How Does He Deal With Your Sexual Cravings?

sexual craving

*Crosses legs* Is it just me or do ya’ll think about sex on a daily basis? Well maybe every hour, ok ok every second for me. Yes I got a problem, but I think this is pretty normal. You’re human and sex will be on the brain. Shit it’s the only time when your mind is free from worry and all you have is that good stroke to bring out the pleasure. Although some of ya’ll are too afraid to admit it, ya’ll have sexual cravings. It’s ok girl it’s only us in here. You can admit it. There is just some things that a man can do that can just make you go crazy and start oozing all over yourself. I’ve came up with 5 things that make the women folk go ape shit when it comes to the bedroom antics. Fellas please take note; a woman may not tell you what her ass wants so I’ve been elected to do so.

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Candy Licker: Her Suck Number

When it comes to oral sex every woman is different. When some women think of giving head, they might feel sick to their stomachs or they lick their lips reminiscing on the feel of their first taste of freedom. It’s safe to say giving head might make you cringe or make your day brighter. Some women may even have a time limit when it comes to sucking that pole. Some like to do it unenthusiastically just to get it moist, some may like to give two good licks and call it a day, or you got the chicks that suck it like they were auditioning on the dick.

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Discovering HIS G-Spot *Vintage*

Yes, you read that title right. Men also have a spot that drives them crazy. Some women and men are looking at this blog like “What the hell is she talking about”? I am here to tell no lies. There is such a thing as a male g-spot, but most men don’t let it be found. Hell they probably didn’t know they have one. Well I’m here to give you the 4-uno-uno on all things “G”. Now, I know you’re saying “Well VI, this sounds interesting. Where is it located?” Sit down babies, well  it’s actually located in their rectal area. Get that look off your faces, and listen to what I have to say. Their g-spots are in there asses…yea I said their asses. A lot of men probably x’ing out of this blog refusing to read my shit anymore, but I got to report the news as I get it.

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The Foot Fetish

*Snapping Fingers* Welcome to the Diary of A Mad Guest Blogger. This is a segment where we feature the bloggers that got thangs to say. I want you to give a special hand to Tesha of

I entered knowing exactly what I wanted. I searched for him, fearful that he might not be available to cater to my needs. I found him, smiling and inviting. We had a connection, an attraction.

He knew what I wanted, I had become his number one customer and his biggest fan. Fascinated by the tantalizing things he had stored in his arsenal.

He was known to have the magic touch. I went to where he would be, where he wanted me to wait for him. I awaited him, nervous about the things he’d be doing to me. I was excited about what the next hour or so had in store. He ran me a warm bath, seasoned with scented sea salts and soft bubbles to caress me.

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The CanDi Giveaway~Taking You to Bliss