Press Release: Crisis featuring J- Sass release “I Been Loving You Too Long”. Tackling Domestic Abuse


The 201 Movement’s Royal Couple delve into the Domestic Abuse Issue

November 26, 2012

On the heels of Chris Brown and Rihanna slowly rekindling their once tragic romance and “cuffing season” in full effect, Cupid and his evil nemesis Stupid are clearly making early rounds this year. While the superstar duo play out their tumultuous love story via social media and paparazzi shots, many American women suffer abuse in silence with the one hope to break free from their abuser. Heading indoors, the stress of family or economic issues and yuletide libations are all factors that cause an increase in domestic violence calls during the holiday and winter seasons. Statistics show that Domestic Abuse is the leading cause of injury among women- more than muggings, car accidents and rapes combined and 10 million children a year witness the heinous crimes annually. Often fear of the abuser, guilt or lack of resources keep abuse victims in unhealthy and sometimes fatal relationships. 

Jersey City’s Indie Hip Hop scenes King and Queen, Crisis and J-Sass seized the opportunity to embody and address the issue in their latest concept video for the haunting single “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long”.  In the video, Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love.  Boy gets girl pregnant. Boy marries girl. Boy and girl live happily ever after.  That is until J-Sass, fed up with her husband’s cheating ways, puts the pressure on Crisis about his groupies and leaving her out of the lime light. Their argument comes to blows as Crisis puts his wife in her place reminding her that she is no angel herself. All the while their son watches the unsettling scene.

Video Director Ed Jansen offers insight via a series of flashbacks. First the couple is seen being intimate only to be interrupted as suspicions of infidelity arise in the mind of Crisis. A heated discussion regarding paternity takes place in the kitchen as we witness the next flashback. The mere thought of Crisis questioning the paternity of their son drives J-Sass to slap Crisis in a fit of rage. His attempt to retaliate is met with the sharp end of a kitchen knife.  In the final scenes, Crisis walks in on J-Sass’ recording session and catches a glimpse of her flirting with her “friend” Hov Dibiasi. Is this the cause of his suspicion? Whether true or not, the anger that Crisis feels is palpable and Sass, realizing that the cycle will simply continue, decides that she has had enough and has truly been loving him too long so she packs up her son and heads towards the door.

Domestic abuse is real and it is never okay. As J-Sass notes in the PSA preceding the video, “Love shouldn’t hurt”. Both Crisis and J-Sass encourage viewers to share the video and the message with the men, women and teens in their lives.

If you or someone you know is being abused, don’t go it alone. Contact The National Domestic Violence Hotline by dialing 1-800-799-SAFE or visiting


Rihanna Rolls A Blunt In Ya’ll Faces in New Video “Diamonds” *Video*


Rihanna  is Unapologetic when it comes to the choices she makes in her life. Rihanna debuts the new video for her song “Diamonds” and she ain’t gave not one damn fuck. She don’t give a fuck to the point she rolling and smokey a blunt in ya’lls faces. I been liking this song, but the video just seems kinda “I don’t know what the hell is going on other than her rolling a big head and smoking it like she ain’t on camera.” I assume that’s what she mentally experiences as she gets high. Shit if that’s how getting high and shit feels then I don’t want it. That can’t be just weed, that has to be like shrooms and pills and shit.

I also heard she has a new song with Chris Brown called “Nobodies Business”. I haven’t heard it yet, but I know that video gonna be something to see.

Rihanna’s new album “Unapologetic” will be out on November 19th, which will be a deluxe box set. We’ll see if it makes any buzz, I’m sure it will. Check out the video and let me know your thoughts.

Chris Breezy Stressed Da F*ck Out *Video*

love triangle

Ok, so you’ll heard that Chris and his girl thang Kakaroachie broke up right? Well she “ended” it on twitter, but apparently he’s now saying that he gave her them walking papers. Either way these two are over and done. I guess she was tired of being made a fool of because Chris just stopped giving many solid fucks about her feelings a long time ago. Chris has reportedly been seeing Ri Ri and not on the sly. They were seen all hugged up and shit in the club a few days ago. I told you they were still bumping that penis and vagina together.

