The Performance That Stopped B.E.T

Shouts to WSHH for the video

Chris Brown finally did it. Chris finally got to say goodbye to Michael Jackson the right way. We all know CB idolized Mike and when he passed Chris was unable to pay homage to Mike because of his whopping Rihanna’s ass debacle. This was the highlight of the night in my opinion. Not only did Breezy kill it, he finally let it all out of the world to see. Some say the tears are fake, I say yo momma! I think this was something he never got to do and he did it. Here is the complete¬†performance. ¬†Great performance and I don’t care what ya’ll say. CHRIS BROWN IS BACK BITCHES!

Chris Brown~No Bullshit *Official Video*

I SAW TITTY NIPPLE…I SAW TITTY NIPPLE. So Breezy got this new video out, and boo got all Trey Songz and shit on people. I would like to know what the song is all about, but when I saw titty nipple every thing went out the window. Yes Chris Brown is sucking on titty in this video. If you go to the 1:54 mark of the video you see the nip just chilling in his mouth. Brava Chris Brown…Brava! I applaud you for taking a risk and sucking on nips on a video. Although you might not make it on 106 and Park with that mess, but I applaud you. Enjoy!!!