Do’s and Don’ts of Great Sex

Exhaustion sex is the absolute best sex to experience. You’re in bed looking at each other like “Damn baby what the hell you just did to me”. That’s the type of sex that leaves you breathless and when you try to stand your legs are like jelly. Knowing that the position that you were just in made you feel that long stroke in your abdomen, but you ignore the pain so you can feel the pleasure. So after all the huffing and puffing, the whining and grinding, how did you and your lover get to this point? Fellas, I have 10 do’s and don’t to pleasing a woman.

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CanDi Chronicles~ His Head Between My Thighs


Pure Fiction

He pinned me up against the wall. His hand around my neck and his lips coming closer to mine. He kissed me with a force that I’ve never felt before. His tongue enters and he moans. As one hand applies pressure to my neck the other hand is around my waist. I can feel my legs getting weak at this exchange. I try to fight him off, but he resists. I don’t want him to stop. He kisses me harder and I swear everything in my being melted. He knew I loved it rough and I know he loved to be rough. He removed his hands from my neck and pinned my hands against the wall. Damn I wanted to fuck him, but didn’t think it was appropriate. It was the 2nd time we’ve actually been around one another. I pushed him away. As we both tried to catch our breaths we just stood there staring at each other with this dangerous lust in our eyes. We wanted each other right then, but we didn’t want to take it there too soon.

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You Would Screw Him On The First Date, But Head Is A No No?

So I’m wondering if I’m the only person that noticed this; a woman would bust it wide open on the first date, but if he asks for head she looks at him like he’s out of his mind and says “HELL NO” in her loudest voice. It’s interesting that women would do all kinds of freaky shit when she first starts having sex with a man, but feels that giving oral is just too far. A man can do her all day long and she has no issues with it, but don’t dare ask her to return the favor. So it makes me believe a woman values head over her own vagina.

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Sneak Preview:The Dick Slayer *Vintage*

dick slayer

Pure Fiction

At 30 I’ve seen a lot of shit in my lifetime. I saw Whitney Houston on crack rocks, Chris Brown whoop a bitch’s ass, and now finding a man that thinks he can have me dick shook. The world must be coming to an end.

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How Does He Deal With Your Sexual Cravings?

sexual craving

*Crosses legs* Is it just me or do ya’ll think about sex on a daily basis? Well maybe every hour, ok ok every second for me. Yes I got a problem, but I think this is pretty normal. You’re human and sex will be on the brain. Shit it’s the only time when your mind is free from worry and all you have is that good stroke to bring out the pleasure. Although some of ya’ll are too afraid to admit it, ya’ll have sexual cravings. It’s ok girl it’s only us in here. You can admit it. There is just some things that a man can do that can just make you go crazy and start oozing all over yourself. I’ve came up with 5 things that make the women folk go ape shit when it comes to the bedroom antics. Fellas please take note; a woman may not tell you what her ass wants so I’ve been elected to do so.

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Ask V.I.~I’m Confused And I Don’t Know If I Should Be…

Dear VI,

I would like your opinion on my situation. I am a 25 year old woman who is currently in love with a 21 year old guy. We attend the same college and have mutual friends. Initially I did not like this guy as we could not get along at all. Strangely enough we both engaged in a “friends with benefits” relationship although I am not quite sure how that happened seeing as we weren’t even friends to begin with.
Anyways the sex started off a little bad because I was celibate for over a year and he was way beyond average, eventually it became great! Now I know the cliche of women falling for men with the good dick and how friends with benefits never work out so I prepped myself for all that. Outside of sex nothing changed about us we still argued and all that.

My situation now is I do not know if he likes me or not. When we first started out we had rules, no emotional attachment, no making love, no kissing, no oral sex. One by one we broke those rules. He said he doesn’t go down on a girl unless he likes them and he did it to me more than once (I never asked). Is it me reading too much into it or does it mean something?

We had a talk one day and he said that he doesn’t like anyone right now, he has no time for a relationship he wants to focus on school. I know when a guy says something he usually means it but sometimes they put on fronts, I have no idea if this was one of them as his actions are opposite from what he says. What should I do? move on? I think about him all the time and what makes it worse is that his best friend and I are good friends so every time she hangs out with him and I am there I get butterflies. I am too old for this fling shit, I just don’t want to give up on something that could possible go somewhere but I don’t want to waste my time either. Help please?

