As of  today I am officially on by blogger’s break. I need to take these breaks in order to give you the hotness you so crave. Don’t worry I will be back…eventually.  I don’t have a definite date for you, but continue to log on everyday and you never know. In the meantime, our fashion diva Amber-Fash will still be hooking you up with Style CanDi. Please treat her with kindness or else mama V.I. will whoop your monkey ass. If you need to contact me just click this link. You can still submit your “Diary of a Mad Guest Blogger”  and your “Ask V.I.” posts. They will get posted…Trust me! Even if you just want to say a howdy doo to me you can hit me up.

If you want to get at Fash you can just email her at That’s if you want to be featured and what not. So stay sexy people and know that I will be back whenever the hell I get back.


Why do men cheat? (A male's perspective)


So Tiger Woods gets caught out there and everybody has a panic attack. There is a huge media blitz surrounding the story, and Tiger’s jumpoffs are coming out any and everywhere.  For the past 2 weeks, all I have been hearing is Tiger Woods’ name and one repetitive question: Why do men cheat?

Being that I’m a man, you probably would figure that I would have the answer to that question. But honestly, the answer to that question is so broad that it’s no specific one. The questioning of men cheating will go on forever. Actually, the questioning of both genders will go on forever. The problem with the above listed question is that it’s categorizing men. Men cheat for different reasons. I always tell people that this question is similar to asking why does a dog park or cat meow. It’s more than one answer to the question.  So if you really want to know why men cheat, insert any possible answer here ______.

When females ask me that question, my answer is always the same, it varies. It mainly depends on the person, the stage in that person’s life, their mindset, and their partner. The only question that I can answer specifically is why I may have cheated in the past.  One statement that is false is when people say “all men cheat.” That statement is untrue, and it categorizes all men. A good deal of men probably have cheated at some point in their lifetime, but that doesn’t mean their cheating in the present with their current woman or will cheat on a potential woman. I have a few homeboys who are in relationships and they never cheat on their women. As stated, it all depends on the things listed above.

Whatever you do, do not categorize us. If you are in a relationship or planning on getting in a relationship with a man, do not categorize him. Tiger Woods, nor any other man who cheats does not represent men in general. If you truly want to receive the best answer as to why men cheat, simply ask the man who cheated.