Style Diva To Watch: Virtuous Styls by Virtuous One

Have you ever thought of shopping on a budget? Does the idea sound foreign to you? Do you even think it can be done? Well I want to introduce you to Virtuous One of Virtuous … coined “The Clothes Whisperer”. Virtuous One shows you how to transform your Styl without breaking the bank. Being a personal stylist /personal shopper, Virtuous One  helps you improve your original look from head to toe that aligns with your own personality and lifestyle.

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Fashion Cost While Style Is Free *Vintage*

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE high fashion as much as the next fashion band-aid (groupie), but I realized the difference between fashion and style. You could own all the designer garments known to man, but if you can not merch(merchandising) or style it up it’s as if you’ve ruined a great pair of Jeffery Campbell shoes by stepping into dog pooh! Here’s when your true fashion love kicks in.

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2011 Spring/Summer Fashion Predictions

Wouldn’t you love to have a crystal ball to see what is gonna be hot in 2011? What will be making a comeback or what new gem will be created? Well I stumbled upon my very own fashion genie who has predicted what will be the hottest trend in Spring/Summer fashion for 2011. Daniel P. Dykes of Fashionising.Com has the hottest and some surprising predictions…check it out here

Style Icon Status of 2010

It seems when it comes to fashion, Pop Diva Rihanna can do no wrong. If it’s fashion or hair the world looks at RihRih for a pointer or two. I will admit I’ve been a slave to the Rihanna haircut myself. *don’t you dare judge me* Regardless to what you think of her music Rihanna is one of the most popular style icons of 2010. Rocking a fiery sheer red Elie Saab gown at the American Music Awards this year and the red curly mane to match Rihanna has definitely become a staple in the Fashion Hall of Fame.

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Year Round Style! Your how-to of taking your fashion into the next season with SASS

Yes, the summer sun is just starting to warm up…..BURNING UP actually! But it’s totally time to switch gears. To where you ask….into Pre-Fall fashion 2010. Time to start thinking about what will be hot for fall, but don’t put away all of your summer piece just yet…

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I CANNOT Belive it…What fashion thinks!

 I had the great opportunity of attending the BET Hip Hop Awards this year. At the mention I instantly thought of fly girls and b boys with super dope chain and fly jackets….you know true Hip Hop. Because I grew up in the 80’s and love the culture because my big sister would allow me to watch BET as a little girl. I was amazed to see at my surprise that wasn’t the case. I’m all for being sexy hell, I mean ALL FOR IT. I just wonder what it says to women in general after seeing what was acceptable. Just looking around made me question have we really come that far in fashion “Hip Hop” as a culture or are we a bunch of wanna-be’s…. Only 100 Nicki’s, 50 types of Rihanna’s, renditions of Amber Rose and tons of Cali Swaggers(if that’s what they are called)…. Don’t get me wrong there women are beautiful and the guys look dope but I refuse to believe that no one has their own “swagg” I mean really… No one! And I’m more so appalled at BET for only chosen those you look absolutely foolish to represent Hip Hop…. The Hip Hop clothing Gods(Run D MC, Salt n’ Pepper and so on) are angry. And may they smite all that do not respect the fresh of being yourself.  We have become herds of sheep… There are some lone star style stars but very few…. Common, Kanye and Outkast are the few that stand out at the moment. I mean really there’s nothing wrong with taking something that you like from some one but come on man…. The memory of rubbing thighs and mis-shaping bodies all over the place. UGH! My stomach is still turning. I’m all for growth and change but please people develop your own looks so they can follow you. I would love see the return of the artist being a fan of their fans the people who support them… This is rarely seen these days. Over all the show seem like a huge joke. Which is sad. Remember BET was respected….seems those days are gone. Yet again we must do BETTER!

My fashion core is hurting ,

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