Confused as hell

Dear CAH,

You got hit by the dick. That is the messed up part of a “just sex” relationship, it always ends up more than sex for at least one of the parties involved. You violated the rules of the fuck buddy code and ol boy can sense the change. He already gave you the forewarning that he ain’t about that relationship life, so don’t expect it to change cause you done caught feelings. Nothing good comes from these types of relationship, trust me girl I know all too well. 

You said you two established rules for your situation, once two people start fucking on a regular the rules tend to break because of the comfort level. Now he may have always liked you, but because it was already established as a just sex relationship the feelings may have been pushed to the back. I don’t know, but I don’t see this going the way you want it to go. Now you can do one of two things: You can either tell him how you feel and check his temperature about the whole situation or you can keep your shit to yourself and keep on loving the dick. If you tell him and he says he’s not interested in you in that way, your sexual relationship needs to end. If you get all inside your feelings and he doesn’t reciprocate then you will feel like shit every time ya’ll have sex. You’ll feel used, so it makes no sense to continue. If you don’t say shit, every time the dick enters you will fall deeper and deeper in love. Or maybe you can try this, leave him alone. If you two are all wrong for each other and you just simply can’t get involved with him, the dick games ain’t worth it. Cut your loses and move on. 

In my opinion the best thing for you to do is  discuss it with him. We as women always assume we can read a man’s mind. We know what they’re thinking without asking them what their thinking. We are all guilty of that. Just have an honest discussion with him and based off of his answer you will know how this thing will go. Don’t sucker yourself with a just sex relationship knowing you want more. 

I’ve really hoped I’ve helped you see things clearer in some way. I am not an expert, I just give my opinions as I see fit. The decision is ultimately yours to make, so I hope you make one that is in your best interest. Keep me posted!



Tips To Keep Him Cumming Back

Many people would say there aren’t many ways into pleasing a man. All a woman needs to do is just f!*k him, feed him and shut the f!*k up. While this is true to some degree, it goes deeper than that. Men are very simple creatures, but their ass crave attention more than a newborn baby with an ear infection. I came up with 5 ways to keep a man cumming and still keep your dignity.

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CanDi Chronicles~ The D*ck Is Mine

Pure Fiction

Have you ever had a dick just slide right into your pussy and it just hugged your walls? The second it goes in and all you can do is hold on for dear life because the head of his dick is poking you in the stomach? No? So I guess I’ve been the only one to feel that kind of pleasure. Every time I think of him my pussy pulsates and I think it makes a slight purring noise, but don’t quote me on that. Her man’s dick just fits perfectly, and when he’s in me I feel like I own him. This dick is all mine well at least for tonight. Unfortunately, the dick that feels so perfect belongs to another. So I guess you can say my lover happens to be another bitch’s husband. Don’t get me wrong I respect their marriage to a certain extent, I just respect his dick a lot more.

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Candy Licker: Her Suck Number

When it comes to oral sex every woman is different. When some women think of giving head, they might feel sick to their stomachs or they lick their lips reminiscing on the feel of their first taste of freedom. It’s safe to say giving head might make you cringe or make your day brighter. Some women may even have a time limit when it comes to sucking that pole. Some like to do it unenthusiastically just to get it moist, some may like to give two good licks and call it a day, or you got the chicks that suck it like they were auditioning on the dick.

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CanDi Chronicles: No Licky, No Sticky

Fictional Story

I think all men should be required by law to eat pussy. I think it’s an injustice that they want women to suck on their dicks, but yet going down below is a no no. Who the fuck made these kind of men? At the age of 25 I was too through with brothas that didn’t service me in my magic area. My new rule “No lickey, no stickey”. If you weren’t planning on doing it, then this pussy was officially off limits to you kind sir. So you know every time I told a dude this shit he thought I was joking right. First of all I never let just any ol nigga run up in me and secondly my kit kat has a mind of her own. If she’s not properly tended to, she will not allow you to get anywhere near her. Just dries the fuck up. So we went on strike…no lick, no stick. Hell I even had a shirt made.

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