Is Your Sex Number Just A Number?


Instructions: Where ever you are, I want you to shout..”I’ve slept with ___ number of men/women and I don’t care who knows it”. Go on; be proud of that sex number . LOL. I’m just kidding, but I have found that this is the most lied about conversation at the start of a relationship.When you hear the question”How many people have you had sex with”? a boldface lie just comes out of nowhere. We lie for different reasons. Women lie because they don’t want to be thought of as a hoe. Men lie because they want to put up a front that they just get it thrown on them on a regular basis. As if that’s suppose to impress a woman. Either way the real digits aren’t coming out. Should we just embrace our numbers and shout it from the roof tops, or should we continue to embellish the truth so we look holy in their eyes?

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