Chris filmed this mini doc taxi cab confessions video, drunk as fuck getting all in his feelings. He’s confused that he loves two women at the same damn time. I’ve definitely been there, but this video just seems too much. Check it out and be the judge.

I’ve been on all sides of this coin and the shit is a difficult pill to swallow  All I know is Chris and Ri will never leave each other alone…well until they end up killing each other. Kakaroachie will continue tweeting about this experience because let’s face it, no one knew what a Kakaroachie was until she hooked up with him. I’m not heartless. Do I feel bad for her…kinda. Do I think she deserves better… Yes. Do I think she’s dumber than a box of rocks…yes. This chile knew Chris was doing Chris, but yet she stayed. Throughout all the bullshit…she stayed. Was she in denial…maybe. Shit Ray Charles could see that Chris was cheating…and his ass been dead for how many years now? The fact is she needed him more than he needed her, so she stayed. Every time he fucked up, she got broke off. Those material things don’t mean shit when you’re being publicly disrespected and humiliated. Now she on twitter tweeting all kinds of bullshit looking sympathy. Chile twitter got the harshest people alive. That bitch getting wrecked as I type this at 2:11 am. She don’t have nobody other than twitter to talk to? I mean bitch get off the innanets and call Iyanla or something. You looking real funky right now, but I’ll shed a thug tear for you boo. 

Holla at me: What are/were your thoughts about this love triangle? Have you ever identified one of your past situations with this? Well minus the ass whooping. 

Drake feat.Rihanna~ Take Care

I know a bitch is late and shit, but this suits today’s topic to a T. Plus I fucking love this some right here. Say what you want about Drake and Rih, these two make good music together and the videos are so emotionally strong. I almost want them to fuck again. Just look at that embrace. Chile these two are my new favorite video couple. Enjoy!

Rihanna & Chris Brown Having Dirty Filthy Sex…Musically

rihanna and chris brown

LOOK HERE…THIS IS THE REAL SHIT RIGHT HERE! Yes you read that right. Chris Brown and Rihanna back at it and making some beautiful “let’s f*ck all night love” music together. Last night Ri and Chris both released remixes to their songs featuring the other. I love me some them together. Yea he whopped her like a trick 2 years ago, but these two are addicted to each other. If you never heard the original “Birthday Cake” it was a little snippet on Ri’s latest album “Talk That Talk”, but I guess she heard our cry cause we needed a full song. The shit is hot and now the remix is even hotter. These two are basically having musical sex. The shit is raunchy just how I like it. If you had doubt about these two still f*cking then you need to put that shit to rest. Chris is tapping that ass on a VERY regular basis, and I love it.

Turn Up The Music is a good dance track, which is featured on Chris’s album. I’m feeling this, but Birthday Cake is it for me. Can you imagine the video tho…lawd I hope and pray their is a video.

I feel bad for Kakarochie tho *Chris’s girlfriend* I mean boo thang you pretty and all, but these two cannot stay away from each other. Girl go buy a box of tissue, cry for a day or two, wipe that crusted snot from your pretty little face and move on with your life. Cause this life ain’t for you boo.

Tell me what ya’ll think. I don’t really care if there is hate. I LOVE WHEN F*CKED UP PEOPLE STILL LOVE EACH OTHER!

Rihanna~ We Found Love *Official Video*

Rihanna on WhoSay

Rihanna has brought out the video to her new single “We Found Love” and of course honey chile is causing controversy again. The video shows Rih and a blonde high yella fella that kinda really favors Chris Brown, but obviously the hair color symbolizes when Chris was going through his Zack Morris blonde ambition phase. I love the video because it symbolizes love as a drug. It shows the great parts of the love game, and when it all goes to shit. That’s how our relationships get sometimes. One minute we’re on this unbelievable high, then the next we’re at the lowest of the low. Then you relize you were strung out on the feeling of love when it was actually destroy who you were. I totally get it Rih Rih. So…Enjoy!

