Beyonce Just Sh*t On All Yall. Drops Album Out of Nowhere



The Champ Is Here. The Champ Is Here. Beyonce done shit on all these little R&B hoes that ever thought they would ever do this shit in a legit way. So I was just getting over the devastation that is considered Scandal. Sitting here picking up the pieces of my life and I went back to twitter. So I’m scrolling down my timeline and I see Queen Mother’s name up and down my timeline. So my heart skipped a slight beat when I saw an itunes link. I clicked on the link and my chinkey eyes saw the holy grail. On itunes I see “BEYONCÉ” album cover just a simple black and white. I got instantly geeked. Then I see 32 tracks on this damn playlist. I then realized that Mother has blessed us with a new album containing not only 14 new tracks, but the videos to said tracks. Beyonce has ganked hoes once again. 

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J.Cole Stalking And Killing In New Video ‘Power Trip’ {Video}


I love me some J. Cole, but this new video is um… scary as shit. J. Cole’s new video “Power Trip” featuring Miguel has hit the innanets and baybay I was not expecting this shit. Ya’ll know I don’t usually post rap videos, but because this video is about this subject I just had to do it. 

The video basically deals with stalking, obsession and involves criminal activity. Ya’ll just check it out and let me know your thoughts. Has J. Cole gone overboard with the video or is he just displaying real-life situations. I just hope his fine ass ain’t crazy. Ain’t nothing sexy about a cute crazy ass man. 


New Music: Marsha Ambrosius – F*ck N Get It Over With *Video*

Marsha Ambrosius

Babyyyyyyyy, yes gawd is alive. My girl Marsha done came with the truth. You ever had the person that you decided to f*ck, then you caught feelings and you knew that shit might have been the biggest mistake you made? You feeling a sorta way, you know there won’t be a relationship so you kick it to the side, but you needed one last night of fucking? No? Shit…get off this here post.

I love this song right here, my girl went straight to the point…Fuck and Get It Over With! Enjoy the new music video!


Drake feat.Rihanna~ Take Care

I know a bitch is late and shit, but this suits today’s topic to a T. Plus I fucking love this some right here. Say what you want about Drake and Rih, these two make good music together and the videos are so emotionally strong. I almost want them to fuck again. Just look at that embrace. Chile these two are my new favorite video couple. Enjoy!

New Video:Brandy & Monica~It All Belongs To Me


Last month you heard the new collaboration from Brandy and Monica called “It All Belongs to Me” now see the new video. Brandy and Monica premiered the video tonight on VH-1 at 11pm *shit I didn’t know VH-1 still showed music videos*. The ladies looked beautiful and really brought that real fiyah to the video. I miss the real sistas can blow and  sang their hearts out. Grown women on their grown women shit…I love it and I love the video. Makes me love the song even more.


Gnarls Barkley~ Who’s Gonna Save My Soul

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG AND THE VIDEO IS AMAZING. This is another bad way to break up with someone. Ending a relationship in public is so embarrassing…because you never know if they will burst out in tears. You’re ripping there heart out like you don’t have a care in the world. I love this damn song…Enjoy!

Ashanti Sings “I Have Nothing” on Good Morning America



This morning  Ashanti visited Good Morning America and I guess she was asked to sing one of Whitney’s songs. Now I didn’t see the initial performance, but by what I saw on twitter it’s like the chile took a shit on Whitney’s resting place by performing her song “I Have Nothing.” I finally got to see the performance and honestly I don’t think she was horrible by Ashanti standards. First off Ashanti isn’t a singer by any means, she’s a good hummer. So by actually trying to sing she did ok for not being a singer. Wait I gotta address this…what’s up with the Pocahontas braid tho? This girl trying to make herself relevant but lawd jesus it never works.

Any way tell me what you think.

2012 Grammy Recap: The Good, Bad, And The No Ma’am

Last was the biggest night in music and  of course  that shit was one of the longest nights of my life. Everyone couldn’t wait to see the Whitney tribute, Adele’s wonderful ass and if Chris Brown and Rihanna would feel up each other on the sly. Yes they actually invited Breezy in the Staple Center this year. Other than that another year, another boring ass award show. Let’s me give you my run down on the good, bad and the NO MA’AM.

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Remembering Whitney Houston… Musical Tribute *Videos*

Whitney Houston
Ironically watching the “Preacher’s Wife” on On Demand and my phone rings. It’s my sister telling me something, but I couldn’t understand her because the reception sounded bad. I hang up and called her back and she immediately said “Whitney Houston is dead.” My heart stopped. I thought I heard wrong. I screamed “WHAT!!” She said it again “Whitney’s dead turn on CNN.” I did and found the truth right on my tv screen. Legendary singer, actress, icon Whitney Houston was dead at the age of 48. I immediatly started crying, I was in shock, dismay I just couldn’t believe it.

For those of you that grew up listening to Whitney understand the severity of this tragic moment. Whitney was EVERYTHING TO EVERYONE. She is one of the original DIVAS in the industry and to lose someone like her is just heart wrenching and devastating. I cannot count how many of her songs has touched my soul. This reminds me of when Michael Jackson died. It feels like a member of my family has passed away. No matter how negative people are over Whitney and her death she will always be the QUEEN. No one and I mean no one could/can SANG like Ms. Whitney. No one at all. She will be truly missed and we know that she’s in the kingdom of heaven resting in God’s heavenly embrace.

Love You Whitney…

Here are a few of Whitney’s memorable videos. I could be here all day posting every last one but I won’t.

What’s your favorite Whitney song?


New Music: Jay-Z ft Blue Ivy Carter~ Glory

Jay-z and Blue Carter

Blue Ivy already cut an album. The creole princess of all things beautiful and the hood dude turned mogul was finally introduced to their daughter Blue Ivy Carter on Saturday and the proud papa already got a song dedicated to his little girl. The song Glory basically tells the story of her parents struggles to get to this point. You even find out some shit you didn’t know. I’m so happy for them and I can’t wait to see Blue Ivy. I know she’s gonna be beautiful…she’s a child of God. Screw all you hating ass haters.