Ask V.I.~ I Think I Don’t Know How To Sex Him Right


So I’ve been reading your articles and I noticed you give great advice. I’ve been with my boyfriend for over a year now and the sex is okay but it could be better. I’ve realized that we’ve only done three different positions either missionary, me bent over arching my back or me lying on my stomach and him lying on top of me. Mostly missionary though I know boring right. I was just wondering how I can spice things up and make the sex between us amazing?

Also I never ever moan heavy breathing sometimes but I could never let one out even when I’m having an orgasm. I know it’s not him because it’s happened with previous lovers also. I know  I’m probably overwhelming you with all of my problems but I promise this is the last one. I’m scared to ride my boyfriend. I’ve rode a man before but I don’t feel like I did it right even though he claimed I was the best who ever rode his dick. I just feel like I didn’t give it my all like I planned it in my head.

Please help me.

Confused Girl

Dear Confused Girl, 

You’re the problem. Your psyching yourself out and it’s fucking up your bedroom activities  You’re so nervous that you’re not pleasing them that you can’t enjoy the dick. When it comes to spicing up the action in the bedroom the first order of business is 1) Get over your  insecurities. A man won’t put in effort if you’re too timid about it. 2) Talk to your man. Sex is also about communication. If you think your man only knows three positions, teach him the things you like. Ask him what he wants you to do. You gotta discuss the shit or it ain’t getting done. 3) Learn to enjoy it.  You talk about lack of moaning. If you only do three positions, baby there won’t be any moaning being done with either party. Once you start experiencing pleasure then it will happen naturally. Boring sex never made anyone want to holla. 

When it comes to riding dick, baby you can’t plan the shit in your head. That’s why you felt you weren’t doing it right. You’re too anal when it comes to this…you’re thinking too damn much. The more you ride dick the more natural it will become, just chill out. A man appreciates that you even got the courage to climb on the dick. It shows that you want to please him. If you’re as bad as you claim a good man will direct your hips in the right direction. I’ve written a popular post a few years ago about dick riding, since it seems to be the most common thing women ask me. Check out “Dick Riding For Dummies it gives a few pointers, I hope it helps.

I really hope I’ve helped you in some way. The decision is ultimately yours to make, so I hope you make the right one that will be in your best interest. Keep me posted.

How Does He Deal With Your Sexual Cravings?

sexual craving

*Crosses legs* Is it just me or do ya’ll think about sex on a daily basis? Well maybe every hour, ok ok every second for me. Yes I got a problem, but I think this is pretty normal. You’re human and sex will be on the brain. Shit it’s the only time when your mind is free from worry and all you have is that good stroke to bring out the pleasure. Although some of ya’ll are too afraid to admit it, ya’ll have sexual cravings. It’s ok girl it’s only us in here. You can admit it. There is just some things that a man can do that can just make you go crazy and start oozing all over yourself. I’ve came up with 5 things that make the women folk go ape shit when it comes to the bedroom antics. Fellas please take note; a woman may not tell you what her ass wants so I’ve been elected to do so.

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CanDi Chronicles~The Night My Friend Became My Lover


Pure Fiction

He pressed my back against the wall and his warm breath tickled my nose. I wanted to kiss him, but for some reason didn’t want to do it first. Just like that he kissed me and my body went limp. His hand now on my right thigh, my leg went up so he can get better access. As our kisses got deeper and deeper his fingers were now on the crotch of my panties. My pussy instantly gushed with my own juices. The way he touched me was just doing something to me. With my hands around his neck and his fingers playing with my pussy I wanted this man more and more every second. As the rain beat on the window, my pussy was pulsating to it’s rhythm. At that moment I stopped. I stopped him, I stopped myself because this wasn’t us.  We weren’t like this, we’ve been friends for over 6 years…Just Friends. I had no idea what came over us, but honestly the shit felt right.

As I went back to sit on the couch I didn’t want to make eye contact. It felt like I violated some sort of code “friends should never attempt to fuck” type code. He sat next to me on the couch with his eyes fixated on me. As the tv flicked and flashed while on mute, the room was silent. Have you ever heard the phrase “silence is deafening” well I was now deaf. The void in the room was killing me, so I looked at him and saw something that I never really saw before…his eyes burned a hole in my body. He wanted to fuck, hell I wanted to fuck but would fucking be the end of our friendship? As I stared at him and vice versa I think we were both thinking the same thing. “What would happen if we took it there?” I stopped thinking at that moment and grabbed his shirt and pulled him close to me and kissed him. At this point  sex was on my brain and we need to make this happen before we continued to wonder “what if.”

