Sexing Your Ex While Dating Your Next

couple in bed

I swear some people just jump into other relationships for the shear purpose of not being alone. You get into another relationship claiming your over your last, but on the low you’re still jumping into your ex’s bed. There is no way you can move forward if your vagina is still stuck on the former tenant. Getting over a past relationship is a very emotional task. Love can’t just go away because you’re no longer capable of being involved with that person. Things like that take time. The issue is getting involved in another relationship while you’re still emotionally torn is just plain ol messy. Why would you allow yourself to hurt someone who has nothing to do with your drama, when you know good and damn well the past isn’t really the past?

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When Is It The Right Time To Move In Together?


Is it me or folks have started shacking up left and right? It’s like folks get so in their feelings about their partner and they have to play house for fear that the hours they are apart might change the other person’s feelings. I know love is a splendid thing, there is no “I” in team and cake is made out of baby tears and love but some couples make that huge step too soon and realize the shit was a mistake when the relationship starts swirling down the drain. I am all for taking that next big step but when is it too soon to move in together? 

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