What Is Your Definition of Good…I Mean GREAT Sex?


What’s your definition of good GREAT sex? Everyone’s answers might be different, but the goal is the same. Great sex is the type of sex that makes you want to put everything in that motherfucker’s name. Lol iKid. The dick so damn good that you would get up at 2 am in the dead of winter and run outside to turn on his car so it can heat up for his ass. Great sex is the type of sex that make you say “fuck them bitches” when your girlfriends call you to go out to the club. Great sex is the type of sex that has your legs wobbling, sweat dripping off your titty and new hair do gone to hell but you still suck his dick as a fucking “thank you” just for being fucking you. When a man knows how to do it just right it can make every sex session feel like damn Thanksgiving.

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How To Give Her A Powerful Orgasm…With Your Tongue

So fellas, I got another homework assignment for ya’ll. This is only for the men that eat that cooch. Hell, there are some of you out there lying like a bear skin rug talking about you don’t get betwix those legs and slurp up all the  cooch juice.  I wanna introduce you to the Venus Butterfly Technique. You’re probably wondering what in the hell is this technique and how do I know about it. *Ashley Banks voice* “Mind yo bidness that’s all, just mind yo bidness” lmao….I slay myself sometimes. The technique was actually a fictional one that was worked into an old L.A Law episode, but somehow the  white folks done made it real. Venus Butterfly Technique consists of stimulation of the clit with the tongue. You might be saying “Yo V.I., I do that shit on a regular basis”. Yea I know *side eye* but you never done it like this son. Sit down, relax and let me school you on clit 101.

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Candy Licker:Let Him Drop and Give You 20 !!!

Here I am with another installment of the Candy Licker. This time I got the ladies on deck. Ladies, there is nothing wrong with giving the kat the attention it truly deserves? A woman loves to be given special attention from her man. If a man can orally satisfy, then sticks his rock of gibraltar in her, and wear her ass out boo is defiantly the hawtness.

The thing that I noticed is some men are never in denial when it comes to nibbling on the blackberry. They’re proud to announce “I eats the coochie”, but ladies you need to make the coochie eating experience a great one. Please oh please do the necessary procedures to ensure he doesn’t die of coochie heat. You know what I am talking about, where it looks like you’re growing a chea pet down there. A man needs to see that it is visually appealing, because men go off of sight. Also, if you know you’re battling an infection of yeast please don’t allow him to get surprised. He will forever think you constantly smell like trout. Get it together.

If you’re not into oral stimulation, hey that’s cool that isn’t everyone’s thing. If you are, you must take care of yourself. That goes both ways…men I’m talking to you too. A woman doesn’t want to get in a 69 position and find out your dingle berries stink to high heaven. Wash under them balls.

*I know I don’t got shit to do, lol*

Holla at me: Are you into oral stimulation or you can live without it?

Taking Him There

*Sigh* I think I’m slowly forgetting the joys of sex. I’m slowly forgetting that feeling when you’re about to burst when he takes you to that place. When those deep strokes makes your breathing become sporadic and your body tighten. *Clears throat* I miss those days. It’s a beautiful thing when you can get d*ck down by someone you’re sexually compatible with. Someone that can make you realize that great d*ck was made for this very moment. Then there are times when you just want this dude to hurry up and cum, because you got other shit to do with your day. Yea, I’m talking about these energizer bunny ni*ggas, that keep going and going. There is nothing wrong with all niters, but damn hurry up so I can take a break, a cat nap…something.
I’m like Bernie Mack; If I get mine, you better gets yours or you shit out of f*cking luck. If I cum, you better believe that round is over. I’m so tired nowadays I have no time to make sure you got all that shit out. Call me selfish if you wanna, but I know once his ass got all that white liquid out of his system, his ass ain’t thinking about giving me mine. Hell maybe I am selfish; I want mine if he gets his or not. I’m not saying I need a 5 min man…I need a man that can go for a hot min, but if I done had 3 and you still working on number 1 that ain’t my fault. I know some might say, well if he’s not cumming that’s your fault. Hell f*cking no it’s not. Men can hold that shit. I guess they hold it as long as they can so they can caress the p*ssy walls for as long as Little John Boy allows them. Hell I don’t know, but that has nothing to do with the woman the majority of the time. Like I said I don’t like dudes that are inconsiderate about the pressures of the p*ssy. Men don’t realize that after a while that shit starts to hurt. Not because of the size your d*ck you fool, it’s the continuous penetration. Some women can’t deal with that for long periods of time.
So how do we get them to get there when we get there? I think there are a few things you can do to make him release that mighty load. If all else fails suck or beat on his man meat. I know… I know you’re tired… but you got a choice. Either piss him off and go to sleep or let him continue abusing your womanly parts. B*tches get on your knees and do what you gots ta do. Now if you’re not into to sucking or pumping then…um hmmm *thinking really hard* Damn I don’t know what else to tell you. I think those are the best methods in this type of situation. Or you can be like me and not give a damn, and in the middle of the night when he’s rolled over on his side take my hand and get it up again. Chances are since he never got off the first time his ass is gonna roll over if he knew he had potential p*ssy. You gotta love a man with a weak d*ck!!!