Raheem DeVaughn~ She's Single * Explicit*

Shouts To WSHH

I see Raheem DeVaughn in a whole new light. This video is how you say…orgasm in a cup. Ya’ll see this ish? I mean Radio Raheem is getting it in…LITERALLY! Yo you can’t even watch this thing at work. You might get fired and have an orgasm in the same min. Dude munching and scrunching in the video. Now people are wondering if he really got down for this video and if he wrapped it up. I think he really smashed her, but hey what do I know. Please enjoy…I know I did.


Jazmine Sullivan~In Love With Another Man

Today’s “Ask V.I.” immediately made me think of this song…hence naming the blog after the song. This blog is the exact representation of what actually happens to a lot of people. Falling in love with someone when you know they’re all wrong for you. I’ve been in this situation before and it is the most f*cked up situation you can ever get involved in.

Anyway, I loved this song and didn’t know Jazmine had a video for it. I loved that it was just her singing and the actors just played their roles. It was passionate and sad all at the same time. By the by do you notice women always leave their good men for guys that have the best dick. Do they get dicknatized or do they actually get confused with loving the dick with loving the man? Hmmmm anyway enjoy!

Eve~ Love Is Blind

The first time I heard this song and saw the video I cried. Eve wrote this song based on personal experience. Her friend was killed by the hands of her “man”. This song shows the bitter end to an abusive relationship. It shows how many abused relationships end when there is no end to the violence. Enjoy!

Willow Smith~Whip My Hair

I’m officially on my Justin Beiber shit…I love this song by Willow. Although homegirl is only like 9 years old this chick rivals all them celebrity singer hoes out right now. The girl sounds like a grown ass somebody and the beat stays in your brain. Will and Jada sho did right by them kids. Enjoy!