Is It Ok To Date A Friend’s Ex Even If They’re Ok With It?



This question has come up time and time again. Is it ok to date a friend’s ex even if your friend didn’t have an issue with it? Some people have said that there should be a “code” among friends that should prevent the other from even going down that road. Then on the other side you have others saying if “the relationship didn’t work out, there is a chemistry between the two and there is no love lost with your friend and her ex… so why  not?”  Something like this can break up a pleasant friendship, but I think every situation is different. Here are a few instances where I think dating an ex of a friend might not be such a bad thing.

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Can You Kick It…With His EX?

Can you have a friendship with his ex? I know most of you looking at this like “This heffa must be out of her mind.” I know it’s not that common, but it’s not unheard of either. There are some people who have a friendly relationship with their significant’s other’s ex. They may not hang out and shit, but they’re cordial with each other. No bad vibes, well at least on the surface. I can say that I’ve never had a friendship or even a decent conversation with an ex of anyone I’ve ever dated. Them bitches didn’t like me. Maybe because I looked better than their ugly asses. Whatever the reasoning I never had the opportunity, not like I wanted it anyway. I do know some women that hang out, go shopping even chat on the phone. Chile that is just a little too much closeness for me. Would you be able to befriend your man’s ex even though he’s not into her anymore?

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Ask V.I.~My Kitty Kat Made Him Vomit

Hi V.I.,

I need you to help me figure this one out. So I’ve been single for a while and I haven’t allowed anyone in my circle. There is this guy that I’ve been friends with for a few years and he has always had an interest in me. I wasn’t feeling him like that, but recently he approached me about being sex buddies. I was a little reluctant because we were just friends and like I said I wasn’t feeling him on that level.

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Run Heffas! 5 Men That Should Be Off Limits

Women always want what they know their asses don’t need. It’s like we’re children. We see a shiny red button that says “Don’t Touch”, but we still touch it just to see what happens. It’s the same way with men. There are some men that we know we have no business getting involved with, but we let our loins get in the way and all hell breaks loose. Here are the top 5 men that need to have their own warning labels. Ladies, if you get involved with any of these men you’re about to head down shits creek without a paddle. I’ve listed them in no particular order.

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Ask V.I.~ I Could Just Die…Seriously

I am 22 yrs old and I recently lost my virginity to a friend. About five days later after the first time I noticed there was a problem, I found to bumps in my genital region. I went to the doctor a few days later(it was the weekend), & I am now waiting on my results. The thing is that since that doctors visit the situation down there has gotten worst and I just know that I have Herpes. I feel like crawling under a rock and dying because this is just horrible. I don’t know what to do and feel like my sex life completely over and it hasn’t even start yet.

I can’t tell my 2 best friends because  I don’t want to get treated any differently & I know that it would be hard for them not to do me that way. That would honestly be committing social suicide, they wouldn’t just stop hanging with me completely because they are my cousin and sister. It’s to the point that this is already hard trying to deal with, that I don’t need anything added on. I haven’t even talked my friend even though he has been calling and texting wanting to see me. If I see him I don’t know what my actions might be…If u have any thoughts or advice please share because I need something.


Scared and Confused

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Keeping Your Shit To Yourself

Not everyone needs to know your business! Women have this small problem of confiding in anyone that would listen about her troubles with the opposite sex. I’m not saying you can’t seek advice, but damn seek advice from the right ass person. Every aspect of your relationship or life for that matter is not on a need to know basis. There are some things you just need to learn to keep to yourself. For instance, there are some friends I don’t divulge every aspect of my shit to…because I know my friends. Jealousy and shit is never far off with the people I know. I’m not saying I am all of that, but when shit is going right or wrong in your life you always have that one hating ass friend that loves to slyly kick you when you’re down.

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