Why Are Men So Damn Filled With Thirst?

Lawd have mercy, I hate a thirsty man chile. You know a man so thirsty that he ends up looking like an ass in the process. I don’t know why in this day and age so many men are dying of thirst. Although, I hate the ratio of men to women I have to live with the reality. The sad part is some men act like there is no chick out here that would give them the time of day. They’re so desperate in their actions that you have to look at them in disgust because a real man shouldn’t act like that. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a lot of thirsty ass women out here with the same problem but I’m talking about the men cause he’ll ya’ll worse with that shit.

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Facebook Won't Let You Love Yourself…

So you’re single and at times that shit can suck to all hell. On one hand you would like to get involved with someone, but you know deep down you’re not ready to get into a relationship. It’s like you’re now in limbo. Although, you feel like you’re ready to just be all into someone you know getting into that right now might not be what you want. Then you come up with a brilliant idea…BE IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF. It sounds crazy, but hell why the hell not?

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The Pop Your Cherry Giveaway

Giveaway is now closed!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have the hottest end of summer giveaway right here. Candy Diaries has partnered with PinkCherry.Com to sponsor the sexiest giveaway to date to entice all the freaks er….I mean all the men and women out here in CanDi Land. What we are giving away will top anything we’ve done thus far. This is to show the avid readers and new fans of Candy Diaries how much we love that you love us, and never be ashamed of the sexy within.

Let’s get this show on the road:

1 lucky winner will be chosen at random using Random.Org to receive a $75.00 shopping spree with PinkCherry.Com* PinkCherry.Com offers a wide range of adult items for singles and couples. Once the winner has been chosen you will work closely with a representative from PinkCherry.Com to pick items from their website to get your wish list together. How in the hell can you bet that? It’s so easy to enter. *Contest open to residents of the Continental US and Canada only*

Giveaway Rules

1. Follow one of the following pages by clicking on the images below:

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~If you follow us on twitter tweet this message: I wanna win the Candy Diaries “Pop Your Cherry Giveaway” @candydiaries http://www.candydiaries.com #candydiaries

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~If you join our Facebook page leave a comment about the giveaway. Go onto PinkCherry.Com, then tell us what would be the first item on your wish list. *It can’t be over $75*

2. Email us at candydiaries@gmail.com and in the subject line *I wanna win*and please include your name in the body of the email.

**Note** Both steps MUST be followed in order to be completely entered in this contest. Failure to do so will leave you disqualified.

This giveaway starts on August 2nd and ends August 4th at 10pm est. The winner will be announced on August 5th at 10am. Good Luck!!

Thanks to PinkCherry.Com for sponsoring this wonderful giveaway.

A Little About PinkCherry.Com

PinkCherry.Com is a wonderful adult themed website that offers both consumers and manufacturers a one-stop shop for buying and selling adult novelties and DVD products.