As I pulled him closer his body hovered over mine.  I leaned my head on the arm of the couch I felt my pussy throbbing, like someone was beating it with a hammer. He removed my top and kissed my breasts.His tongue trailed on the right breast and then to the left. I removed my bra and he took them both in each hand and nibbled on the nipples. Being friends for 6 years one thing I know is that he’s into titties. In a serious way. I was ready to remove everything, but first I needed to undress him. I removed his white shirt, at that moment I climbed on top of him and kissed him again. My full breasts pressed against his smooth chest. I needed that dick, I know craved it to the point I felt like heat was generating in my panties. I kissed his neck and he ran his hands down my back to the crack of my ass. He removed my shorts and my panties and now I was completely naked. His fingers entered my pussy and as he went deeper, the wetter I became. I started grinding my hips as his fingers moved inside of me. I needed the dick…now. I got up off the couch and removed his shorts. I was so intrigued to see his dick, I was like a kid in a candy store. His perfectly formed dick was standing at attention just for me. I then got on my knees and placed it in my mouth. I do need to taste it before I ride it…duh. I worked my head up and down on his head, using my tongue as a pleasure toy. He placed his hands on the back of my head and guided me all the way down. I deep throat that dick like I invented that shit. His moans told me that he was loving the things my mouth did to him.

I started to feel cum running down my leg, then I realized that was all me. I took my lips off the dick and stood up. He saw my pussy oozing the creamy goodness and he also got up. He told me to take a seat and with that he got down on his knees in front of me. He lifted my left leg and went head first into my bee hive to get all the honey out. He slurped, licked and nibbled everything that involved my pussy. I was in heaven. His tongue traced my clit and entered inside of me. Using his tongue to fuck me, I started moaning even louder. If his eating skills were this good, imagine how bomb the sex must be. He tongue fucked me for what seemed to be an eternity and then he stopped. He grabbed the condom from the pocket of his shorts and he put it on without taking his eyes off of me. Once it was on, he kissed me and placed the head at my opening. He tried to put it in slow because truth be told, I’m tight as hell so it takes a little time when you enter. He finally got all the way in and we both let out a moan. It was the best feeling ever. For 6 long years I only imagined this, never thought I would experience this pleasure with him. His first few strokes were slow as to make sure he’s not hurting me. As we got on the same beat, he started going a little faster. As our hips moved in sync with each other I felt his not so small dick inch it’s way further and further inside of me. My legs are wrapped around his head and all I can hear is my juices oozing out as he pumped and his groin slapping my pussy.

I wanted to get on top. Riding was my favorite position. Being in control just made my performance award winning. I told him to stop and I instructed him to lay on the floor. I climbed on top of him and I slowly sat down on the head of his dick. His eyes closed and a “Mhmmmmm” escaped his lips. I whined on top of his dick slow at first. Letting him feel the warmth of my vagina…even though he was wearing a rubber. I leaned forward on his chest and moved my hips up and down. First slowly, then I upped the pace to make him squirm. I tighten my walls around his dick to show him who’s boss. He let out another moan, this time louder than the first. As the rain continued to beat against the window, I tried to outdo it’s rhythm. I kissed him again as I continued to fuck the shit out of him. I then sat like I was on a horse and rode like I was at the Kentucky Derby. Back and forth…up and down. This dick feels like it was made for me and only me. I got up and changed positions. This time I squatted on the dick with my body barely touching his…that drove him crazy. I knew he was about to cum, I could feel it in his head.

He stopped me, not wanting to cum before I did. I got up and he got up as well. I was now back on the floor on all fours. He came behind me and squatted to get a good angle of my pussy. With my back bent to the floor, he entered me and I swear I was about to bust a vein. He held onto my hips and motioned my body on his dick. My face was now on the rug as I moaned, screamed and wept all at the same time. I felt my juices running down my legs again, and I knew this man had a dick that created magical things to happen. He fucked me harder, I screamed louder. He stopped and stood to get a second wind, while my ass was laying there in a drunken daze. I couldn’t move. My ass was still cocked in the air and the moans still came out even though nothing was going in. Just like that he was back in and came with the thunder. He fucked me until I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to cum. I needed to cum. I felt it growing in the pit of my vagina. My leg started to slightly shake. At that moment I decided to fight back. Although I was ready to cum, I didn’t want to…just yet. I pushed my pussy down on his dick, and worked my hips until his dick disappeared. He was really about to cum, I could tell by the way he gripped my hips to pull me even closer…even though there was no way I could get any closer. His moans grew louder and so did mine. My leg started that shaking thing again and at that moment I knew it was gonna happen. Before I could even get the famous “I’m cumming” words out of my mouth it started. I started screaming because it felt like a ton of bricks just hit me all at once. He removed his dick was the speed of Usain Bolt and removed the condom. As I am cumming on his expensive ass rug, he’s cumming on my ass. The shit was so good I started playing with my pussy to somehow continue the pleasure. He collapsed next to me while I’m still in the same position with his cum and my cum running all over the place.

