Do Men Really Trust Women?


We (women) go on and on about how you can’t trust a man. You’re always suspicious of the things he would do or say because you have this unsettling feeling that he’s doing some shit he shouldn’t be doing. You cry, complain and cuss because you feel he has no regard for your feelings. You bring up your issues with the lack of trust you have in the relationship. He hears what you have to say, but isn’t really listening. He knows whatever you’re saying is just some emotional thing you’re probably going through. At this point he has a lack of trust also. He doesn’t trust your feelings.

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The Good Man Gene *Vintage*

Over the weekend I was talking to someone and we were discussing relationships. He asked me about my opinion on the matter and I told him straight out as I usually do. He just looked at me and said “Not all men are dogs”. It tripped me out because he was actually the second person who said that to me in a week. I actually started to think; do I give out a vibe that I think all men are bitch asses? In the back of my mind I do believe these types of men exists, but when all you meet is the trifling ass dudes your perception of men shift. Then I started to wonder: Ok, so these men exist. Is this how they were raised or they had to be the grimy ass dude first, and then realize that being grimy just isn’t the business?

I believe anyone can change if they really wanted to. If a guy was a straight up slut, I do believe if he wanted to be the right man to the right woman he could definitely do it. He just would have to want it more for himself, than for her. There are some men that just are good men. Someone once told me it’s how a man was raised. I don’t fully agree with that theory. There are men that grew up with a respect for women because of their respect for their mothers. Then there are men that treat women like shit, but still value and respect moms. Same thing goes for men brought up with a father in their lives. I don’t think being a good man can necessarily be thought, but when you have great examples in your life I think you can definitely learn something. At the end of the day everything is up to you. How you treat women, how you respect yourself, how you handle your business.

So now the question on every woman’s lips: Where are all the good one’s hiding? We already established that there are some out there; we just can’t seem to find them. I got news flash ladies; we found them we’re just not focused on them. The same guy I was speaking to said “All women say they want a good man, but when they find one they say he’s boring”. I totally agree with this statement. Most women want a man that brings some sort of excitement into their lives. Majority of the time those are the n*ggas that got drama out the ass. Yes, I am saying that there are some women out there that are just addicted to drama shit. It makes you stay on your toes, it makes you show emotion. That’s what women want, but their looking for it in all the wrong places. Another News Flash: The really good men don’t have all that drama. So if it’s women calling your phone, baby momma slicing your tires, or him not calling you and shit. Well maybe you don’t need a good man. I’M JUST SAYING…


Holla at me: What are your thoughts on Good Men?

Attention:Not All Men Fear Marriage

Not all brothas are marriage material. There are some you literally have to punch in the ball sack to get them to take you out the house. They fear the words “us” and “together”. If you even attempt to say “When I get married”…their asses are so quick to let you know it ain’t that kind of party. These are the “Only for a time” men. You can kick it with them.. you know have your fun, but when you decide you want something more you look the other way. Then you have the brothas that don’t shy away from commitment. They’ve done  all they wanted to do and more and finally realized that finding that woman that makes them feel confident in love is better than any feeling in the world. They have no problem making that step with the right person. They know when it’s time ladies, sometimes they want to make sure that you’re ready.

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You Ain't Rocking A Damn Thang


Men get a little intimidated when I say that I’m not easily wowed when it comes to the bedroom skills. Sure I might meet someone that make me climb the walls, but then there are some I gotta look at with the Lil Mama side eye like “What in de hell you doing playa”? Then there are times I just stop in the middle and get the hell out of dodge. Yes I get my shit and I roll out. No need completing the task when you’re already failing miserably. So I stop you dead in your tracks and try to explain to you where you went wrong. Here are some reasons why your d*ck don’t move my mountain.

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