New Music: Monica & Brandy~ “It All Belongs To Me”

Monica & Brandy

Fourteen years ago two of R&B’s brightest stars decided to collab on a song called “The Boy Is Mine.” This was the anthem for many young girls my age who had a crush on someone and some other chick tried to holla as well. The song was a huge hit and now Monica and Brandy have decided to create that magic again. Here is the new song “It All Belongs To Me” which will be featured on both their upcoming albums.

The song produced my producer Rico Love shows the duo in a different light. First they battled over the same man, now they’re dropping the men out of their lives. This is some grown woman shit. When you’re fed up with it all, you gotta handle your business.

Take a listen and tell me what you think.


Beyonce~ 1+1 *Official Video*


The princess of  creole music is back. Ya’ll know I love me some Beesus more than I love men with nice dick bulges. One of my favorite songs “1+1” is finally out and the video is hot. I mean Bey just all glistening singing about her king.

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Lil Wayne~ How To Love *Official*

I totally love this song. This is so different for Wayne. I’m sure a lot of women can identify with the words to the song. I really love the video too… It’s a much watch! Enjoy!

JoJo & Drake~Marvin’s Room (Can’t Do Better) (Take Care)

This is my anthem to life….JoJo f*cked this track up. “F*ck that new girl that you like so bad” Ha….The ladies are crazy over this shit. JoJo remixed Drake’s song and I love it. There is a time in every woman’s life when we said “F*ck your new girl”… Enjoy!

I’m fair…so here is Drake’s version for the fellas. They both sound hot tho, but I gotta ride with my girl JoJo since I’m such a f*cking lady and all.

*New Music* Olivia~December

After she complained of all the bitches in the industry that cannot sing, Olivia has finally decided to bring it. Don’t get it twisted; this proves that Olivia can sing, the issue I’m having is with the actual song. “You said that you would leave her, for me”…like what kind of naive shit is this? It’s a story about being the other woman, knowing you’re the other woman and mad that you ain’t his woman. When oh when will sistas ever learn? When in love women always see the sweet things…the unicorns and sprinkles and can’t see that they’re just being played. Enjoy! Lol!

New Music: Adele~ Take It All

I don’t think ya’ll know how much I love me some Adele. This chick is amazing. “Take it all” was the song I listened to when I wrote “Learning How to Forgive Your Past”. I added the video with the lyrics to the song because it shows how in love you give your all and sometimes it’s never enough. You want to give everything you have because you just don’t believe someone doesn’t love as hard as you love them. This is a great album and if you have slept on Adele over the fast few years…YOU NEED TO GET WITH THE PROGRAM. This bitch is BADDDDDDDDDDDDD!

Want an opportunity to buy her new album “21”? Well here it is…Click here!

Nicki Minaj feat Eminem~ Romans Revenge

Yo, I don’t do Nicki at all but this bitch is killing shit. First Monster now this. If you listen to the second verse that chick is fucking Lil Kim with no dildo. What the hell can Kim say anyway? There is no way you can come back from that. Eminem was cool. This is the Em i remember. Since he got that rapist dark hair color and kicked the drugs he just got so blah. I’m assuming he drank some syrup before he did this song, cause Em is back. Enjoy!

If you wanna download the song click here

Rihanna~ Who’s That Chick *Day and Night Version*

*Spits out sunflower seeds on whoever is standing next to me* So Drake’s one night stand and Chris Brown’s punching bag has a new video. So she did a night and day version of this wack ass song. She’s turning into a freak in my opinion. The song and the damn videos sucks midget dick. Anyway I gotta go *walks away eating my sunflower seeds* Enjoy!

Estelle feat. John Legend & Nas~Fall in Love *Official Video*

I loves me some Estelle baby. Here is the new single from the UK diva feating John Legend and Nas. I am a huge Estelle fan and I can’t wait until her new album drops. I love the beat, the scenery, and she looks fierce. I loves her…*if I didn’t make that clear*. Enjoy!

Rihanna~Te Amo *Official Video*

When in the hell did Rih Rih become a lesbeNON? Yo the shit you gotta do to stay on top *Pun f*cking intended*. This chile is going through an identity crisis. Can someone send this chile a key chain baby Jesus cause this hoe done lost herself. Thank you…Enjoy if you dig lesbeNONs.