He got up and got a warm cloth and cleaned me up. I stayed on that floor what felt like a good 20 mins and just listened to the silence as he laid next to me. It seems that the rain stopped. I guess the rain was a way of us to release what was brewing inside both of us for 6 years. He got up and asked me to follow him. We walked to the back of the house to his bedroom and climbed in his king size bed. I slept in his arms for the first time. We didn’t talk about it we just laid there. Not knowing exactly what will happen in the morning, but knowing tonight we shared something more special than a 6 year friendship, we shared passion.

What’s Your Sex Personality?

Many people act differently when it comes to sex. Some are very timid, while others are wild and uninhibited. It’s a fact that we react differently in the bedroom than we do outside of it. Then there are other times it just depends on who’s in your bed. I have certainly just laid there like a sack of potatoes waiting for it to be over with so I can watch Judge Judy. Then there were other times I took control and had him begging for mercy. Your sexual personality does leave a lasting impression with your partner. It determines if you’re worth f*cking or should they call the next one. Here are some common sex personalities that may help and harm your relationship.

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Little D*cks Scare Me!!! *Vintage*

I’ve bumped into some not so right size dicks in my time, and I came to one conclusion. Little dicks scared me!! The whole thing was just odd, for the basic fact that there wasn’t really much of anything there to work with. I was perplexed in what should be done. You can’t treat it like a “regular” sized slong, so you gotta give it special care and attention. I was always afraid to sex someone with a little wee wee for fear I might not feel a damn thing. Well that theory went out the window when:

I met this guy in college and we became friends. We were both attracted to each other, but something kept stopping us from hooking up. One night he had a party at this crib and invited me over. He picked me up and we headed over to his place. The party ended really late and since he was drinking he asked me if I wanted to stay over. At first I was like… I don’t know about that, but said I ain’t got any choice in the matter. We got into the bedroom and we started to watch a movie. He started kissing on me and it felt really good. Everything started getting a little heavier and my hand started wondering down to his dick. I jumped back when I felt what I felt. MAN HE AIN’T HAD NO DICK!!! Ok, he had a dick but that shit was so small it was ridiculous. I ain’t never ever ever felt a dick that size in my life. My whole hopes and dreams were dashed out the window. I came up with the excuse “I’m not ready. This is happening too fast. Let’s stop”. Yo, I had to say something. I wasn’t fucking that thing. To tell you how small it was; it was in my opinion the size of a pinky finger on a large hand, and it was thin. I could take my thumb and my index finger and hold the whole dick. A real dick ain’t suppose to do that.

Fast forward to 3 years later…we’re both out of school and still hung out from time to time. I was somewhat still attracted to him, but I wasn’t about to let a damn thing go down. He brought up the possibility of having a relationship, but I’m sorry but my mind focused on the lack of pleasure I would receive. One night he came over to chill and watch a movie and we started pouring out the liquor. The next thing I know he kissed me. Now we hadn’t kissed since college so it brought back a whole bunch of memories. Here I was horny and with a man that had such a small dick a white girl couldn’t even get down with it. Anyway…we’re starting to getting excited and I had to make a decision. I could get over my fear of actually doing it, or stay afraid of these things forever. I got up, walked into the bedroom and he soon followed.

So now I’m calculating a strategy. What would be the best position where I would sorta feel this thing without having the completely fake the whole performance. To my surprised homie knew how to work it. I was actually moaning, and not that fake moan where you oversold the shit. The man was hitting spots that I didn’t know I had. I guess when you’re working with much of nothing; you gotta perfect your craft. He was sensual with it also. He was down for pleasing me. Hell I guess when I made him wait all this time; he wanted to savor the moment. The next thing I know he started thrusting more and more. How about my dumb ass started talking gibberish. All of this was such a surprise to me because I never thought a little dick can do what a big dick could.

