Get The F*ck Outta The Garbage Can

Have you ever knew a nice guy who just had  a slight affliction? His ass can’t seem to stay the hell out of the gutter. Meaning, HIS ASS ALWAYS LOOKS TO THE BOTTOM OF THE GARBAGE CAN FOR THE TRASHIEST CHICK. I’ve also noticed a lot of well put together woman do the same thing. It’s like the gutter is the only place they can find em. I don’t want folks to think I’m targeting folks outta the projects. When I say trash I’m talking about the people that can’t even come to your level. They ain’t shit so they feel like everyone around them should be treated as such. They have nothing to bring to the table, so they look at you to rob your ass for as much as they can get out of you.

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It’s My Birthday!!!!!

Well another birthday is here. Feels like just last year I celebrated my birthday lol. I’m truly blessed to see another one and pray that I am able to see many more. God has blessed me immensely and I thank him for all that he has given me and taken away from me. I’m older and hopefully a little wiser. As always thank you all for rocking with me even though I been doing this shit on a every now and then schedule. Preciate ya folk!!

Happy Holidays From Candy Diaries!!

I would just like to say Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Hanukkah to all the Candy Diaries readers. Thank you guys so much for riding with me another year. I know this year I’ve been a little lax as far as my posts, but you know how it gets sometimes. I appreciate each and every one of you. I thank you for allowing me to invade your daily lives. Your facebook messages, emails, tweets and texts truly inspire me and let me know what I do daily isn’t in vain. I’m praying for another year of blogging and I hope you guys are along for the ride. I have different ventures that I will like to pursue in 2012, so I will keep you guys updated on that. I will be changing some things with the blog. Nothing major, just upgrading a few things.

I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and if I don’t blog for you guys next week, have a wonderful New Year.

Much Love



Candy Diaries Presents…Date Week

This week I’ve decided to make Date Week here at Candy Diaries because Spring has sprung which means Dating Season has begun. All the posts will be dedicated to Dating and what comes along with it. If you have any dating horror stories you would like to share hit me up here and your story just might be posted on Candy Diaries. Enjoy!

And The Winner Is….

I would like to congratulate Denise for winning the “Candy Diaries Thanks You” Giveaway. Denise has won a $30.00 Visa gift card sponsored by us. Thank you Denise for being a fan of Candy Diaries and please continue rocking with us.

I will also like to thank all the contestants that entered the giveaway…and continue to read the blog there are many more great giveaways to come.

Thank you so much to everyone that has support me for the past 2 years. You guys are the best readers a blogger can have. I have a few things lined up this year and I hope you guys check them out. More details to come.

It’s Candy Diaries 2 Year Blogiversary!!!

It’s that time of year again. Candy Diaries is celebrating it’s 2 year blogiversary. In two years the blog has grown into something that I couldn’t have imagined and it’s all because of you, my loyal readers. I just want to thank everyone for riding with me this long. There were times where I debated ending the blog, but because of you guys I keep it going. I also want to say thank you to all the guest bloggers that have contributed to Candy Diaries. We also would like to thank the sponsors for allowing us the opportunity to share  your products with the readers.

I’m only looking in the horizon for bigger and better things, and I hope you guys will be there to share it with me. Again, thank you!


Fashion Cost While Style Is Free *Vintage*

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE high fashion as much as the next fashion band-aid (groupie), but I realized the difference between fashion and style. You could own all the designer garments known to man, but if you can not merch(merchandising) or style it up it’s as if you’ve ruined a great pair of Jeffery Campbell shoes by stepping into dog pooh! Here’s when your true fashion love kicks in.

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Less is MORE

If anyone know me you’d know that I love accessories especially bracelets. I mean my favorite scene in Casino was when Sharon Stone went to visit the vault at the bank in which her jewelry was housed. So about a year ago I met a great jewelry designer who’s piece simple and complex at the same time. The line after researching the line was simply amazing and I’d never seen anything like it. This line was Asha Patel Designs, believes history shapes us. “Where we have been and what we have done helps us grow,” says the Atlanta-based designer. The importance of the past and hope for the future serves as inspiration behind her delicate line of jewelry.

Born in London to Indian parents, Patel’s fascination with jewelry began at an early age with traditional Indian jewelry. Although she appreciated the beauty and grandeur of these pieces, her mantra became less is more, and she began to shift her design focus. The result — symbolic, pieces which reflected a fusion of eastern and western style coupled with simplicity and symbolism.  If you are not familiar with this line you should definitely get to know it The  line is a favorite among celebrities Lisa Wu Hartwell,  Jojo, Nicole Ari Parker and her husband Boris Kodjoe (of Undercovers) and constantly gaining popularity. And seen in many major publications People magazine, Allure, Lucky and American Salon. Simply put the line is a sweet! Giving the ability to dazzle and shine modestly.  And be found in a few boutiques around the city such at Estella* Boutique. But you aren’t local take a little lookie lou at the website It’s definitely my new Fash’s fav because with these piece your look can be cas or fab! I hope you like them as much as I love them!

Fashionably Darling,

Together We Stand


Women of Brewster Place, Waiting to Exhale, The Joy Luck Club and now For Color Girls are movies that have given a voice to the women in those time. As I took my seat in the theatre I kind of had mix emotions because of some of the reviews I’d received on For Color Girls. I’d heard that it was a amazing movie that could move you to tears. And they were completely right. The movie was so many things: beautiful, enlighten, deep, complex, dark and sometimes very ugly as it takes you through many women’s reality. Then I began to think about the effect Woman of Brewster Place The Joy Luck Club and Waiting to Exhale had on many women… and how the constant theme of women sticking together rang true through out each movie. But I also questioned myself how long does the camaraderie last? You can honestly see a little of yourself in each character and understand the point of view of each women. So when I say this hopefully you understand exactly what I mean. Women are known for banding together but are also the quickest to tare us apart. For Color Girls was thought provoking, a mirror to look into and see something that you possibly don’t want to admit out loud and simply asked you to pause without judgement of the woman next to situation. Pleading with you to open your eyes and take in all that’s around you, valuing all chance meeting because nothing is by chance and everything is by design. But most of all to love yourself before you can love others. I suggest you go see the movie with a open heart, mind and allow your thoughts to be changed.

Sincere Best,

Year Round Style! Your how-to of taking your fashion into the next season with SASS

Yes, the summer sun is just starting to warm up…..BURNING UP actually! But it’s totally time to switch gears. To where you ask….into Pre-Fall fashion 2010. Time to start thinking about what will be hot for fall, but don’t put away all of your summer piece just yet…

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