Ya’ll Made Me Hate Social Media…Yes Ya’ll

woman on computer


I HATE THE DAMN INTERNET. Like with every fiber in me ya’ll are slowly driving me away from the World Wide Web. It’s like people see social media as a platform to annoy the entire f*ck out of others. No matter what social media site you’re on, you see some of the dumbest shit and encounter some of the most attention starved individuals. For instance; Facebook has a multitude of dumb shit that ends up on your newsfeed on a daily basis. No matter what time of day you’re bound to find someone who does shit to annoy you. I’ll run down the list of the things that make me hate social media in no particular order.

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Facebook Video Of The Day: Worst Bitch In The World


I swear some women just can’t recognize a good man. I just can’t understand with all the good women out here, these men choose the bitches that don’t deserve shit. I stumbled upon the video below on Facebook. It’s a clip from a Divorce Court episode with this couple that has some major issues. No let me take that back, the loser bitch has some issues. She left her husband because “he was too nice”. You read that shit correctly, he was too nice to her and her kids and she found that creepy. He did all the things a good man should do for his woman and this bitch didn’t appreciate nothing.

This is the issue I have with women. Some women just don’t deserve better. She wants someone to treat her like shit so she can feel like she’s in something wonderful? Yet a woman who wants to take care of her man can’t find a good one to save her life. I hate shit like this, bitches like this make men think all women are fucked in the head. They’re selfish and don’t know how to treat anyone. Give real women a bad name. Mayne I dislike this bitch for real. Any way, watch the video for yourself.  Let me know your thoughts.

Facebook Video Of The Day: An Ode To The “Bad Bitch”


So I came across this video of a poet spittin some much needed knowledge. This is for all these chicks out here walking around wanting to be a “bad bitch” and not a real woman. This brotha breaks the shit down in only a way he could. No man wants to marry a copy, but an original. Enjoy!!


Facebook Groups…The New Online Dating Website

online dating

We all know that when it comes to Facebook and relationships, the two just don’t go together. Facebook has ended more relationships than Superhead did in the 90’s. In divorce proceedings facebook drama has been used as evidence. Facebook ruins lives, but it’s also beginning to enrich the lonely. I’ve realized that Facebook Groups are the new form of online dating. Join the right group and your social calendar will be filled like never before, hence a better way to meet people. The question I have is facebook dating equivalent to facebook breakups? If you allow facebook to hook you up is it easier for facebook to break you up?

I’m actually a member of a few facebook groups and I can honestly say I can see why it’s so easy for people to hook up. If you’re active in a particular group you sort of create a bond with a few members. Although you’ve probably never met most of them, you have a few that you can kick it with online.  Based off of you pics, conversation and your relationship status the inbox pimpin begins. Now I ain’t against inbox pimpin…if anything it makes the work day go by faster, but I’ve seen and read the thirst and it amuses me. The thing about inbox pimpin is that if you’re being inboxed, imagine how many other women in the group getting the same messages from these men? Either way their messages may hit a spot and then the realness happens. Many people in these facebook groups decide to hang out on an individual basis away from the group. Now this is usually done in secret because “they don’t want everyone all up in their business.” Now if things are cool in person that’s when the relationship starts. Either it’s a sexual one or one where they’re really trying to get to know one another outside of the internet.

A lot of these relationships turn out to be sexual ones because with all the freedom of speech in these groups, folks can tell who’s sexually frustrated and who’s not. If you exhibit frustration then chances are you will be accosted with offers of penis and whatnot. If it’s a genuine attraction then you never know what can come of it, but you also have to keep an open mind of where it possibly will not go. If you do end up in a relationship and things are beautiful then that’s wonderful. What happens if things end and you’re both still members in this group? Can you agree to FB group chat amicably? Should one person leave the group or should you both decide to leave? It can become very messy being in an open forum group with someone you had a relationship with, especially if it ended badly.

I’m not opposed to dating within Facebook, but at the same time you have to agree not to allow Facebook be the demise of your relationship. The people in these relationships allow social media *not only facebook* to ruin their relationships. Your relationship has to be stronger than the shit found on the internet. It’s so easy to get into messy shit on the internet, but you can control it if you choose to. So if you’re in search of something that can possibly fun then join one of these facebook groups. The main goal is to not expect much, but if you get something popping then enjoy it for what it is and just go with the flow. You never know where it might lead.

Holla at me: Have you ever started dating someone you met on Facebook? How did it go? 

Do You Google The Men You Date?

*In my Sophia from Golden Girls voice* Picture it…you’re out in the park having lunch alone. A handsome stranger walks up to you and engages you in small talk. He makes you blush and you give him your number. He calls you later on that evening and and you talk about going out on a date that weekend. You’re excited because let’s face it you haven’t been on a date since Lil Kim’s breasts were real. Before you pick out your “let him imagine me nekkid” dress you pull out your computer and Google the sweet guy you have a hot date with. You find out he has filed for bankruptcy twice, wanted for child support in 3 states and lives with a woman that shares his last name *momma or wife you pick* either way not a good sign. So what do you do with this tidbit of information? Do you ignore what you read and go out with him anyway? Do you call Mr. Wonderful back and tell him to take a long walk off a short pier? Does Google really help or harm your love life?

