Reali-Tea: #RHOA Cynthia Bailey Bicycle Kicks Porsha Williams In The Gut


Chile, I swear for such “classy/upscale” women, these housewives are always doing the most. TMZ has reported that Cynthia Bailey and Porsha Williams of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta got into it while taping recently. The ladies were on a boat arguing about not a damn thing (as they always do) and things escalated. I guess because Porsha dragged Kenya Moore’s a$$ across the room a few seasons ago during the reunion, now she thinks she’s Rhonda Rousey. Allegedly, they were arguing and Porsha called Bailey a bitch, then proceeded to get up in Miss Bailey’s face. Well due to all the Tae-bo Cynthia learned to defend herself against all of Peter’s other women, she bicycle kicked her right in the stomach with her stiletto heels. 

Producers came in before Porsha could drag Cynthia by her weave. Listen, I love a good juicy reality show, but when you have grown “professional” women fighting and carrying on for a damn check, I am instantly turned off. Bravo does the utmost when it comes to this show, but at this point this is just getting desperate. These women are so fame hungry that they would make themselves look like idiots for our viewing pleasure. Anyway  Porsha went to Grady for pain meds, but I highly doubt charges will be pressed. I don’t know, nor do I really care. 

Question: Do you think it’s time for RHOA to be cancelled? Hell I do.