Holla at me: What are your thoughts on the video?

Style CanDi~Celebrity Looks on a Frugal-ista’s Budget!

Check out today’s Style CanDi feature guest blogger Rochelle Yanique of IAMROCHELLE.COM

It’s no secret that when women look for hair styles, celebrities often help to impact their decisions. While we are all trendsetters in our own right, there’s just something enchanting about the glamour flaunted by the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Kelly Rowland- to name a few. Although we may not be able to afford their stylists just yet, there are tons of do-it-yourself techniques that’d help to spruce up your look without breaking your pockets! To help, I’ve broken down some popular star looks for you to attempt.

Do It Your Self

While it’s no longer a secret that Beyonce’ rocks lace wigs ($300-800), you can achieve her look without buying such an expensive piece. For this look I’d recommend 8-12 ounces of straight human hair extensions. Try sewing in your extensions leaving out the parameter and frontal sections of your hair. The Curls can be created by the use of a 1-2 inch curling iron (or flat iron). To keep up these curls, I usually add flexi rods while I sleep :).

Do It Your Self

Kelly Rowland rocked these curls about two years ago, but they have continued to be a go-to look for me. Curls are fun and sassy and most importantly, they are low maintenance (depending on the grade of hair extensions you use). Although Kelly uses a lace wig, I suggest using or deep wave extensions to replicate these curls. A sew in is also suggested for installing these extensions. Depending on how big you’d like to go with the hair, I’d say to use 8-12 ounces for volume.

Do It Your Self

Rihanna’s pixie cut may require a little expertise. But this is still a fun and edgy look that can be maintained by yourself. I personally rock a short cut from time to time. While I go to my stylist for the initial cut, I have become pretty savvy at maintaining the look between visits. Washing and setting short hair is really important. Invest in a portable hair dryer & sculpt your wet hair with a foam setting lotion to keep your look in tact. The pixie cut is carried off by the longer pieces of hair in the front. Try making your own clip in extensions to create a bang and add length to the front of your hair.

For more tips & tricks please check out my blog at

Also, check out the fabulous giveaway on the website. A winner will get a chance to win 20″ Virgin Indian Remy Clip-In Extensions and all contestants will be featured in her “Hair Diva Spotlight” section. Click here for more on the contest.


Rihanna~ Man Down (Official Video)

So Rihanna’s “Man Down” video came out On Tuesday  and the Parents Television Council slammed Rih Rih for her video. Just watch it and guess what those old ass white people mad over. Apparently, no one can be creative in their own videos anymore. If that was a situation that I was in god forbid I would have done the same damn thing. I like the song…I don’t like all that pop shit Rihanna sings. When she takes it back to our culture I can listen to her. Big up to my peoples for writing the song too. Enjoy!

Style Icon Status of 2010

It seems when it comes to fashion, Pop Diva Rihanna can do no wrong. If it’s fashion or hair the world looks at RihRih for a pointer or two. I will admit I’ve been a slave to the Rihanna haircut myself. *don’t you dare judge me* Regardless to what you think of her music Rihanna is one of the most popular style icons of 2010. Rocking a fiery sheer red Elie Saab gown at the American Music Awards this year and the red curly mane to match Rihanna has definitely become a staple in the Fashion Hall of Fame.

Check out other Fashion snapshots of RihRih on the go…

Rihanna~ Who’s That Chick *Day and Night Version*

*Spits out sunflower seeds on whoever is standing next to me* So Drake’s one night stand and Chris Brown’s punching bag has a new video. So she did a night and day version of this wack ass song. She’s turning into a freak in my opinion. The song and the damn videos sucks midget dick. Anyway I gotta go *walks away eating my sunflower seeds* Enjoy!