The Most Wonderful Time of the YEAR

Well the holidays are upon us…and you know what that means. Shopportunities are endless! Stores are opening later, deals are better and everything becomes even more of a must .  So here’s a few helpful hints to use your time wisely this holiday season.

1. Scope out deals on the net. Alot of your favorite companies have on line special that start after Black Friday. It’s called Cyber Monday!

2. Limit yourself. Take a certain amount of cash so you don’t over spend yourself…remember it’s the thought that counts and the feeling it feels to give.

3. Coupons are your friend. Some store take competitor coupons that can also help you to save money.

4. Mama ain’t raise no fool…If it sounds to good to be true…keep in mind it just might be. So be sure to research the product before you buy.

5. Be ready for battle…it’s the holidays but people tend to forget after 5 hours of hunting and gathering gifts.

6. Stay strapped! In your trust ever ready kit make sure you pack a snack… Stopping for food will only make you lose way and focus.

With these simple but important tips you shall be able to shop in until you absolutely drop!

Find the Fabulous Finds,



What Are You Thankful For?


What are you thankful for? I know we go through our everyday lives complaining about the things we lack, but never thankful for the things we have. As the holidays approach there are many people out there that can’t provide for their families. There will be no grand Thanksgiving dinners or the kids will have to go without presents this year. As the economy declines everyone is in a bind. With all this, we still need to be thankful for life, family, and love. No matter how bad things may be, you’re alive when you don’t have to be.
I want everyone to be safe out there this holiday season. No matter what you’re going through just know it’s only temporary. All our situations are temporary. I’m thankful for my family, friends, and the ability to love. So…What are you thankful for?
Have a safe holiday season from all of us here at Candy Diaries
Love V.I