Why Do We Ignore The Signs?

Why do people neglect the signs? Have you ever met someone that you liked, but it seemed like everything in the relationship was wrong? No matter how much you try to ignore it, it becomes more apparent that something just isn’t right. Either they’re mentally unstable, they’re users or the timing is just off. In the back of your mind you know that it’s not suppose to be like that, but because you’re in love you ignore it and pray that it becomes better. Why do we ignore the signs when they’re clearly right in front of us?

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Fantasia's Story Might Be Your Story…

“Your greatest gift can be your biggest curse” (c) V.I.

Last night Vh-1 aired the episode I think everyone was waiting for…what really happened with Fantasia. The episode started out with Fantasia telling her side of what really happened that night when she overdosed. It was really hard for me to watch because this is not only Fantasia’s story, this happens to many people on a daily basis. As humans we cannot disregard our emotions. We give so much of ourselves that when we constantly feel like nothing is right…we react. For a split second you might think “I just want to give up”.

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Are You At Your Full Potential?

Lately, I’ve been wanting to just run down the street buck nekkid and just scream out loud into the world. Have you ever felt like you’re trapped in a box and can’t find a way out? You know there is light at the end of the tunnel, but you can’t find the f*cking tunnel? That’s how I’ve been feeling. I feel like I’m not working at my full potential, but at the same time not sure of how to work at my full potential. This is my┬ádilemma.

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