Learning How to Forgive…Your Past

So last night while drinking my favorite wine *whispers…moscato*and listening to the new Adele album “21” *I had a revelation about life. Some people are too bitter to move on and be happy. When a relationships end good/bad you tend to remain in the past and stay there. You replay certain aspects of your relationships and wonder what could have been done differently…exactly when did it go wrong? You hold onto so much that you refuse to let anything go…and you wonder why your relationships don’t work. No one can love you know if you can’t forgive who you were then.

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Open Letter~ Now Divorced Yet Still Single *Update*

What’s up V.I.,

I sent you about 2 emails last year “Married Yet Still Single” and “Married Yet Still Single 2” discussing an issue I had within my marriage. The reason I came to you before was because my wife read your blog frequently, and in the back of my mind I wanted her to find out about what I did.┬áTo recap, I was married to a woman that cheated on me. I took her back and stayed in the marriage, but the love wasn’t there anymore. I met a young lady that made me feel wanted and loved. I was now the cheater in my marriage.

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