Open Letter~ Now Divorced Yet Still Single *Update*

What’s up V.I.,

I sent you about 2 emails last year “Married Yet Still Single” and “Married Yet Still Single 2” discussing an issue I had within my marriage. The reason I came to you before was because my wife read your blog frequently, and in the back of my mind I wanted her to find out about what I did. To recap, I was married to a woman that cheated on me. I took her back and stayed in the marriage, but the love wasn’t there anymore. I met a young lady that made me feel wanted and loved. I was now the cheater in my marriage.

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How Do Men Deal With A Cheating Woman?

When people hear that someone has cheated in a relationship they always assume it’s the guys’ fault. We all know that some men aren’t worth a damn, but there are a lot of women out here that don’t give a shit. Studies have actually shown that because women are more emotional creatures they have a tendency to cheat more than men. It doesn’t always start as a physical act. There are a lot of women that cheat emotionally and think as long as she’s not actually having sex it doesn’t count. No matter how you cheat it’s still cheating. Fellas, what do you do when you’ve been faithful and you find out your woman has cheated? Do you stay and try to make it work or do you kick her to the curb and deal with your broken heart?

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Is Lying Healthy in Relationships?

We all tell a little white lie here and there because let’s be real; the truth just does cut it sometimes. You might not mean to lie, but it sure does sound convenient coming out of your mouth. The small issue with lying is you have to lie to cover up a lie to cover up another lie. Then you run the risk of forgetting what lie you told in the beginning. At the end of the day does the shit  even seem worth it? As the saying goes “Honesty is always the best policy”, but if your partner doesn’t take the truth well is it better to spare their feelings or kick em in the balls and be upfront?

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The Little Lies We Tell Ourselves

*Snapping Fingers* Welcome to the Diary of A Mad Guest Blogger. This is a segment where we feature readers that got thangs to say. I want you to give a special hand to Amber-Fash.

It’s amazing how we “try” to keep things together even after we realize that don’t work. I (because I live and love fashion must speak from my fashion perspective) buy a pair of shoes that I love or lust at first sight then put them on and can’t walk in them for sh*t…but can’t bring myself to stop wearing…or god forbidden give them away and let someone else have them. It’s the same thing with a relationship.

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ASK V.I.~ Too Scared To Be Honest


Dear V.I.,

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed about a situation that’s been going on for the past 4-5 yrs. Let me start at the beginning I had a homegirl(T) who met this dude. Thinking that it’ll be cool to double date, buddy hooked me up with a friend. We all hung out one day at the bowling alley. Now guy thought I’d fuck him and he was soooo wrong, so me and dude never chilled again. However, me and my friend continued to hang with just her guy. He would cook for us and take us out. Now I never noticed that buddy was too friendly with me but my homegirl thought so. So one night after we were at his house she left me there I was like WTF! Well nothing happened but I could tell buddy liked me so they got into an argument over me. They eventually ended but I must admit I liked buddy so I confided in my other BFF (K) and she was like go for it.

 Like two weeks passed and she(K) told me she met a guy so we went out and guess who it was it was buddy from my the (T) situation.So we went out and guess who it was it was buddy from my the (T) situation. That night he was like he wanted me to come back to his house and I was like no and even told my friend(K) he hit on me. She was like oh ok . Well buddy called me and needed me to help him w/ something technical w/ his computer. Looking back I should’ve just said no but he was so sweet. Nothing happened that time but there was sexual tension in the air. I chilled w/ him like two other times before we hooked up. Now him and (K) stopped hanging and it was just me & him off and on. Well recently she (K) decided she wants to hook up with him again and I’m pissed but I’m like do I have the right to be??? I’m mad, jealous, and want to kick his ass b/c he tells me that we should have an exclusive cut friend relationship but I’m like I don’t want to fuck with him if he’s fucking my friend again?

What should I do? VI????  I’ve been messing with dude since 06″. I’m scared to tell her and now if I do it’ll seem like I’m dirty and just don’t want her to be with him.


Dear Anonymous,

You have officially gotten yourself in deep shit. As I read this email I had to ask myself “Why the hell is this dude circulating between 3 friends”. Every last one of you has gotten smashed *I assume* by this dude and now you might loose a friend over it. Let’s start off with your first friend you mentioned…”T”. Now, first off hanging out with your homegirl and her beau is a no no. You became the third wheel in their relationship. If they invited you over, it was because they thought it was a nice gesture…you shouldn’t have accepted. Like you said you sorta liked him and you knew he liked you so you continued to tag along. Looking at that situation from “T” perspective I can tell why she would be upset.

Now you met up with him a second time and your other friend “K” was dating him. From that moment you should have backed the f*ck up when he started dating her. If he disrespected your homegirls if you hooked up with him chances are he would have done the same to you. You purposely put yourself in a situation where you wanted to be around him, because like you said in the beginning you were digging him. Now WHY THE F*CK WOULD YOU AGREE TO A DAMN CUTT RELATIONSHIP IS BEYOND ME. Plus, you’ve been f*cking with this dude 4-5 years and you’re still the cutt buddy? If you went into this situation thinking the only way you could be close to him is to become a jump-off, then you need to figure out why are your standards so off. Having a cutt relationship is ok if you are just seeking out sex, but doing it for this long is a no no. You get comfortable, you get possessive and that’s exactly what has happened. Now that you’re girl wants to see him again you’re upset, because for 5 years you’ve thought of him as yours. If this man wanted to be with you, you would not be subjected to being just another “f*ck”.

I think the best thing to do with your homegirl is tell her the truth. You’ve hid this for years, and the minute she starts dating him again it’s gonna eventually come out. No matter how and when she finds out she’s gonna be pissed at you. You broke the girlfriend’s code: Never f*ck or suck your best friends ex boyfriends. You’ve had her sloppy seconds now. The fact that you waited so long to tell her, she’s gonna look at you as someone who can’t be trusted. Friends don’t do that to each other. Plus, she’s not the only friend you back stabbed. This guy will now come between you and your girls. You might end up loosing your friends while he can sit back and say he done f*cked all ya’ll.

I really hope I’ve helped you in some way. The decision is ultimately yours to make, so I hope you make the right one that will be in your best interest. Keep me posted.




Ask V.I.~ Tears Don't Dry On Their Own

Dear V.I.,

I decided to come to you because I don’t know who else to talk to. About a year ago I met this guy and we started dating. Every thing was going great for the first 4 months then he started acting differently. I suspected he was cheating but I wasn’t sure. One day while we were going out to eat I found a condom under the passenger seat. He said that his brother might have accidentally dropped it while he was giving him a lift. I was so naive, I didn’t really press the issue any furthur.

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