Is Being Faithful As Easy As It Seems?

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Being faithful isn’t easy. Hell if it was then there would be a lot more happy relationships and a lot less cheating. When someone decides to cheat they have totally disconnected from their committed relationship. Let’s just get this straight. Cheating is not only a physical act. If you stepped outside of your relationship and developed an emotional connection to someone other than your partner that is cheating also. So many people feel like if the dick didn’t present itself then you’re not guilty of stepping outside your relationship. Girl goodbye. The second you became emotionally attached you’ve just cheated on your man/woman. Why does it seem that it’s easier to find someone who has cheated than to find someone who has never cheated in a relationship?

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My Three “C’s” to a Successful Relationship

About 2 weeks ago I had a convo with a good friend and he asked me “What do you think makes a good relationship?” It was definitely a good question that I didn’t think I had the answer to. I mean there are so many things that can make a relationship a successful one, but looking back at my past relationships I thought about some of the things that were lacking. That is when I came up with my three C’s to a successful relationship. Without these components I think a relationship will have a harder time developing into something stable. One cannot survive without the other, so if you’re not willing to work on all then the relationship may not get where you want it to go.

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Yo You're 30…Grow the F*ck Up!!! *Vintage*

I have a really big problem with grown ass men still acting like they’re still in there teens. There are some things that your ass need to let go of. I’ve come across men that look grown but act even more childish than my3 year old God son. I understand feelings zestfully youthful is what everyone strives for, but at some point you need to grow up and take care of your responsibilities. A woman can’t handle a grown f*cking man-boy. Ladies, if you continue to put up with his shit his ass won’t see any problem in what he’s doing because you’re condoning it. I’ve come up with my own list of things that I think men need to let go. Hell you’re in your 30’s now…grow the f*ck up!

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Is He Faking It?

Photo by: LWA/Stephen Welstead

Ladies, never underestimate a faker. Just when you thought he couldn’t be anymore of an ass he surprises you with being a huge douche. You may not be aware of this, but there are some men out here that have no problem faking relationships. When I say men are relationship fakers I mean…they pretend to be in relationships with women just to have someone around. Hell who doesn’t want to have sex on a regular basis or have someone come over and cook you dinner? Come to think of it some women do it too, but we aren’t talking about them right now.

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Sowing His Royal Oats *Vintage Blog*

Just like women, men have no idea what the hell they want. Men say they want to find a woman that they can settle down with, but when they find a woman that matches what they want they head for the hills of Arabia. I assume something clicks in their mind and they come to the conclusion that they need time to “think” before they decide to settle down with their “baby”. KneeGrow Please!! Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with someone thinking things out before they make a big step, but exactly what is the woman you love suppose to do? Wait? Some men would actually think there is no problem with her waiting. Look let me tell you what I learned; when a man thinks, he doesn’t.

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The Side Chick Bullshit Revealed

So we all know that Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz got married over the weekend. This whole shit has caused the side chick discussions to resurface. My homegirl showed me a blog where this woman was openly discussing her husband’s “side chick”. Yes, it is an unfortunate thing when your man DECIDES to cheat on you with someone else. Yes it is a hurtful feeling to know the man who vowed to remain FAITHFUL to you DECIDES to share his dick juice with another. I understand how anyone can feel dejected from such a terrible situation, but sometimes you have to put blame where blame is due…WITH HIS ASS!

A lot of women fail to realize that the “side chick” half the time is even unaware her ass is the side chick. The same way he lied to you,  it is possible that he can actually lie to someone else. Always blaming the other woman does nothing for your situation. The problem lies within your relationship. You need to question the n*gga you’re with because he’s the one that “supposedly” has loyalty towards you. A woman never forced a man to do a damn thing he didn’t want to. Some women need to focus their blame on the right person and realize he’s the one that needs handling. I’ve been a side chick both unwillingly and willingly, and I’ve also been the main woman so I know how it is on all sides. Although these instances happened years ago I can still remember how I felt with each.