What Is Your Definition of Good…I Mean GREAT Sex?


What’s your definition of good GREAT sex? Everyone’s answers might be different, but the goal is the same. Great sex is the type of sex that makes you want to put everything in that motherfucker’s name. Lol iKid. The dick so damn good that you would get up at 2 am in the dead of winter and run outside to turn on his car so it can heat up for his ass. Great sex is the type of sex that make you say “fuck them bitches” when your girlfriends call you to go out to the club. Great sex is the type of sex that has your legs wobbling, sweat dripping off your titty and new hair do gone to hell but you still suck his dick as a fucking “thank you” just for being fucking you. When a man knows how to do it just right it can make every sex session feel like damn Thanksgiving.

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Candy Licker: Her Suck Number

When it comes to oral sex every woman is different. When some women think of giving head, they might feel sick to their stomachs or they lick their lips reminiscing on the feel of their first taste of freedom. It’s safe to say giving head might make you cringe or make your day brighter. Some women may even have a time limit when it comes to sucking that pole. Some like to do it unenthusiastically just to get it moist, some may like to give two good licks and call it a day, or you got the chicks that suck it like they were auditioning on the dick.

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Candy Licker:Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Ladies, I know a nice big juicy man meat is something you wish, hope and pray for but sometimes you have to leave well enough alone. I need you feeble bitches to stay away from the gigantor penis. You might be saying to yourself “Well V.I., why wouldn’t I want a big one invading my insides”? For starters all big dick ain’t necessarily good dick. Don’t get me wrong, there are some one’s out there that leave you feenin like a crackhead wanting another hit. Then there  are some that don’t do anything but wreck your cervix and leave you resting your ass on a donut for 3 days because he knocked something outta wack. Just like anything out there …Know Your Limit. If you know your cooch can only take 5in *side eye at your wack ass cooch* the highest you can go is about 2in higher. If you know you’re a 4in taker and your ass tries to experiment with a 10in brotha, your ass is too ambitious and the sex will be a fail for you and your worn out vagina.

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