Should You Buy A Gift For Someone You Just Started Dating?

The holiday season is here and everyone’s trying to be on their best behavior so they won’t be left out of the gift giving. You have your parents, siblings and even your friend’s gifts together, but your missing someone or are you? You just started dating a guy and although you like him a lot you’re wondering if it’s too soon to buy him a gift. It’s not like you two are in a relationship but you do go out often and you think more can come of it, but right now it’s up in the air. Should you exchange gifts for the spirit of the season, or should you text/call and say “Merry Christmas” and wait to see if the relationship makes it until next Christmas?

New romances can warm anyone’s heart *throws up*. I mean it’s cool when you’re dating someone new and you’re taking the time to really get to know each other. Ain’t that just the cutest shit ever? The thing that folks get concerned about is special holidays. Is it too premature to buy him/her a gift  for Christmas? In my opinion if you’ve only been on a few dates we and haven’t gotten to the point where you don’t know if you’re going to move to the next step a gift is not a good idea. You’re just getting to know them and what if you buy a gift and a week later ya’ll stop seeing each other? A card is acceptable, but just saying Merry Christmas will work out just fine. Unless we are exclusively dating each other I ain’t buying you shit. Let me take that back. I don’t have a problem taking you out to eat or something, but actually going to a store and buying you a gift ain’t happening. This gift issue always comes around other times of the year like birthdays and Valentine’s day. I don’t expect anything so don’t you expect anything.

The most uncomfortable feeling is actually when one person buys a gift and the other person doesn’t. If you think that has a chance of happening then maybe you should discuss that shit before the holiday approaches. I just don’t like misunderstandings and I don’t do embarrassment. So if you must bring it up lightly one day. Now if he insists on buying you something, then bitch you better accept it. Men don’t usually go around buying bitches gifts and shit no mo. So for you…just dating…no gift giving unless previously discussed. Just enjoy the holiday together if that’s the plan. No pressure.