Diary Of A Mad Guest Blogger: Motherhood vs Club Life


motherhood vs club life

Welcome To Diary of A Mad Guest Blogger: This is the section of our blog where bloggers or everyday readers of the site blog on topics they want to discuss. This weeks blog “Motherhood vs Club Life” was written by If Carrie Had Kids

It’s amazing how two things that seem to have nothing in common parallel so much. When I was 22 I mean literally seconds into being 22 I found out I was pregnant. It had been a crazy week, finals, holiday parties, work and preparing to head home for Christmas. I guess I was too busy to notice Aunt Flo didn’t make her monthly visit for the past few months. After discovering I was pregnant and coming to grips with how nothing would ever be the same again I began to tell friends and family. I remember how I was so nervous until I couldn’t breathe and started to hyperventilating while breaking the big news that would forever change the fiber of my being. Looking back it’s kind of hilarious the way that I reacted.

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