How Bad Sex With The Wrong Person Can Ruin A Relationship

couple in bed

No matter how wonderful your relationship is, bad sex can ruin everything you’re building. You can be compatible in every other aspect, but when it comes to the bedroom you’re struggling like a Meek Mill diss track. In my personal opinion no one is really bad at sex, it’s just that you may not be sexually compatible with your partner. So no matter how awesome everything else is, that one downside can change the aspect of your relationship. Here are my signs that you’re not sexually compatible with your partner:

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My Three “C’s” to a Successful Relationship

About 2 weeks ago I had a convo with a good friend and he asked me “What do you think makes a good relationship?” It was definitely a good question that I didn’t think I had the answer to. I mean there are so many things that can make a relationship a successful one, but looking back at my past relationships I thought about some of the things that were lacking. That is when I came up with my three C’s to a successful relationship. Without these components I think a relationship will have a harder time developing into something stable. One cannot survive without the other, so if you’re not willing to work on all then the relationship may not get where you want it to go.

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Does Sex Complicate Love?

Does sex seem to rule over your relationship more than the love does? It’s like everything is good, but when it comes to the bedroom it trumps everything else. Some people are attached emotionally to sex. If the sex is good, then they’re “in love”. Then you have some people who fall in love first, but then realize they aren’t in love if the sex isn’t as great as it use to be. Once a relationship progresses and becomes routine, sometimes one person in the relationship might get a little too comfortable. They don’t do the things they did in the beginning because basically the honeymoon is now over. The next thing you know the “love” you once shared is almost non-existant because the sex is suffering.

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ASK V.I.~Desperately Horny

desperately horny

Hey V.I.

I have somewhat of an issue, well two. About two months ago I began having sex with my boyfriend of 6 months. He’s my first and as far as I know the sex is good. I wouldn’t really know since I’ve never been with anyone else lol. My problem is that the sex is kind of boring for me. He enjoys it, but I can’t really see how because we do the same thing every time. It’s almost like a routine and he never wants to switch it up. I tell him we should try new things and I don’t want him to think he’s bad in bed so I try to make him think that he’s getting bored, but it doesn’t work. I say things like “Let’s try something new, this is probably beginning to get too predictable for you, maybe you should teach me how to do something you like.” all he says is “No, u don’t need to learn anything else, our sex is fine.” He’s just not taking the hint. My other issue is that when we first began having sex I told him I was interested in being choked, that I just wanted to try it once and see how it felt. He didn’t say no, he just wasn’t very enthused. He agreed to try it but he still hasn’t done it. I don’t want to make him uncomfortable but I need to know if you have any advice on how I can get him to be a little more daring in the bedroom. He doesn’t even make any NOISE! Sometimes I really think he isn’t enjoying it but he says otherwise… I don’t know what to do. I’m very much in love with him I’m just getting bored.


Desperately Horny

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Bad Connection

“Can you hear me? Can you hear me now?” 43% of  relationships end due to lack of communication. How often do you hear “he/she never listen to me” and “they did and we connected” when discussing the demise of a relationship. Men and women want the same things in relationships, it’s just communicated differently at times. Have you ever had a conversation where you’ve clearly stated you want, but gotten the exact opposite in return.

Merely a bad connection…as if you were driving through a tunnel with music blasting but still trying to take the call. But this person is sitting right in front of you. I think it’s best to be up front in relationships, so there is no “mistaking” the intend of either party….COMMUNICATION is key! And once you’ve lost that it’s just as if you’ve lost your cellular signal…*SCREAMING* “Can you hear me, Can you hear me now….” *shrug* Guess it’s a “Bad Connection”.

How’s your signal?,

Did Sex Ruin Your Life?

Have you ever had the kind of sex that just made you cry? *screeching sound* Hold up, I didn’t mean that in a good way. I mean the kind of sex that is sooooooooooo bad that you can’t understand how in the world another human being could perform such a atrocious act. It is so common for people to break down when the sex is that straight crap. It’s even harder when the person has everything else going for them, but can’t stand up in the bedroom. What would you do? Let it go and pray things get better or do you call it quits and move onto the next one?

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