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Does Your Facebook/Twitter Profile Scare Away Potential Partners

I know I can never add any potentials to my twitter account * @therealvichick*, because the shit I say on there will make any man side eye my ass. When it comes to social media sometimes we say and post things that we wish we didn’t. And although we wish we could take them back, we can’t because once on the internet always on the internet. So in the age of technology and dating one of the first questions you get asked when you meet a potential “Are you on facebook?” The reason why FB is actually requested more than any other social media site is because not only is it the most popular, but your whole life is depicted on FB. Any new pic you take, you post it. You got something on your chest, you update your status. Hell you have an ex boyfriend on FB and any potential who’s smart enough can figure out who it is just by your status, comments and picture tags. The wrong image/status can turn your ass  from a potential partner, to the chick he knows on Facebook.

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Pay Back Is a B*tch *Vintage*


We’ve all have had some run in with a cheater, or we might have been the one that cheated. It is a hard ass thing to find out the person, who you “trusted” betrayed that trust in some form or the other. Emotions run high when we find out that bitch ass man/woman went behind our back and screwed someone else. I posed the question on twitter and facebook; “What is the most outrageous thing you ever did to get back at someone that cheated on you?” The responses where crazy funny to me.

Ask V.I.~ I’m In Love With My Brother *Update*

Last time on Candy Diaries I expressed how I was in love with my best-friend brother and I expressed that to Twon (the brother). One day I logged on Facebook and received this instant message from him:

T’Bo Be Fxckin Around

man no you not dat was a ACCIDENT pure horny shit quit playin wit me i have sumbdy and dat aint changing.

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Ask V.I.~ I’m In Love With My Brother

Hi V.I.,

I have a huge problem on my hand! I’m in love with my bestfriend’s brother after 8+ years of us calling each other brother and sister. I have always liked him since we meet in high school but never acted on it because he is my bestfriends brother and I didn’t want to interfere with our friendship. So I just put my feelings under the rug of 8 years until recently!

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My Top 11 Deal Breakers In Relationships

There are just certain things you just can’t deal with when it comes to relationships. Maybe you don’t like a man who’s shorter than you, or you don’t want to date a woman that has a kid. When it comes to your relationship shopping list, you weed out the things that you dislike and if you can’t deal with it you send them packing. I don’t think I’m a picky person, but there are just some things when it comes to men in general that are strict deal breakers for me. Meaning if your ass is holding anyone of these don’t you DARE try to holla at me, because that shit would be cut short faster than you can say “V.I. I was wondering…”. NO!

11. Your FB Page Is A Memorial For All The Chicks You Done Smashed~ Have you ever met a guy that you liked and you couldn’t wait to get home to google him? You get on the computer and look him up on Facebook to find that he has over 5k friends and every last one of them has a vagina? His wall consists of chicks arguing and leaving suggestive comments on his wall. Then you go to his pictures and he has photos with a different chick in all 237 pictures. His motto in life is “Get bitches or die trying”. Yea…that dude there cannot come anywhere near me. Getting women seems like a conquest than anything else to him. He’s the type that would want to smash just to say “Yo Veronica??? Yea I smashed that chick”. More concerned with the notches on his belt than the Syphilis he’s spreading. Ol nasty STD infested ass.

10.  You Have Roommate aka Your Momma~ No grown ass man needs to be living with his momma in 2011. You parading up and down in a Lexus Jeep with your momma’s name on the title. You invite a chick over to the house and there is plastic on the furniture and a china cabinet in the dining room. You gotta tip toe up the stairs with your chick because you don’t wanna wake your momma…I mean your roommate up at 8:30pm.  Your too damn grown to be writing your name on the orange juice dude. Get up out the house and be a man. You can’t possibly think you can court me right? You see what they’re trying to do is find a new momma. You get with them and they move from their momma’s house to yours. Dude just looking for someone to treat him like his momma does. Naw sir…you need to try that with those other chicks cause this chick here ain’t about that life. If you can’t bring nothing, but a penis to the table you are of no value to me. Good Day Sir!

9. You have Your Own Basketball Team With a few Assistant Coaches~ I don’t have kids, and in a perfect world I would meet a man with no kids and we can build the dream together. So since we don’t live in a perfect world, at this age I think it’s damn near impossible finding a man without at least one child. I can handle one or even two, but when your ass has 5 and up that is where I gotta draw the line. Not only do you have all those kids you have more than one baby mother? So not only do I have to deal with all your kids disliking me for coming my happy ass in the picture I got your baby mommas hating me in the process? I’m sorry, but I can’t deal with all that drama. I don’t do drama and I damn sure don’t want none.  So if you know that you have too much going on in your life then skip over me. I rather spend the rest of my life alone with 18 cats and a parakeet than your 12 children and 8 baby mommas. I refuse to be a statistic.

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