Is Being Faithful As Easy As It Seems?

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Being faithful isn’t easy. Hell if it was then there would be a lot more happy relationships and a lot less cheating. When someone decides to cheat they have totally disconnected from their committed relationship. Let’s just get this straight. Cheating is not only a physical act. If you stepped outside of your relationship and developed an emotional connection to someone other than your partner that is cheating also. So many people feel like if the dick didn’t present itself then you’re not guilty of stepping outside your relationship. Girl goodbye. The second you became emotionally attached you’ve just cheated on your man/woman. Why does it seem that it’s easier to find someone who has cheated than to find someone who has never cheated in a relationship?

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Is A Woman Marriage Material Based On How Many Sexual Partners She’s Had?


So I’m minding my business last night catching up on my reality tv, when one of my reader’s sends me a link to an article from Madam Noire’s website.  When I looked at the title I immediately rolled my eyes in disgust because I knew this was gonna be some bullshit. Along with the article there was a video of that damn Instagram “life coach” Tony Gaskins. I don’t know what qualifies this simple ass man to be someone’s life coach, but ya’ll share his little quotes like it’s the gospel from God himself. Anyway, the main crust of the article/video was about the social media psychologist stating that he would only marry a woman with less than 5 sexual partners. So basically if you’re 35 and have had 15 sexual partners in your lifetime you’re not marriage material? GTFOH

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Ask VI: I Hate Sex….Like Really Hate It


Dear VI, 

I have a major issue, so I am reaching out to you. I’m a 26-year-old mother of 1 and I HATE SEX. I truly hate everything about it. You may wonder how in the world can I hate sex but have a child. Honestly, I have only had sex because I thought it was something I needed to do as a woman. The second time I had sex I got pregnant. I have only had sex 8 times and the more I did it, the more I hate it. I’m never in pain or anything, I just never have any feeling. It’s like my body is numb. I just lay there waiting for it to be over. I am never sexually aroused. It’s like my body just rejects the thought of sex. I’ve met this new guy and I like him so far. I know eventually he will want to have sex, so my question is how can I tell him I’m not sexually interested ?  Or should I just pretend to enjoy it? 


Sex Creeps Me Out

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Has Sex Become A Chore?


One thing about relationships that most people experience is that comfortable period. You’ve been in the relationship for a while and things become a little routine. When trying to balancing a relationship, work and kids some things may falter. The most common issue in most relationships is lack of sex. When it comes to putting the coochie on him you may not always be in the mood. It’s common to feel that way especially if you’re constantly on the go. It’s to the point where you give him just enough where he’s satisfied and you don’t have to hear him complain. Sex has become your chore.  It isn’t something that you want to do, but something you feel you have to do to please him. 

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Is Your Sex Number Just A Number?


Instructions: Where ever you are, I want you to shout..”I’ve slept with ___ number of men/women and I don’t care who knows it”. Go on; be proud of that sex number . LOL. I’m just kidding, but I have found that this is the most lied about conversation at the start of a relationship.When you hear the question”How many people have you had sex with”? a boldface lie just comes out of nowhere. We lie for different reasons. Women lie because they don’t want to be thought of as a hoe. Men lie because they want to put up a front that they just get it thrown on them on a regular basis. As if that’s suppose to impress a woman. Either way the real digits aren’t coming out. Should we just embrace our numbers and shout it from the roof tops, or should we continue to embellish the truth so we look holy in their eyes?

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Ask VI- My Bestfriend Asked Me To Have A Threesome…With Her Husband

threesomeDear VI, 

Welcome back. It’s been a long time coming. I have a serious dilemma and I’m wondering if you can help me? My bestfriend of 8 years got married about 3 years ago to this guy we both went to school with. They seemed like a perfect and happy couple. Last week she asked me out to lunch because she said she wanted to talk to me about something. During lunch she tells me that her and her husband would be interested in having a threesome WITH ME. She then went on to say she suggested a stranger, but he felt more comfortable with someone who they both knew.

Of course I was in shock and disbelief that she would even ask me something like that. But honestly the fact that he asked for me is more of a shock. In college I had the biggest crush on him. It never went anywhere, but I always wondered what would have happened if he never met her. I feel like I shouldn’t do it because it’s a little too close for comfort because she’s my bestfriend and all. Another part of me wants to just so I can fulfill that fantasy of having sex with him.

I don’t know what to do. Help me. 

Semi-bad friend

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