The next day I came to the conclusion it must have been the liquor, so I decided to do it again. The next time was better than the first. The man made me do things I NEVER done before with a big dick brotha. Needless to say I never misjudged a man that hung short, shriveled, and to the right again.

*Side Note* This man was not at all aware that his dick was small. He kept saying…“You want this big dick”. *blank stare* What’s that about? :\ *Kanye Shrug*

Holla at me: Have you ever been with a man that was not so large? Ladies do you think that a man that is not so large tries to work harder to please you?


Is He A Vagina Whisperer?


Girllllllllllllllllllllllll, you ever met a man that just makes your vaginal parts scream out in ecstasy? Boo doesn’t even have to touch that spot all your juices start flowing, the next thing you know you wanna rip off your clothes and force that dick out it’s little peephole. I’m not exaggerating. There are some men that just get your body racing. No matter if it’s a look, a touch or a kiss your vagina instantly reponds. He’s a vagina whisperer. He’s one of those very few men that can talk your vag off of a ledge. He has that special touch that a vagina craves. It’s just something about him that makes your vagina feel ok and comfortable, that’s why it’s so easy for women to tear open their legs right off the bat.

*Sigh* So I’ve met one or two of them there vagina whisperers in my lifetime and these men are nothing but trouble. Well let me take that back. A vagina whisperer isn’t always some dude that ain’t shit. What I meant was when you meet one of these men all your normal senses take a backseat and your pleasure has gone to the top of your list. I remember I had a run in with one of these men back in the day. Just his presence made my cooch sing his praises. Although I knew my lady parts was trying to be in control I had to pull that bitch back and regain my composure. The second you allow you vagina to think for you, you can kiss common sense out of the window. Your vagina don’t give a shit about your feelings, only the feeling between your legs. The second some men sense that power they run with it and your left with a unnaturally moist vagina and a dick that just comes around every so often.

Holla at me: Ladies have you ever had sex with someone that just created pure moisture betwix your legs every time you saw them?

Who Knocked The Bottom Out? Have You Met The One Who Hit It Right?


Who Knocked The Bottom Out? Chile when it comes to sex men and women can become deaf mutes if it’s being hit the right way. That powerful stroke can make your eyes roll to the back of your head and make you call out “God” in the middle of your sin-filled sexcapade. The right kinda sex ain’t no damn joke. Have you ever sat down and thought of who was the fan fav? Who was the person that gave it to you the right way. No matter how many bullshit dicks you done experienced every time you think of good peen you reflect on HIM. The one that made the pussy fuzz stand at attention by his touch or every time he kissed you the cream oozed down your right leg. Hopefully as grown ass women we have bucked up on at least 1 man that made having sex seem like the right thing to do.

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Tips To Keep Him Cumming Back

Many people would say there aren’t many ways into pleasing a man. All a woman needs to do is just f!*k him, feed him and shut the f!*k up. While this is true to some degree, it goes deeper than that. Men are very simple creatures, but their ass crave attention more than a newborn baby with an ear infection. I came up with 5 ways to keep a man cumming and still keep your dignity.

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CanDi Chronicles~ The D*ck Is Mine

Pure Fiction

Have you ever had a dick just slide right into your pussy and it just hugged your walls? The second it goes in and all you can do is hold on for dear life because the head of his dick is poking you in the stomach? No? So I guess I’ve been the only one to feel that kind of pleasure. Every time I think of him my pussy pulsates and I think it makes a slight purring noise, but don’t quote me on that. Her man’s dick just fits perfectly, and when he’s in me I feel like I own him. This dick is all mine well at least for tonight. Unfortunately, the dick that feels so perfect belongs to another. So I guess you can say my lover happens to be another bitch’s husband. Don’t get me wrong I respect their marriage to a certain extent, I just respect his dick a lot more.

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Candy Licker: Her Suck Number

When it comes to oral sex every woman is different. When some women think of giving head, they might feel sick to their stomachs or they lick their lips reminiscing on the feel of their first taste of freedom. It’s safe to say giving head might make you cringe or make your day brighter. Some women may even have a time limit when it comes to sucking that pole. Some like to do it unenthusiastically just to get it moist, some may like to give two good licks and call it a day, or you got the chicks that suck it like they were auditioning on the dick.

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